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Mens Gym Trousers

by Alexandra Parren
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mens gym trousers

A good pair of men’s workout trousers are essential for a successful training session. There’s a wide variety of gym trousers out there and it's essential to partner the right pair of workout trousers with the right workout.

Types of Men’s Gym Trousers


These are probably the most popular choice of gym trouser for men: comfortable, warm, and with a relaxed fit. Most people have at least one pair of sweatpants and they’ve been embedded into our workout wardrobes since school gym lessons. Sweatpants have earned their popularity through superior comfort, made with cotton which is highly breathable and doesn’t chafe. It does however absorb moisture and can take a long time to dry, so it's not ideal for sweaty cardio sessions.

Running Tights

Mens running tights are most commonly made with a synthetic blend of materials to protect against wind chill, provide warmth, wick sweat, and prevent chafing and rashes. These technical tights often offer performance-enhancing properties such as reflective strips, compression, and mesh panelling.


Compression trousers support your muscles with a tight fit, however the jury's out on the multitude of other benefits compression clothing claims. Compression clothing has been linked to reduced swelling, reducing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) , the ability to squeeze blood back to the heart to prevent fatigue, reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis and even stabilise the knees to reduce the risk of injury. Although there is some evidence supporting these claims, the research is not that wide which often leads to debate around the area.

Cargo Trousers

Cargo trousers were originally designed for use by the military, so they have a very versatile style, with lots of storage space. Cargo trousers make great transitional trousers from work to the gym, or for the ‘all day active’ types because of their functionality. Designed with a snug waist and relaxed fit. These trousers are usually made with weather and tear resistant materials due to their use in difficult military training conditions.

Gym Trousers

How to Fit Men's Gym Trousers for Big Legs

Those who don’t skip leg day, cycle a lot, or are just blessed with muscular legs will know that finding gym trousers which fit around their quads and calves can be difficult. Trousers which are meant to have a relaxed fit can end up looking like compression tights, or worse, not even make it above your knee. Follow these tips when fitting your trousers to ensure the perfect fit.

  1. Don’t buy trousers based on your waist measurement. Whilst those who have the body type for a regular fit may get away with it, if your legs are broader opt for a few sizes up to ensure that your legs have space in the length.
  2. Opt for a personalised waistband. A personalised waistband will  either be elasticated, have a drawstring, or both. This way you can ensure that even though you’ve bought a larger waist, you can still tighten up your trousers so they don’t slouch when you squat, or worse still fall down.
  3. Do a sit test. Sit down in your trousers and make sure they don’t pull and strain, if they do, go up a size, whilst you can adjust a larger waist, you can’t add more material to the legs.

Men’s Regular Fit Trouser Measurements

As well as having the right fit around the waist, you should always make sure your mens gym trousers are the right length, whilst a little extra material won’t matter too much in your weekend wardrobe, when you’re getting active you can trip or fall on a trouser leg that’s too long.

Size Waist (inches) Hip (inches) Inseam (inches)
Small 29-32 35-37.5 32.25
Medium 32-35 37.5-41 32.5
Large 35-38 41-44 32.75
Extra Large 38-43 44-47 33

Gym Trousers from Sundried

From Sundried featuring above is the Ortler Trousers. An all day active pair of gym trousers you can wear pre, during and post training. 

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