• Rude Health Product Review

    Rude Health Sundried Product Review

    Rude Health is a small London-based food and drinks company co-founded by Nick and Camilla Barnard. They celebrated 10 years of business in 2016 and they aren’t afraid of speaking up about real, honest food. Their ethos is about providing high-quality ingredients and products to the public and they have spent years perfecting all of their recipes. Their bright, loud, and exciting brand really sparks an interest in their healthy snacks and nutrition, but they stay humble by only using the kind of ingredients that you’d use in your home, with nothing artificial or refined. I was lucky enough to be able to try a generous offering of their products and I was not disappointed!

    Rude Health Product Review Sundried Almond Drink

    Almond Drink

    Made from spring water, rice, Italian almonds, organic cold-pressed sunflower oil, and sea salt. That’s it! Just five organic ingredients which make it vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free. It has complex flavours, with the depth of the rice hitting you after the freshness of the spring water. The almonds provide a nice sweetness without the aid of nasty artificial sweeteners or other additives. It would be perfect pre- or post-workout, especially after a heavy triathlon training session. It tastes delicious on its own or partnered with their ultimate muesli. I’m definitely a big fan of this drink and I would happily have it every day!

    Rude Health Product Review Healthy Granola

    Spiced Apple/Honey & Nuts Granola

    Like the drink, the granola manages to be perfectly sweet without the help of chemicals or processed additives. The fruit adds a lovely touch, with the spiced apple providing a little tang in the background. The texture is perfect, not too crunchy, and feels fresh. You can tell this has been made with real ingredients without compromising any of the flavour.

    Rude Health Sundried Review Porridge

    Hazelnut Butter Porridge

    The porridge comes in a super cute individual pot, with a handy guide written up the side of the packaging so that you know how much water to add. It’s very easy to make, just add boiling water! You could easily take this to work with you and either have it as breakfast at your desk or as an afternoon snack to keep you going through a long day. The hazelnuts add a lovely crunchy texture and the cacao is rich and indulgent without being unhealthy! Winner!


    I love the Rude Health brand and all that it stands for. Their humble roots have blossomed into a really exciting brand with strong ethics just like Sundried. Their products taste fantastic and it’s good to know that there’s nothing artificial in what you’re eating. It’s a 10 from me!

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    Posted by Alexandra Parren
  • Vega Product Review

    Vega Clean Protein Sundried Review

    Vega is a well-established plant based protein company in the USA, so when I was asked to try some of their products as they start to make waves in the UK, I was thrilled! Vega was co-founded by Brendan Brazier, a vegan former professional Ironman triathlete, so Sundried and Vega share some common ground in our passion for ethical consumption and triathlon. Vega’s products boast organic ingredients which are all gluten-free, non-dairy, and high protein. What’s not to love?

    Vanilla Flavour Essentials Nutritional Powder

    The vanilla flavour essentials nutritional powder is made from a blend of pea, flaxseed, and hemp. Its wholesome vegetable ingredients provide you with the nutritional building blocks to start your day strong and are high in protein, fibre, and omega-3. Vega says that it’s great as a smoothie, but I decided to try out their recipe for Cashew Vanilla and Coconut Balls, which turned out to be amazing!

    Cashew Vanilla Coconut Balls Protein Vega Sundried

    They are really easy to make - trust me, I am a terrible cook! They smell phenomenal and they are lovely and light with a sweet taste. They make the perfect post-workout snack, and knowing that they are raw vegan and organic means they are totally guilt-free! If you want to have a go yourself, you can find the recipe on the Vega website.

    Chocolate Flavour Clean Protein

    I also got to try to chocolate flavour clean protein, which is a protein powder made from pea, hemp, alfalfa, and pumpkin seed. It’s naturally high in protein and low in sugar which makes it the perfect clean vegan protein powder! It tastes great mixed with water over ice but there are also recipes on the Vega website which you can try.


    So, the verdict. I must say I am impressed! Anyone who has tried several different vegan protein powders has probably had the same experience as me in having to endure thick, lumpy, powdery protein shakes which taste awful! Well, no longer. Vega’s products are light and mix well, and are perfect in tasty recipes so that you can stay nourished and happy all day long. I was really pleasantly surprised by these products as past experiences have made me dubious about plant-based protein, but the nutritional value of these products is excellent. It’s a 10 from me!

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    Posted by Alexandra Parren
  • Teva Arrowood Swift Lace Review

    Teva Arrowood Swift Lace Review

    When Sundried got a chance to review Teva’s new active trainers, we jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t? These are a cool looking pair of trainers, breaking the mould of the traditional Teva style. Let’s hope Teva got it right with style and function, then they really have it all!

    Who are Teva?

    The history of Teva is based on a brand that loves adventure and that’s what drew us in here at Sundried.

    In 1984, a Grand Canyon river guide has a thought that would change the footwear world: inside every person is an adventurous spirit waiting to be tapped. He realised that the only thing holding anyone back from the lifestyle that he loved was a simple invitation. Something to reassure them...to give them the confidence to jump in. So, he built that invitation.

    The Teva Original came from humble beginnings -- an old Velcro watch strap attached to a flip flop -- but it has grown into an icon that speaks to the masses. People around the world have accepted the invitation to adventure and adopted the "strap in and go," spontaneous, go-anywhere, do-anything mentality that the Original stands for. Everything that Teva do, and everything Teva make is in service of the adventurous spirit, because unscripted moments are the ones that turn into the best memories.

    Teva Arrowood Swift Lace Features

    In the words of Teva, these trainers feature:

    • Water-ready Ariaprene upper is soft and quick drying
    • Breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool and comfortable
    • Breathable mesh lining is cool wearing and comfortable
    • Speed lace closure lets you dial in the perfect fit
    • Our Float-Lite outsole is super durable and feather light
    • Individual rubber outsole pods strategically placed for superior traction

    Teva Arrowood Swift Lace Review

    Bearing in mind this is brand founded on a love for adventure; to review the Teva Arrowood Swift Lace, that’s exactly what I did. I took the Teva’s on my own little adventure, granted it wasn’t up a mountain, but heading up north is close enough haha!

    During the trip to Manchester the trainers experienced a morning run, torrential rain and a day spent at the Tri Expo entirely on my feet. So there were a lot of little mini adventures for the shoes to help me conquer.

    First up, the run. This was a reasonably flat run 7.5km around my local park and housing estates. The Teva have a speed lace upper, which initially made me a little nervous that I wouldn’t get the snug fit of a traditional lace however once on, they were easy to adjust and the upper lays smoothly against your foot. The Teva are indeed very light, however I did find for running they lack cushioning, the sole is durable, but there is not that extra cushioning feedback I am used to from the Adidas Boost technology. I found this was fine for the first few kilometers, and the pods held me steady running across soggy and slippery grass (even clumsy old me managed to avoid slipping over) however, when it hit around 4 km I started to wish I had a more supportive sole.

    Overall rating: I didn’t fall over and I can’t blame my achy legs on the trainers - I just worked hard, however I did wish I had some more ‘cushin for the pushin’ later on in the run - 7/10.

    Next up was the rain, and boy did it rain. The Teva Arrowood is designed to be water resistant and quick drying. After spending an hour in solid downpour dashing from puddle to puddle, I think the Teva’s did a good job. Were my feet perfectly dry? No, but I think that would have been impossible without a pair of wellies. The Tevas didn't leave my socks feeling soggy and it wasn’t long before I noticed my feet had dried up - it’s a shame the rest of me looked like a drowned rat, but hey, you can’t have it all.

    Overall water rating: 8/10

    After a full day on my feet, I have no complaints about these trainers. They fit comfortably and are perfect for those with active lifestyles. Size wise, I opted for a half a size up from my regular shoe size (as I do with all trainers) and this was a great fit.

    Overall daily activity rating: 8/10

    Teva Arrowood Swift Lace Review Verdict:

    Diversity - Great for short, flat runs, days on your feet or active fashion.

    Comfort - After days entirely on my feet the shoes fit comfortably, the speed lace is easy to lock and fits snug around the upper which fits smoothly around your foot - like a sock!

    Look - I love the style of these trainers, they are by far the most modern of the designs available by Teva, making them more accessible to a younger audience, as well as die-hard Teva adventurers.

    I would recommend these trainers as an everyday active shoe, great for those who are on their feet all day, light gym sessions and for rainy days, something we have plenty of!

    You can buy the Teva Arrowood Swift here at Teva. 

    Posted by Victoria Gardner
  • Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Review

     Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Review

    Is the Adidas Ultra Boost uncaged the most comfortable running shoe ever?

    Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Facts:

    Features Boost Technology.

    Ultra Boost is seen as Adidas’ best running shoe.

    A lot of colourways released however most sell out straight away.

    10mm Drop.

    Primeknit Upper.

    Weighs around 304g.

    Tight knit all around the shoe.

    Padded Ankle collar.

    Three stripes detail on the toe.

    £130 RRP.

    What is Adidas Boost?

    Adidas Boost may just look like polystyrene packaging but is way more than that. Adidas’ Boost technology was created at NASA, giving you comfort which is out of this world. Adidas Boost is made up of lots of little pebbles of a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The TPU absorbs the stress of your foot hitting the ground and, instantly goes back into its original shape. Adidas says this allows you to use less energy, allowing you to run further and faster. Adidas now have added various versions of the boost midsole on many of their products such as the Yeezy and NMD range.

    Adidas Ultra Boost Sole

    Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Review

    When I picked up my Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged, there was a few colourways available but I was drawn towards the burgundy colourway. The shoe's upper is burgundy with navy also threaded into it. The shoe also features Adidas’ three stripes on the toe of the shoe in a material that's plastic like, which is also used for the eyelets. The plastic heel cup is navy with ultra boost written in silver. Adidas have released a lot of other colourways of the ultra boost uncaged (all selling out in minutes), such as the collaboration with the brand parley. The parley ultra boost uncaged collaboration was all white and featured recycled plastic from the ocean as the heel cup. In my opinion, they are the nicest ones they have made to date and I wish I was able to get them before they sold out.

    When I first put my feet into the ultra boost uncaged, I knew straight away that these were going to be as or even more comfortable than my other pair of ultra boosts. The new and updated version of the primeknit gave a more snug, sock like fit than I was expecting. The shoe is like a compression sock attached to a cloud. It's so comfortable.The shoes feel very durable and if they’re anything like my previous pair, I won’t be needing to get a new pair anytime soon. I haven't been able to properly test them in wet conditions, however I wore them as a lifestyle shoe on a rainy day, and my socks stayed nice and dry.

    The main reason people buy this shoe and other adidas products is Boost. When a shoe uses rocket science, you have to be intrigued. Adidas Boost technology allows you to have a very comfortable ride, but may not give you the support and stability some runners need. However, Adidas have other running shoes that feature boost and that are more stable or, better suited to different running styles.The shoe has Boost which is different to the Yeezy Boost or NMD range. Adidas put different amount of Boost in each model according to what they are meant for. For example, Adidas NMD’s are meant as a lifestyle shoe. I’m lucky enough to have the original model and they are a comfortable shoe although when I first put them on I was disappointed as I assumed the Boost technology would be the same as my ultra boost. Unfortunately I’m not lucky enough to own a pair of Yeezy Boost’s although, I have tried a pair on and they are very close to an Ultra Boots comfort.

    The sole of the shoe is in the shape of Adidas’ Stretchweb design, allowing the sole to stretch and move whilst you run. The sole is also made of continental rubber, which is the same as car tyres. The sole gave me great grip on road and pavement in dry conditions but, I as mentioned earlier, I am yet to try wet conditions.

    Adidas Boost

    Adidas Ultra boost Caged Vs Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged

    Since I have been using the  Adidas ultra boost (2.0) with the plastic cage for nearly a year now, I compared the two models.

    With both Adidas Ultra Boost models, I have found that they fit perfectly. In the adidas ultra boost uncaged, I went a size down as my usual size (UK12) was sold out. At first I thought this was going to be a problem but after running in them for a while, the new technology used in the primeknit proved it’s there for a reason, stretching slightly making it more comfortable for my oversized feet. The primeknit on the ultra boost uncaged model felt a lot nicer on my feet than the normal model. I found that the ultra boost uncaged model felt more like a sock rather than a mesh type material. The ultra boost uncaged version also has a sock like part where you put your foot into the shoe rather than the more traditional shoe. This along with the padded ankle stopped my foot from slipping and moving about in the shoe whilst running at quicker speeds.

    After using them both for a while, I found them so comfortable that I didn't feel the need to tie the laces when I was jogging. With the normal ultra boost, This wasn’t a problem, I used the gaps between the three stripes in the cage to use as extra eyelets. However, the ultra boost uncaged doesn't have extra cage to wrap your laces round. Although, It does have extra eyelets on one side of the shoe to accommodate other lacing methods. But after trying many methods of having my laces, I decide to loosen them and just tie the remaining lace into a small knot. The small knot bounces around a bit but isn't really noticeable when running.

    If I had to choose between adidas ultra boost caged or ultra boost uncaged, I would be slightly more inclined to choose the uncaged model. The latest ultra boost (3.0) features a different primeknit but isn’t as nice as the uncaged ultra boost. Also, the uncaged ultra boost can double as a lifestyle shoe due to its minimalist look.

    Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Review

    The Verdict

    Adidas Ultra Boost uncaged is my favourite running shoe I have ever had. The super comfortable primeknit upper, boost midsole, and the minimalist look makes me want to wear them 24/7, and I have started to wear them as a lifestyle shoe as well. The super high price tag and the availability in my size are the only thing stopping me from getting a few more pairs. You can purchase them from the Adidas website.

    Posted by Daniel Puddick
  • Adidas Kanadia 8 Trail Running Shoes Review


    adidas Kanadia 8 Running in the mudI have been looking forward to testing the 2017 update of the adidas Kanadia for quite some time. The adidas kanadia 8 features claims their men's running shoes and innovative design gives you traction and stability on the trail. The durable and supportive runner features a cloudfoam midsole that provides ample cushioning. A tough TRAXION™ outsole gives you multi-directional grip.

    • Weight: 275 g (size UK 8.5); Runner type: neutral; Midsole drop: 8 mm (heel: 27 mm / forefoot: 19 mm)
    • Synthetic and air mesh upper for maximum breathability
    • Durable forefoot overlays
    • Breathable mesh lining
    • cloudfoam midsole for step-in comfort and superior cushioning; Enjoy the comfort and performance of OrthoLite® sockliner
    • TRAXION™ outsole for maximum grip in all directions

    8th generation shoe from Adidas. After 8 generations you may question what is left to improve.


    I have purchased the same size as my kanadia 7. And the length is just fine, however the front of the shoe is definitely pulling tight on my big toe area. I have fairly narrow feet. Photographed side by side the version 7 and 8.

    adidas Kanadia 7 and 8 together

    They look almost identical from the bottom but I didn’t every have a problem with the 7s. Parking this issue aside they fit the back / heel area of the foot incredible well.

    adidas Kanadia 7 and 8 side by side

    Photographed above. The adidas Kanadia 7 and Kanadia 8 (below - pre run clean!)


    I have been reading what other adidas reviewers have posted about the kanadia 8 and I have been surprised to people saying they do not have enough cushioning. When running on hard surfaces I could not believe how much spring there is with each strike. I do not heel strike, more of a forefoot runner so maybe that is where some of the complaints have been, but for an off road shoe the cushioning is truly amazing.

    Cloudfoam Cushioning

    Photographed above their generous Cloudfoam sole. Plenty of technology into the cushioning more than enough for most runners. 


    I guess comfort comes down to everything else. Fit, cushioning heel support. As the shoes feel like I need to move to the next size up I am reluctant to say they are uncomfortable. But I don’t think adidas would like a return of these now I have put them through their paces.


    To test the grip, you need some really slippery surfaces. In their 2016 version I really put them through the paces and I will continue to update this post as I test harder.

    adidas Kanadia Grip


    So for me trail running is all about versatility. The kanadia 7 testing included ice, hard surfaces. Sand. Even a Nuclear race. And if you don’t know the Nuclear races are where you are in and out of ditches and bogs, the biggest test to be if they stay on as you frag your legs out of knee deep bogs.

    Running Surfaces

    A typical off-road run for British countryside includes gravel pathways, concrete pathways, soft mud, grass and short sharp hills. Of course the beauty is for every run you can make it your own track.

    Test one for the Kanadia 8 included ultra soft rained hills. Hard surfaces and gravel. Flat bogy ground. And slipy canal paths. I think for most runners these sorts of terrains will cover off your day to day.

    Running on Hard Surfaces

    Running on hard surfaces for Trail Running Shoes is maybe the greatest challenge. A shoe with spikes is arguable the best sole / grip to deal with soft mud. But as soon as you hit something solid then you will slip straight off it.

    Grips designed for a mix of surfaces

    The sole of the shoe is where their years of development really take things with off road running to a new level.  Their tough TRAXION™ outsole gives you multi-directional grip. Designed and developed (as we covered in our review of the Kanadia 7) to work in all directions. That covers up, down and on flat hard surfaces.

    Testing Surfaces

    Test off road shoes on Pathways

    The biggest test for off road shoes is maybe pathways

    Downhill on soft mud

    Short, steep downhills on soft wet mud. The staple diet of trail running shoes

    Wet Woodlands

    Wet Woodland. Puddles and soft slippy mud

    Trail Path

    Soft slippy mud


    As an upgrade of the 7 to the 8 do you notice? On soft ground I would say there is not that much of a difference, but on hard ground the newer kanadia 8 feel like a softer run. Less like you are wearing a barefoot shoe with no padding, to a more of a cushioned run that you would expect from a typical road shoe.

    There are some amazing offers online for the kanadia 8. Especially if you are not fussy about the choice in colour. Finish off your run with some Sundried Roteck leggings for that perfect, sweat wicking performance keeping you running your best in all conditions.

    Posted by Daniel Puddick