• Topo Terraventure Women's Trail Shoes Review

    Topo Terraventure Women's Trail Shoes Sundried Review

    Topo Athletic is a brand that Sundried has reviewed a few times now. Their intelligently designed trainers are perfect for the more serious runner and their trail shoes have all the special features that make them standout from the crowd. Read our reviews of other Topo shoes here.

    Topo Terraventure Women's Trail Shoes Sundried Review


    3mm drop


    Neutral support

    Rigid shape

    Wide toe box

    Rock protection plate

    Breathable materials

    Topo Terraventure Women's Trail Shoes Sundried Review

    Trail running is very different from running on paved roads and you want a trainer that's going to be able to keep up. The 'aggressive' lug design on these trainers means that you have fantastic traction and the supportive rock plate prevents bruising and damage from stones and other debris which are inevitable on the trails. The snug design and roomy toe box mean you have all the security and support from the trainer without your toes getting squashed.

    Topo Terraventure Women's Trail Shoes Sundried Review

    The support from these trainers is excellent and it doesn't seem to matter if you run with a forefoot or heel strike, they'll give you everything you need for a comfortable ride. If you have flat feet like me, it can be tough finding trainers which give adequate support, but these trainers give plenty. The comfort level is also superb as the extra cushioning provides a very smooth ride. 

    Topo Terraventure Women's Trail Shoes Sundried Review


    I'm pleasantly surprised by these trainers as I often struggle to find ones that are comfortable enough to run in for an extended period of time. Considering they're trail shoes they look great and are a very attractive pair of trainers. The support is fantastic and the traction and practicality are both excellent. Topo is a brand that knows what it's doing and this shines through in these trainers. I'm looking forward to taking these shoes on more adventures and seeing where they take me next!

    Posted by Alexandra Parren
  • Adidas Originals Tubular Shadow Shoes Review

    Adidas Originals Tubular Shadow Trainers Sundried Review

    The Adidas Originals Tubular Shadow shoes are Adidas' latest addition to their ever-growing fashion trainer collection. The design of these shoes is a fusion of their famed tubular '93 runners and an updated, fresh style. These trainers take a classic and revamp them for modern tastes to compete with their contemporaries. The two-tone knit upper and contemporary wrap-around style is very popular at the moment making them one of the most popular trainers on the market right now.


    The thick, rubber sole means that these trainers stay comfortable even when you're on your feet all day. The enclosed 'booty' style that is found on most trainers these days prevents rubbing and chafing and the specialised sock lining stops blisters from forming.

    The knit-style upper is flexible and comfortable and makes these shoes feel like you've barely got anything on your feet at all. While not necessarily suitable for long-distance running, these trainers will certainly be your best friend for a tough gym session or more functional workout.


    Adidas has clearly tried to specifically bring their classic 1993 runners into the 21st century. They've stayed true to Adidas style as these are fairly similar to the Boost trainers that proved to be very popular after the release of Kanye's Yeezy trainers. The knitted upper follows in the footsteps of something Nike has been doing for a long time in their fly-knit collection and is possibly a fashion that will fall out of favour in a few years. That said, they're a very chic, subtle pair of trainers with not too much going on and definitely very minimalistic branding. This means they'll go with most outfits and will add a stylish twist to any workout. The trainers are available in a range of monochrome colours like black, white, and grey, but the two-tone design means they're eye-catching and stand out from other standard monochrome shoes. 

    Adidas Originals Tubular Shadow Knit Trainers Shoes Sundried


    The price of £79.95 is actually very fair, considering a lot of trainers these days can set you back well over £100. These are fashion trainers after all as opposed to functional technical trainers, but it's still a very reasonable cost for such stylish, modern shoes. This price is direct from Adidas, and you'll find them even cheaper from other distributors. 


    The Adidas Originals Tubular Shadow shoes are a modern twist on a classic and stay true to the Adidas brand. They stay on trend perfectly and would not look out of place in any scenario. The comfort of the trainers is exceptional, even if you have particularly wide feet. They may not be the most technical trainers, but they do the job and look great while they do it.

    These fresh, stylish trainers are available at £79.95 on the Adidas website

    Or at a sale price of £55 from JD Sports.

    Posted by Guest Reviewer
  • LoveRaw Organic Snack Bars Review

    LoveRaw Organic Snack Bars Review Sundried

    LoveRaw was developed by Rimi Dabhia in 2013 after leaving a passionless job in investment banking. She started the brand by hand-making and packaging snack bars in her kitchen and the rest is history! I was excited to try these organic, vegan snack bars for myself.

    Cacao And Maca Organic Snack Bar LoveRaw

    Cacao & Maca

    This rich, dark, indulgent bar is somewhat like a brownie, so if that's your craving, you can reach for one of these bars guilt-free! It contains only 6 natural ingredients: dates, almonds, cacao, cacao nibs, cashews, and maca. Maca is an ingredient we've seen a few times in previous reviews of healthy snacks and boasts numerous health benefits. The bar is fairly dense but it's refreshingly not too difficult to chew and the crunch from the cacao nibs and cashews adds a great texture. The deep, chocolatey flavour is devilishly moreish but the 45g bar is plenty to leave you satisfied and not reaching for more.

    Almond and coconut organic snack bar raw vegan

    Almond & Coconut

    This flavour contains even fewer ingredients, with just dates, almonds, coconut chips, figs, and cinnamon. Figs are an ingredient I haven't seen before in my healthy snack reviews so it was an interesting addition. Figs are high in fibre and contain many essential minerals which promote increased bone density among other benefits. The cinnamon adds a flavourful kick which I personally really liked, although I know that a lot of other people are often put off if cinnamon is a listed ingredient because of its strong, spicy undertones.

    Rosehip and lemon healthy snacks

    Rosehip & Lemon

    This bar is fresh and zingy thanks to the authentic lemon flavour and can certainly be compared to a tangy lemon drizzle cake. Rosehip is a fruit that is often made into tea thanks to its diuretic and laxative properties. This ingredient aids the immune system and contains lots of antioxidants which is great for fighting free radicals in the body. This bar is bulked out with the addition of sultanas which are not present in any of the other bars and the lemon oil gives a great flavour without being overpowering.

    Cacao and spirulina super foods

    Cacao & Spirulina

    Spirulina is a very popular superfood at the moment thanks to its health benefits and high protein content. It can often overpower a food so I was interested to see how well it would taste in this bar. The cacao again is delicious and dark and makes the bar just as satisfying as a naughty chocolate bar. There is a hint of citrus thanks to orange oil and the cashews again add a wonderful crunchy texture which I loved. The spirulina wasn't overpowering at all and adds a very subtle earthy element to the otherwise very sweet bar.


    I love the humble beginnings of this brand and I think its success speaks for itself. The bars are perfect in their simplicity, with only natural, vegan ingredients which mean you can't go wrong! They are not too chewy like some other healthy snack bars and they are satisfying enough to be perfect after a tough workout or just to satisfy a sweet craving! It's definitely a 10 for LoveRaw!

    Posted by Alexandra Parren
  • VITL Vitamins and Supplements

    VITL Vitamins Supplements

    VITL is a vitamin supplement company who send bespoke packages to its customers based on their personal needs. Launched in 2015 by Jonathan Relph, VITL provides customers with boxes of supplements delivered through their letter box on a subscription service.

    VITL has generic plans on offer as well as tailored plans available through their app. The generic plans provide a 28-day supply of daily vitamins. The Essential 2 package is one of the generic packages on offer and includes a multi vitamin which supports your immune system and improves your general health, an Omega 3 tablet to keep a healthy heart and brain functions, and a calcium tablet to support a healthy nervous system and help with muscle functions.This package also has a super greens tablet which includes 15 antioxidant-rich phytonutrients from superfoods such as kale to help fight free radicals in the body.

    For the tailored package, you answer a series of questions about your life and general health, and a representative from VITL will then build you a package of vitamins and supplements which are bespoke to you and your needs.

    VITL Supplements Healthy Live Strong

    The Essentials 2 is only £17.95 (the images are of this pack) and the Essentials 4 is £35.95. There is a Vitamin D pouch which costs £7.50 and is only available as a one-off purchase. You can buy on the Vitl website. 

    Written by Matt Sladden

    Posted by Guest Reviewer
  • We Are Tea Product Review

    We Are Tea Product Review Sundried

    We Are Tea is an award-winning, ethical, independent tea company selling bagged and loose leaf tea from West London. Darren Spence started We Are Tea when on holiday in Budapest with his partner Suzy. Suzy was feeling unwell and the couple decided to visit a tea shop. Miraculously, Suzy felt better after sampling the various teas on offer. We Are Tea has won 49 Great Taste Awards since opening in 2007 and their products are available online and in supermarkets across the UK.

    We Are Tea now have 16 different flavours and we were lucky enough to be able to try their English Breakfast Black Tea, Cleanse Tea, and Moroccan Mint. 

    The Teas

    The English Breakfast Black Tea contains Assam and Darjeeling. Assam has many health benefits such as decreasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes, enhancement of the immune system, and for relieving tension and nerves. Whilst the Darjeeling in the tea helps with dental health, cancer, and obesity prevention.

    English Breakfast Black Tea Sundried Product Review

    The Cleanse Tea has ingredients such as nettle, dandelion, liquorice, milk thistle, and lemon peel. The nettle in the tea strengthens your immune system and also promotes healthy hair and skin. Dandelion is rich in vitamins A, C, and K as well as being rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, and antioxidants. This means that dandelion has benefits such as liver cleansing, protection against skin infections, and reduction in blood pressure. The liquorice in the tea has anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. Milk thistle also has anti-inflammatory properties and is full of antioxidants. The last ingredient, lemon peel, contains high levels of calcium and vitamin C, which means it's great for maintaining and improving the strength of your bones

    The final flavour we tried, Moroccan Mint tea, has peppermint as one of the main active ingredients. Peppermint helps prevent nausea, reduces fever, boosts the immune system and finally, relieves stress and bloating.

    We Are Tea Moroccan Mint Tea Bag Flavour Sundried


    All these flavours were delicious and have had nothing but 5-star reviews. This brand has a great ethos and their tea has so many health benefits and a great taste.

    Review written by Matt Sladden

    Posted by Guest Reviewer