• Vifit Sport High Protein Recovery Bar Review

    Vifit high protein recovery bar review sundried

    Vifit Sport is a new subsidiary of the huge Dutch dairy conglomerate FrieslandCampina which was formed through a merger in 2008. Vifit Sport offers a range of sport recovery products including protein bars, protein drinks, and protein powder containing 20g of protein as well as vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D, potassium, and magnesium. We put their high protein recovery bar to the test and give our review.


    We tried the Peach Yogurt flavour high protein recovery bar. This bar also comes in Lemon Yogurt and Cranberry flavour.

    Each 55g bar contains 208 calories, 6.3g of fat, 18g of carbs, 14g of sugar, and 20g of protein. The sugar appears to come primarily from fructose syrup which is a common ingredient in junk foods and is not great for your health if you have too much. 

    The main ingredient is milk protein (whey) with white chocolate coming up second. It also includes freeze-dried peaches, fructose syrup, and chemicals such as glycerine (which is a by-product of soap production) and potassium citrate. It also contains palm fat which is a pretty controversial ingredient due to its effect on the environment as well as its negative effect on our waistlines. It also contains collagen hydrolysate which is a type of gelatin thought to have health benefits such as anti-ageing properties. However, it's unlikely that the small amount in this bar would have any of these effects on the body and it is in fact used to set the bar as a solid.

    Overall, the nutrition of this bar isn't great. It's not 100% natural and is not vegan-friendly nor is it dairy-free. However, the high protein content is its main selling point, and 20g of protein for a bar of this size is very admirable. You'd probably be better off eating a chicken breast, though.  

    Vifit sport how is whey made


    The smell of peach hits you as soon as you take this bar out of the packet and it's quite pleasant. Upon first bite, the taste of peach is really nice, but the more you eat the more artificial the taste becomes. The texture is fairly dense and chewy; not as bad as some protein bars I've had in the past, but definitely not natural-feeling. It's not particularly sweet and the white chocolate topping doesn't taste overly indulgent or chocolatey. The protein crispies on the top are quite nice but can be a bit messy as they keep falling off!


    I'm sure I must be dreaming as the price on Vifit's website appears to state that this bar costs £26.95!? I'm not sure whether this is a mistake, if it actually means perhaps for a box of 12, or if it's just an astronomically expensive bar! If it does mean for a box of 12 which is common for protein bars, that would mean the bar is actually roughly £2.25 which puts it in the same price bracket as the Grenade Carb Killa bar. Considering the Grenade high protein bar tastes incredible and has much better nutrition information, I'd say that this price is a little unjustified. 

    Vifit high protein recovery bar price

    Nowhere on Vifit's website does it say that this price is for a box of 12 bars. It appears to be for a single bar! 


    I was pretty disappointed by this bar, unfortunately. Having only recently reviewed the incredible "too good to be true" Grenade Carb Killa bars, it paled in comparison. It doesn't taste that great and has a dense, chewy texture. Apart from the high protein content, it isn't really a 'healthy' bar and there seems to be some confusion regarding the price. It's a 5 out of 10 from me. 

    Posted by Alexandra Parren
  • The Honestly Good Smoothie Company Review

    honestly good smoothie company review sundried

    The Honestly Good Smoothie Company was founded by mother and son duo Vikesh and Neeta Kotecha after Vikesh experienced digestive trouble in 2015 and was advised to consume more fruit and vegetables. Falling in love with the energy smoothies brought him, Vikesh soon tired of chopping and preparing ingredients each morning. Mother Neeta stepped in with daily creations for her son and Vikesh realised how accustomed to the luxury he became, and left his job to start The Honestly Good Smoothie Company so others could experience this too.

    Upon placing an order online, customers are treated to a wool-lined temperature controlled box to keep smoothie pouches fresh. The packaging is recyclable or compostable which is in line with Sundried's sustainable and responsible ethos. The company work with award-winning nutritionist Caroline Farrell and head chef Blake Bowden. Founder, Vikesh Kotecha, says “I wanted to do something simple that wasn’t being offered. Honestly good smoothies delivered to your door, no cheap fillers, and no nasty surprises.” Vikesh continues, “We have really exciting plans for the future with a new protein smoothie range launching for the New Year, tasting events across London and charitable donations from each customer purchase.”

    The Honestly Good Smoothie subscription is £27.50 per week for 5 pouches making 10 smoothies. 

    Berry Nice

    • 100g banana
    • 70g strawberry
    • 50g raspberry
    • 40g rhubarb
    • 1tbsp hemp seeds
    • 1tbsp chia seeds

    I really liked this flavour, I had mine with almond milk rather than just dry. It was nutty and full of berries which tasted fresh and tangy. It was very substantial and could definitely replace a meal, although I wouldn't always recommend that. It's not too sweet which I liked and the main positive is the convenience of it.

    The hassle and ensuing mess of making a smoothie can be a nightmare, especially if you're short on time or have kids, plus I've made quite a few horrible ones when just experimenting with ingredients from my cupboard! The fact that this recipe is not only well thought out but created and verified by both a professional chef and nutritionist means I can trust the ingredients and health benefits. Overall, I loved it and would definitely have it again. 

    The Waldorf Cool

    • 100g Granny Smith Apple
    • 100g Cucumber
    • 60g Curly Kale
    • 20g Light Walnut Halves
    • 2tbsp. flax seeds
    • 1tbsp hemp seeds
    • ½ tsp Kelp
    • a pinch of pink Himalayan salt

    The ingredients in this smoothie are pretty interesting (the kelp and Himalayan pink salt are pretty exotic to me) but they all looked super fresh on arrival which was impressive. I also made this one with almond milk but found that the consistency was a little too thick for my preference, I wonder if apple juice might have been better but then it would have potentially been too sweet. Again, the nuts gave a great flavour and texture and the apple and cucumber meant it was super fresh and zingy. 


    I think the concept of this brand is great, and people who have a lot of disposable income and not much time on their hands would benefit greatly. However, those with kids or just those who don't work 60-hour weeks and don't have the money to spend over £100 a month on smoothies might not need ready-prepared ingredients delivered to them, especially as you still have to blend it yourself and therefore wash up afterwards too.

    For some people, the process of making a smoothie is the best part, however others would argue that having the ingredients already weighed out and ready to blitz is a life-saver. With this service, I think it really depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences but I can see why it would be great in the right circumstances. I also think it would be important for customers to receive the nutritional information of the smoothies along with their packages (calories, sugar, protein etc) as this is not currently provided.

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  • Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs Review

    Hippeas baked healthy chickpea puffs review Sundried

    Hippeas are a brand of baked, puffed chickpea snacks which could be the savoury answer you've been looking for if trying to cut down your consumption of fatty potato crisps or lose weight while still allowing yourself tasty snacks. We gave peas a chance and review these tempting chickpea puffs. 

    Taste & Texture

    I was pleasantly surprised by the light, crispy texture of the Hippeas chickpea puffs. They are slightly comparable to Wotsits, especially as they are the same shape, but are a lot lighter and crunchier. 

    I sampled the Salt & Vinegar flavour chickpea puffs and the taste was absolutely delightful. Being a healthy snack, you don't compromise on flavour and they really work when trying to satisfy a craving for salty, savoury snacks. You can't particularly tell that these aren't classic potato chips or corn snacks.


    Hippeas are available in the UK from various supermarkets including Waitrose and Tesco as well as online. I bought my bag of Salt & Vinegar Hippeas from ASDA where they retail at £1.99 for a 78g bag (at Tesco they are £1.60 for the same bag so slightly cheaper).

    For comparison, your favourite bag of Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips retail in ASDA at £1.99 for a 150g bag. This makes Hippeas a little more expensive gram for gram, however you are paying for a healthier product and if you catch them on offer, you may end up paying less than other brands. Bag for bag, they are the same price.

    The smaller bag may seem like a drawback but I actually think it's a great idea. 150g bags are designed for sharing, but anyone who loves a tasty snack will know how easy it is to polish off a whole bag in one go. The 78g bag of Hippeas is the perfect size for one person to eat guilt-free, especially as it contains only 316 calories in the whole bag, compared to an eye-watering 770 calories in the 150g bag of Kettle Chips – that's twice the calories per bag! To me, it's a no-brainer. 

    Hippeas versus Kettle Chips health comparison Sundried 

    Nutritional Credentials

    I love the idea of using chickpeas as a base for this snack as chickpeas are naturally rich in protein and fibre and are a great crop to farm as they release nitrogen back into the earth as they grow so they're good for the environment and for us too!

    The fact that all of the ingredients used in this product are organic is a real bonus as that can be hard to find these days and you usually pay quite the premium for this privilege. As well as chickpeas, Hippeas use quinoa in this product which is another excellent food which is rich in protein and fibre and is a great addition to your diet. Being able to snack on these tasty puffs is a really easy way for the everyday person to get these grains and legumes into their diet without having to feel like they're forcing themselves to eat quinoa and chickpeas just because they're healthy. 

    Hippeas are organic, naturally gluten-free, vegan, low calorie, high fibre, and a source of protein. They have tons of excellent nutritional credentials and are suitable for pretty much everyone, no matter what diet or lifestyle they follow. 

    At Sundried, we love this product and will continue to eat these chickpeas with joy!

    You can find out more on the Hippeas website

    Posted by Alexandra Parren
  • Livia's Gluten Free Vegan Treats Review

    Livia's gluten free vegan snacks review Sundried

    Olivia Wollenberg was a self-confessed sugar addict until being diagnosed with severe food intolerances in 2014. She started by making her first recipe – crumble – in her parents' kitchen and then began sharing her free-from recipe creations on her blog.

    Fast forward 5 years and Livia's is now a well-established gluten-free vegan snack brand with several delicious and enticing products on offer, from millionaire bites to cookies with nut butter dips. We were sent a few of her products to try and give our verdict.

    Million Squares - Chocolate Orange

    Livia's Gluten Free Vegan Treats Review Sundried

    The main ingredient in all of the Livia's products we were sent is date paste, making up over half of the product at 57%. The other ingredients include foods like coconut oil and maple syrup, meaning all of the ingredients in these products are natural. Dates are a popular choice for health food brands as they provide natural sweetness and are suitable for people with an intolerance to allergens like wheat and dairy. 

    Each 60g serving of Livia's Million Squares contains 212 calories which is very respectable for something that doesn't pretend not to be a 'treat'. There is 26.8g of sugar which is very high, however these are not marketed as being healthy, they are marketed as being an indulgent treat for people who can't enjoy the usual choices of chocolate bars or cakes. 

    The chocolate orange flavour is really delightful in these Million Squares and they are definitely a delicious alternative to classic millionaire shortbread. This product utilises orange oil and orange zest, both of which bring out a subtle yet tangy orange tang and make these bites really enjoyable. Each 60g packet contains 3 little squares and the serving size is perfect. 

    Nugglets - Raw Choc Brownie

    Livia's Raw Choc Brownie Nugglets Review

    I was really excited to try the Nugglets as the bite-size pieces are really fun and inciting and they make the perfect mid-afternoon snack to munch on at your desk when you're feeling peckish after lunch. 

    The raw choc brownie nugglets are devilishly dark and chocolatey without being too bitter and are definitely reminiscent of a chewy, delicious brownie. I'm a huge fan of chocolate brownie anyway, so having a version that is appropriate for people who can't usually enjoy brownies is great. All of the ingredients in Livia's products are natural which makes these treats almost guilt-free and they are an excellent alternative to highly processed foods which are full of chemicals, refined sugar, and other nasites.

    Nugglets - Raw Cookie Dough

    Livia's Cookie Dough Bites Nugglets Healthy Snack

    I am a huge fan of cookie dough – as I am sure are a lot of people! – so finding a completely guilt-free raw cookie dough treat is like finding Atlantis. These raw cookie dough nugglets really do taste like delicious cookie dough which I found very impressive. 

    There are quite a few vegan recipes circulating fitness and health blogs which utilise chickpeas to make it edible raw, however these often end up just tasting of chickpeas and not like the tasty cookie dough we know and love. On the contrary, Livia's vegan gluten-free cookie dough nugglets really taste like cookie dough and are absolutely delicious! The chocolate coating adds a touch of luxury and they are the perfect snack for any occasion or for putting into kids' lunch boxes for school. 

    Nugglets - Salted Almond Butter

    Livia's Nugglets Vegan Healthy Treats Snacks Review

    Saving the best until last: the salted almond butter nugglets were my favourite out of all the Livia's products I was sent to try. The chunks of almond dotted throughout the tasty little bites created a delicious texture and the delicate chocolate coating added just enough sweetness and indulgence without being too sickly or overpowering. The texture is soft and chewy and they were all gone before I knew it!

    These treats make for the perfect sporting fuel thanks to their high sugar content as well as just being an occasional treat, especially for people who have an food intolerance and don't want any pain or discomfort associated with eating gluten or dairy. Sundried have a few ambassadors with Coeliac disease and I'm sure that treats like this would be immensely popular amongst them!

    Livia's treats are available in Waitrose, Tesco, Boots, WHSmith, Sainsbury's and many other stockists.

    Posted by Alexandra Parren
  • Nibble Brownie Bites Healthy Snack Review

    Nibble Protein Brownie Bites Review Sundried

    Nibble Brownie Bites are the second product to be launched by Nibble Protein, founded by Erin Moroney. They have been designed to appeal to those who want that super healthy, low sugar, protein-packed snack but with the taste of a naughty treat. Here at Sundried we were lucky enough to get to taste test and give our verdict.

    Choc Orange Brownie with 72% dark chocolate chips

    The choc orange brownie bites contain only 3.8g of sugar per bag which is great for people trying to lose weight while still enjoying delicious snacks.The secret ingredient is dried plum purée, which gives a beautiful sweet taste without all the sugar. 

    I absolutely love the small and convenient size of the pieces and I think the serving size is just right. The bites are super soft and gooey, just what you want in a brownie! The orange taste comes through beautifully without being overpowering and there's a real tang in the background.

    The overall taste is dark and decadent and the texture is perfect. This classic flavour pairing is a real winner!

    Nibble Protein Choc Orange Brownie Review

    Choc Walnut Brownie with walnut pieces

    The real walnut pieces in the choc walnut brownie add a wonderful depth of flavour and give them such an authentic taste. As with all the brownies in this range, these bites are dairy free, gluten free, and vegan which means they're perfect for anyone on a free-from diet due to a food intolerance or people following a vegan  lifestyle. 

    As with the choc orange brownie bites, these healthy treats are devilishly dark and moreish and are the perfect solution to a chocolate craving.

    Nibble Protein choc walnut brownie review

    Mint Choc Brownie with cacao nibs

     The mint choc brownie with cacao nibs was definitely my favourite of the three flavours on offer. I've always been a big fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream and as soon as I popped the delicious bite into my mouth, that's the feeling I got. The mint flavour is strong without being overpowering and is very refreshing. It really lightens the dark, chocolate brownie flavour and sticks around for some time after you finish the bite making it more satisfying.

    Again, the texture of the bite is absolutely perfect - brownies can be tough to master! This is the perfect treat if you're after something naughty but nice without ruining your diet. 

    Nibble Choc Orange Protein


    These bites really are the full package. They're vegan, dairy free, and gluten free meaning they can be enjoyed by just about anyone, and they are satisfying and nutritious too. They contain a generous helping of protein and have significantly less sugar than their competitors. At under 100 calories per bag, they're perfect for lunch boxes, gym bags, or to take to work and could be the answer to your healthy snack prayers!

    Nibble Brownie Bites are available from Ocado, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Fenwick, Amazon, other health food outlets, or direct from nibbleprotein.com. They retail at £1.49 per bag. 

    Nibble Choc Brownie Protein healthy snack

    Posted by Alexandra Parren