Question the Ethics

How can you be a fitness and well-being brand when you are not promoting a healthy lifestyle and sustainable production? At Sundried, we do it differently. 

Sundried Coffee Fabric Recycled T Shirt


Slow Fashion

Reducing Waste

Our products are made to last, allowing you as a consumer to create less waste and helps us, as a brand, fight against the fast fashion movement. 



Ethical Supply Chain

Our suppliers are ethically audited by SMETA, ensuring that safe working practices and conditions are upheld. 



Sustainable Materials


Our mailing bags and product packaging are both recycled and recyclable, and we are working towards moving to biodegradable packaging in the future.


Recycled Fabrics

Our pioneering EcoTech Collection includes items that are responsibly made with recycled sustainable materials, including plastic and coffee grounds. Everything that Sundried makes is vegan, and we strive to ensure that our clothing is made as ethically as possible.


Wash cool, sun dry

Up to 80% of the impact of a t-shirt occurs after purchase. The water, chemical toxicity, energy use and emissions from washing and drying your clothing all contribute to your eco-footprint. Throughout Sundried’s marketing, our products, wash care labels and our site, we encourage and remind you to 'Wash Cool, Sun Dry' to mitigate these harmful factors.

Low Carbon

We always try to reduce our carbon footprint in anyway we can. At a base level we get our office, and warehouse supplies from a stockist on the same estate as our head quarters, as well as using a photographer on the same site for our product photos. We send almost all of our parcels with Royal Mail, the UK's most sustainable delivery service with the lowest carbon footprint by package delivered. We're also currently investigating solutions to become carbon neutral. 


At Sundried we don't use any animal products in our clothing, all of our apparel is 100% vegan friendly. 


Sundried respects its staff from the supply chain to the office. Typically, more waking hours are spent at work than at home, so Sundried created the concept of Every Hour On the Hour (EHOH). All of Sundried’s staff are encouraged to spend a few minutes away from their screens and partake in some form of exercise every hour, whether that be a quick HIIT Workout, a session on the gym rings or simply a walk outside in the fresh air. The Sundried team are firm believers in the positive impact that exercise and a healthy lifestyle can have on a person's physical and mental well-being.


At Sundried we also believe in the importance of giving back. The current charities we support are Water for Kids, a charity that provides safe drinking water to communities across the world, and Surfers Against Sewage, an environmental charity who strive to protect our oceans, beaches, and waves from plastic waste and other sewage so that we can have less polluted waters and enjoy our coastline sustainably.

We also work closely with some of our local charities, including Trust Links and Whizz-kidz. Some of the ways we get involved include providing kit for their teams to compete in, as well as donating prizes for raffles and other fundraising competitions.  

An ongoing process

Being fully sustainable and having zero impact on the environment is not something that happens overnight. We are committed to this journey for the long term, and are constantly investigating new ways in which we can become more ethical and sustainable in the future. This includes setting up ways in which we can offset our plastic use as well as our CO2 emissions.

 Sundried Legacy Recycled Collection