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Precision Hydration Sweat Testing and Sports Hydration Review

by Alexandra Parren
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Precision Hydration is a hydration brand that specialises in sweat testing and sports hydration for serious athletes. It was founded in 2011 by Andy Blow, a keen triathlete, Ironman, and Sports Science graduate. He co-founded the brand with heart surgeon Dr Raj Jutley after meeting him at a sporting event and discovering that his poor sporting performance was mostly down to poor hydration and salt loss. Together they developed the concept of Precision Hydration and now have a strong team behind them.

Personalised Hydration

Precision Hydration has provided sports hydration to top class athletes so I was excited to try out their products and see what they had to offer. I took their free online sweat test to see how much sodium I lose when I sweat and they sent me a personalised package based on my results. This is what they do for all their customers as standard which is part of their USP, as Andy and Raj have researched how important it is to consider that different people lose different amounts of sodium when they sweat.

The results of my sweat test told me that I lose quite a lot of sodium when I sweat, which didn't come as a surprise as I've had large salt crystals form on my neck after a race before! The key things to look out for are stinging eyes when you sweat and white marks on your clothes, these are indicators that you lose a lot of sodium when you sweat. PH sent me 3 boxes of salt sachets, one of their PH 1500 and 2 of the PH 1000 packets. The PH 1500 is the highest they send and was for me to preload before a big race or event. I tested out the products during two big events - the Garmin Ride Out which is a 50-mile advanced bike ride and the Kent Coastal Half Marathon which I did two days later. Both of these events were super tough and I sweated a lot so it was a great chance to test out the hydration support. 

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In the past, I've taken sodium supplements after ultra endurance events, but only the standard Diarolyte and I had to down it while holding my nose and trying not to gag. Precision Hydration has flavoured the supplements nicely so that it's not a horrendous chore trying to down it before the event. When mixed with 500ml of water (or perhaps more if you'd like it a little weaker) this supplement isn't too bad at all.

Precision Hydration Sports Supplements

Performance Benefits

The PH 1500 sachet is three times stronger than other electrolyte drinks so you know you're getting proper performance benefits and this is more serious than a drink of Lucozade, for example. One of the biggest benefits that Precision Hydration boast is that their supplements can help prevent you getting cramps while you're training and racing. This is obviously a huge benefit, especially when you're trying to perform at your best. It's fast-absorbing and easy on the stomach so you don't feel any negative side effects after taking it. 

The PH 1000 is designed to be taken with water while you're racing and training to keep your salt levels topped up and to keep you extra hydrated. If you just keep drinking water while you sweat, you'll end up diluting your blood sodium levels and will end up with severe cramping and terrible performance. It could also make you rather ill, so it's definitely worth keeping your electrolytes topped up while you sweat. 

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Beyond The Products

Precision Hydration is a really special brand in that they live and breathe their ethos. All the staff behind the products are serious athletes who have undertaken incredible challenges and achieved amazing results. Being co-founded by an Ironman athlete and a heart surgeon means this brand couldn't really go wrong and has a lot of potential to grow and expand into a huge global brand. Using personal experience to create useful products is paramount for success and that's exactly what PH has done. Their tailored advice and hydration solutions are top class and means that their customers really are receiving the best. 

Take their free sweat test and see for yourself why Precision Hydration is your best option for sports hydration.

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