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The Arch To Arc Triathlon is considered one of the ultimate tests of endurance. Athletes travel from London's Marble Arch to Paris' Arc De Triomphe by running, swimming, and cycling almost 250 miles. This race is not for the faint hearted!


The race starts with an 87-mile run from London's Marble Arch in the west end to Dover in Kent. From there it's a brutal 22-mile swim in the 15-degree waters of the English Channel. Upon arriving in France, it's then a 180-mile cycle through the French countryside to the Arc De Triomphe in Paris. Only 42 athletes have ever completed this challenge. 

Sundried Athlete Challenge


The A2A race is organised by Enduroman Events. This organisation organises events such as the Triple Enduroman which is a 7.2-mile swim, 336-mile bike, and 78-mile run. It is the same as doing 3 full Ironman races back to back! They also organise various ultra-marathons and extreme swim competitions. 

Read our interview with Arch To Arc finisher Paul Parrish for a true idea of what this event is like.

Arch To Arc Triathlon Records (information correct as of 2018)

Fastest Man

Cyril Blanchard

Run Split 18:35:00
Wait in Dover 06.21:00
Swim Split 14:47:00
Wait in Calais 06:25:00
Bike Split 13:48:00
Overall Time 59:56:00


Fastest Woman

Jo Rodda 


Run Split 19:52:00
Wait in Dover 16:47:00
Swim Split 15:40:00
Wait in Calais 09:06:00
Bike Split 17:14:00
Overall Time 78:39:00