ethical activewear running vest top

Sundried believe in keeping our customers educated about the life-cycle of our clothing, so you can make your purchases responsibly.

What Is Ethical Activewear?

The fashion and sportswear industries see a lot of what we call 'fast fashion'. This is where large quantities of clothing are produced at a rapid rate and sold very cheaply. When this happens, the people making the clothing are often not treated or paid fairly and the way the clothing is made is not environmentally friendly. 

Our ethical activewear can be traced right back to where it was made and at Sundried, we guarantee that all of our employees are treated fairly, from the supply chain to the Sundried HQ office. 

Not only this, every purchase made at Sundried gives a donation to charity Water For Kids. You can read more about that here.

Sundried Materials

The Sundried ethos starts at the very beginning with our materials. We select the finest quality technical fabrics which are produced in Portugal and Italy. All our material choices are made with the mitigation of harmful substances, pollution and other environmental hazards associated with raw material extraction in mind.

Our latest collection is made from 100% recycled materials, including plastic bottles and coffee grounds. These raw materials are sustainable and by recycling them into clothing, we are helping to reduce the global plastic pollution problem

Sundried Factories

We believe you cannot be a health and fitness brand without promoting health throughout your company, from production to purpose. The fashion industry is the 2nd largest pollutant, widely known for terrible and dangerous working conditions and tragic disasters such as the collapse of The Rena Plaza factory which stole the lives of 1134 victims.

Sundried’s factories are based in Portugal and Italy and our staff are paid fairly and respected. We take pride in our partnership with European production which allows us to bring our products to you with a low carbon footprint. Larger production runs allow for lower per unit costs, but we know that producing cheaply means someone further down the line will pay the cost. 

Ethical Production from Sundried

Factory Conditions

We ensure our factory conditions are safe, clean and have everything our staff need.

Our production will remain in Portugal or within the European Union for all further production as the European proximity allows us to control the working conditions of employees and make sure that European quality standards are maintained during the entire process. All our staff are paid fair wages, within EU guidelines.

Sundried Low Emissions

Sundried produce our activewear in partnership with The Low Carbon Innovation fund, to ensure we have as little environmental impact as possible.

The Low Carbon Innovation Fund has strict policies and regulations which we must adhere to.

We minimise our carbon footprint throughout the full lifecycle of Sundried apparel through:

  • Local production in the UK and Europe (vs. the rest of the industry which is mainly produced in the Far East).
  • Using materials that use little carbon in their manufacture, little energy in their maintenance and are recyclable.
  • Carbon offsetting where a zero/low carbon choice isn’t currently viable  
  • Advising our products are “washed cool and sun dried” to minimise our footprint after purchase.

Our vision is to enable people to feel good inside and out before and after exercise through premium, exciting and ethical technical activewear which is stylish, smart and made with consciousness.