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Triathlon Wear

by Alexandra Parren
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what do i wear for a triathlon?

Experienced triathletes will know that you are only as good as your kit, and when it comes to triathlon, the gear can get pretty complicated. What do you wear for a triathlon? We take a look.

What do you wear for a triathlon?

There are lots of moving parts in triathlon, and you need kit that's going to be comfortable and functional from swim to bike to run. The one-stop piece of triathlon gear is a tri suit, but there are lots of other pieces of kit you will need too. So, what do you wear for a triathlon?

Tri Suit

Your trisuit is what you will wear for the duration of the race. You can wear it under your wetsuit for the swim and then cycle and run in it. As such, it needs to be super quick-drying so that you don't chafe on the bike and the seat pad needs to be ergonomically designed and small enough that it doesn't inhibit your run. The Sundried men's tri suit features a sleeveless design to create complete freedom of movement during your race and features a chamois pad which will protect you where it counts on the bike! The Sundried women's tri suit is also sleeveless and has a long zipper to the back so that you can get in and out of it easily. 

Read more on what to look for in a trisuit here.

Sundried tri suit triathlete triathlon bike cycling

Triathlon Belt

A triathlon belt - also known as a race number belt - is an elastic belt worn around either the hips or waist which holds your race bib number and can be easily fastened. The reason these are recommended for multi-sport events is because they can be easily moved. There is a British Triathlon rule which stipulates you must have your number visible from the back on the bike but from the front on the run. If you have pinned your race number to your trisuit or top, you won't be able to swivel round so that it's visible from the back on the bike. However, if you wear a triathlon belt, you'll be able to move it with ease. Another benefit of wearing a tri belt is that a good one will have space to hold your energy gels, and it'll mean you don't need to ruin your nice trisuit by poking holes in it! 

triathlon belt race number bib holder

If you are looking to take part in your first triathlon, take a look at our comprehensive kit list guide with everything you'll need to be race-day ready!

What do I need for my first triathlon?

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