Triathlon’s don’t just challenge your body, they challenge your clothing.

Experienced triathletes will know, your kit is the glue that hold everything together and before any race triathletes gear has been worn in, trialled and tested in any and every way possible to provide the easiest race possible.

Sundried’s founder is a triathlete and created activewear brand Sundried with the triathlete in mind.

The pilot collection of Sundried activewear was trialled by leading triathletes throughout their training regime to ensure it supports your sport and fits seamlessly with an active lifestyle.

Triathlon Wear

The Dom Tee and Tri Suit

Many triathletes opt for a shirt over their tri suit, or a half suit and t shirt, after their wetsuit swim. The Dom T shirt is designed with this in mind. Available in both a T shirt and sleeveless fit the shirt is quick drying, made with comfortable Italian fabrics and flatlock seams to eliminate chafing. A two piece tri suit and t shirt are often preferred as they make lavatory stops that little bit easier.

Sundried Dom Tee

Sundried Dom Tank

Sundried’s first pilot collection of activewear is a capsule of fitness essentials, with our second range featuring a triathlon specific suit and accessories.

Founder Daniel Puddick has reviewed his choice of wetsuit here. Huub Archimedes II Review

You can see our Sundried triathletes wearing their kit when training.

Are you a triathlete? Would you like to join Sundried and try our activewear?

Sundried are reviewing the UK’s triathlons and need your help, if you’ve taken part tell us what you thought of your race and you could receive free Sundried kit.

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