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What is a Trisuit/Tri Suit?

A trisuit, or triathlon suit, is a one-piece suit that you wear for the duration of a triathlon, from the swim to the bike to the run. You can wear your trisuit under a wetsuit for the swim and it features subtle padding to keep you comfortable on the bike. A trisuit should fit like a second skin to maximise aerodynamics and allow you to perform at your best. There are different types of trisuit, from trisuits with sleeves to those without sleeves, ones with the zipper at the back or trisuits with a zipper at the front. It’s important to find a trisuit that fits you well and is comfortable so that you can excel at your race and enjoy the process.

Do you wear underwear with a triathlon suit?

The choice to wear underwear with a trisuit is entirely personal, however you do not need to wear underwear with a trisuit. Some argue that wearing underwear with cycling shorts or a trisuit is counterproductive as it can cause chafing and discomfort. This is a completely personal subject and results will differ from person to person. If you do not feel comfortable or sanitary going commando under your trisuit, there is no reason to do so and you can easily wear underwear beneath it. During a race, your comfort is paramount, and so it’s best to test out in training whether you prefer wearing underwear or not.

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Do triathletes run in bike shorts?

Triathletes rarely run in bike shorts. Cycle shorts and bib shorts are often heavily padded and this would result in your run feeling like you’re wearing a nappy! Most triathletes wear specific triathlon clothing and wear their trisuit throughout the entire race. If you are a beginner, it’s important to know all the right beginner triathlete advice before you race. A good trisuit will have minimalistic padding so that you feel comfortable on the run, but still have enough to be comfortable on the bike too. The best trisuits will feature an ergonomic chamois pad which will minimise chafing and allow for your best performance.

Tri suit vs 2 piece

Some people like to race in a 2 piece triathlon suit, consisting of a tri top and triathlon shorts. Again, this is down to personal preference and you won’t know which you like better until you have tested out different variations. The only problem you may face with a two-piece is that the top may begin to ride up which could cause discomfort and be a distraction while you race. Wearing a trisuit as opposed to a top and tri shorts will make you more aerodynamic and will keep you more comfortable.

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What to look for in your triathlon clothing

Your trisuit needs to be quick-drying so that you do not chafe once out of the water and on the bike. You also want a trisuit that will wick sweat away from your body so that as you produce heat and sweat on the cycle and run, it can evaporate away from the skin and won’t cause heat rash or any skin soreness. Most trisuits are sleeveless as this allows for maximum freedom of movement, however some trisuits do have short sleeves like those found of cycling skinsuits. These are sometimes called aero suits. Triathlon clothing needs to be up to the complexity of the sport; there are a lot of moving parts and you want to be streamlined and comfortable throughout the race. By wearing a trisuit, you won’t need to get changed between transitions and will just need to change your shoes.

Men's Trisuit and Men's Skin Suit

Men's tri suits are waterproof and quick drying so that you don't chafe on the bike, and feature minimalist padding so that you're comfortable in the saddle but not inhibited on the run. The Sundried men's tri suit is chlorine resistant so it won't deteriorate after pool-use and it is made with premium Italian fabrics to add a touch of quality. Sundried's Men's Aero Suit also has all these properties, but the extra length on the sleeves of the men's skin suit makes it more aerodynamic and streamlined, perfect for the cycle leg of the triathlon. 

Women's Trisuit and Women's Aero Suit

The women's tri suit is ergonomically designed for women with a hypoallergenic chamois pad to keep you as comfortable as possible without chafing. Just like the men's triathlon suit, Sundried women's triathlon suit is chlorine resistant and made with premium Italian fabrics. Sundried's Women's Aero Suit is also ergonomically designed to flatter and fit a women's physique, with extra flexibility in the chest and hip regions. The fit of Sundried's women's skin suit is tapered to provide a more feminine look. Whether you're a seasoned pro or complete beginner, Sundried's ladies tri suit will be a perfect fit for you.

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Sundried Trisuit reviews

At Sundried, we are proud of our deep understanding and passion for the sport of triathlon. Designed and developed by triathletes, our trisuits for men and women are made of premium, luxury materials and will be the best trisuit you find. Here are some reviews from our satisfied customers:

Ladies Tri Suit

“The material is comfortable and feels like good quality. Does indeed dry quickly from swim to run. The padding does not seem to be an issue for running from my experience.”

Women's Skin Suit

“Bought the this suit for my first triathlon and was extremely impressed with it. Very comfortable, great value, and dries quickly. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great all-rounder.”

Men's Tri Suit

“I am mainly a swimmer but also enjoy sprint triathlons, so for me my main focus in respect to trisuits is drag from the suit in the water vs comfort. The fit is therefore very important. It goes without saying that considering this is made with Italian fabrics there is no surprise that SUNDRIED seem to have got the fit absolutely spot on. Given that the material seems of a far superior grade to other tri-suits I own, there is a real degree of comfort throughout the suit including the stretch areas across the chest and under the arms, as well as of course the padding. In this respect the padding seems very well designed. There is enough certainly to keep one comfortable during the cycle phase of a tri without the drag of larger pads you may see on other suits. It is evident that a lot of thought has gone into this tri-suit and it feels premium especially given the classic black lines. If you are looking for a trisuit to fit all experiences from beginner up, the SUNDRIED trisuit really gets my vote.”