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Triathlon Gear

Female Athlete Running in Sundried Triathlon Suit Trisuit

Whether you're a seasoned triathlete or a complete beginner, your gear can be the difference between a great race and a DNF. Sundried are here to guide you on what and what not to wear for a triathlon.

Tri Suit

Your main investment will be a high quality triathlon suit. During your race you'll be swimming, biking, and running so you'll need an outfit that is suitable for all three. Mens tri suits are waterproof and quick drying so that you don't chafe on the bike, and feature minimalist padding so that you're comfortable in the saddle but not inhibited on the run. The Sundried men's tri suit is chlorine resistant so it won't deteriorate after pool-use and it is made with premium Italian fabrics to add a touch of quality. The women's tri suit is ergonomically designed for women with a hypoallergenic chamois pad to keep you as comfortable as possible without chafing. When looking for a good triathlon suit, be sure to read tri suit reviews so that you can compare and contrast the details and qualities. 

Female Athlete wearing Sundried Triathlon Suit Trisuit

Cycling Gloves

Especially if you are doing a longer distance like an Olympic or even half iron, you will want to invest in a premium pair of cycling gloves. Any ride over 25 miles can start to put strain on the body, and this includes the hands. You will be leaning a lot of weight onto your handlebars and the palms of your hands can suffer. A good pair of cycling gloves like the Sundried cycling gloves will be well padded to prevent bruising on your palms. They also need to be wind- and waterproof for cold weather rides and inclement weather. They will have anti-slip qualities to stop your hands slipping on wet handlebars and will insulate your hands without making them sweaty.

Female Athlete Cyclist wearing Sundried Cycle and Triathlon Activewear

Cycling Socks

Your socks will make a big difference on race day, especially on longer duration events. The Sundried cycling socks are specifically designed for cycling with you in mind. They won't slip down as you ride and are made with super soft ventilated materials so that your foot don't get sweaty and stay comfortable throughout the bike and the run. The Sundried running socks are also perfect for triathlon as they are anti-blister with extra padding on high-wear areas like the toes and heels so you can run uninhibited and pain-free throughout the race.  

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