• Men's Black Leggings

    As the winter months approach, it’s time to put your knees away.

    Trade your running shorts for their longer, warmer counterpart, men's black leggings.

    What do Sundried Leggings offer?

    Good question, here’s a breakdown of why our tights should hug your legs:

    Sundried Mens Leggings

    Because they give you superpowers:

    Well not quite, but with our reflective cuffs, you’ll be able to see in the dark and that’s halfway there.

    Because they do a whole load of fancy stuff:

    Like wick sweat, stretch to flatter your form and protect your skin from wind chill, whilst also having a useful back pocket.

    Because Sundried leggings make you look like a superhero:

    What do Batman, Superman and Captain America have in common? They are all men wearing leggings. It could be you. Wear your Sundried tights on your next run and don’t be surprised if people assume you're a superhero, easy confusion to make.

    Because we donate to charity:

    You’ll have more than just runner's high to make you feel good after buying with Sundried. Every Sundried purchase has a unique donate code to charity Water for Kids on it. Meaning you can feel twice as good about your run, as it’s helped to supply a child with water for the first time. Well done you.

    Sundried Mens Running Tights

    Because it may be the only hugs you get:

    It's freezing outside and you are cold. Do not expect your other half to willingly give you a hug. You are too cold. Take a hug from your leggings instead, they’ll never kick you out the bed.

    Because they’ll protect you where you need it most:

    We all like to show off a bit of leg in shorts, but when it comes to the winter months, flashing your pins on a run can mean risking freezing cold air shooting up your shorts into sensitive areas - which just don’t need that. Especially when it’s already cold. Keep your sensitive areas protected from the wind with fitted running leggings.

    Because it’s getting chilly:

    Stating the obvious, but, Sundried men’s leggings are designed using technical fabrics which help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm when you’re cold and cooler when you are warmer. As we approach the winter the Sundried leggings will help keep you warm, so all you need to worry about is putting one foot in front of the other.

    Now all you need to do to keep up your winter training is own a pair of Roteck leggings.

    Don't worry ladies, we have women's black leggings too.

    Posted by Victoria Gardner
  • Activewear for Winter Running

    Brace yourselves…Winter is coming.

    Winter running

    Pack away your trunks and bikinis but don’t you dare pack up your running gear, summer bodies are made in the winter and with the right attitude and the right training gear, your training doesn’t have to grind to a halt.

    Remember how you used to do cross-country at school come rain or shine, sleet or snow? Now should be no different, except maybe, minus the p.e shorts!

    Starting from the bottom up, here’s how to dress for winter running.


    Start with socks which are going to keep your feet dry and warm. Whilst your synthetic socks were probably warm enough for summer, opt for wool which will keep you warmer - even when wet during sloshy snow winter runs. Another tip here is to remember thick socks need more room in your trainers, so try loosening your laces for a more comfortable run.


    Most of the time, you should be able to run with your summer running shoes, however when conditions get super wet or icy, you’re going to need a little extra help. Opt for shoes without mesh uppers, as this will let in water. Where you can find water resistant uppers which will help protect your feet. Purchasing spikes for your trainers can help if you are running in icy climates, these provide aggressive grips to stop you falling over and slipping, but you need to be sure of your route as they are very terrain specific, running on concrete or tarmac will wear out your spikes - and shops will not let you in wearing them if you need a water break!

    Read our top trainer reviews via this link.

    Bottom Layers:

    Whilst you may feel that sweatpants are going to be the warmest option here, it is better to have a bottom layer with a closer fit. Cold air can travel up into jogging bottoms and they will also become sodden with sweat. Moisture retention can lead to chafing, which isn’t fun in the warm, let alone the cold. The problem with sweatpants here is that they also lack wind resistance, meaning your stuck with a cold chill.

    Sundried running tights

    Investing in a pair of full length running tights is essential. Look for materials which provide climate control keeping you warm in winter, cool in summer. The Sundried mens and womens leggings are crafted with a polyester blend which is designed to fit snugly against the skin and shield you from the cold and wind.

    Another issue with your bottom layer is visibility. Whilst in the summer, it’s easy to spot runners in the sunshine, during darker winter months visibility becomes more of an issue. Sundried running bottoms have reflective linings which help to emphasise your visibility and keep you safe during lower light conditions, however it’s essential to keep visible with multiple visibility enhancing garments from vests to head torches and wristbands. Safety is crucial.

    Winter months are also perfect for layering for that extra level of protection, try pairing shorts over tights to work as a windshield for more sensitive areas. Plus it will cover your modesty whilst it’s, ah-hem, cold.

    Top Layers:

    Started from the bottom now we’re here. For warmer winter runs, a long sleeve top may be enough, but if you’re worried about being cold it’s always best to layer up, you can always lose a layer and tie it around your waist as the run goes on.

    For men, adding a vest such as our Dom Tank underneath a long sleeve top can help to add an extra layer of heat and protection against the elements. Fabrics made with technical fiber’s are best, as though cotton will keep you warmer to begin with, when you start to sweat, cotton absorbs the heat keeping it close to you.

    When the coldest temperatures hit, you’ll need a vest/underlayer, long sleeved top and then a jacket. Whilst a cotton zip up is fine, it offers no wind and wet weather protection so opt for a jacket designed specifically for running. These are crafted with sweat wicking fabrics, they are lightweight and can be wind resistant with extra details such as reflective lining and secure pockets. Opting for a jacket with thumb loops can help keep your hands warm if you don’t fancy wearing gloves.

    Sundried sleeveless top


    In the summer months, it’s all about wearing as little as possible, but when winter hits you can afford an accessory or two, as long as it doesn't weigh you down too much.

    Gloves: Avoid getting frosty fingertips by purchasing some winter gloves. Keeping your extremities warm can prevent discomfort during your run.

    Hat: A lightweight hat will keep your head warm at the start of your run without giving you a sweaty head when you start to heat up. Keeping your hat lightweight also means it can easily be removed and folded into a pocket.

    Balaclava or scarf: A balaclava is nice in the winter to serve three functions as a hat, neck warmer and to cover your mouth to warm the air you breathe.

    Earmuffs: If you’re no good with a hat, try earmuffs, they’ll protect your ears without letting the rest of your head overheat- great for those with thicker hair. Warning: Whilst earmuffs keep you warm, you need to stay aware of your surroundings and having ear muffs interfere with your hearing can be dangerous, particularly if you’re running near a road and vehicles.

    Keep your training on track with all the gear and every idea.
    Posted by Victoria Gardner
  • Women's Running Clothes

    Run with confidence in Sundried’s activewear collection, trialled by triathletes to provide style, comfort and function during your run.

    The Breithorn Bra

    The Breithorn Bra is perfect for building your running base. The bra features a functional racer design with a mesh back for extra ventilation and to distribute the weight of your chest across your back, as opposed to over your shoulders, leaving them free to move with ease throughout your run and reducing the amount of weight bearing on the shoulders, which can lead to running with an arched back or poor posture.

    The Breithorn bra has been ethically produced with Italian technical fabrics which allow your skin to breathe throughout your run, wick moisture and most importantly support your chest to lock down movement.

    Wearing a correctly fitting sports bra will help you run better, improving your technique and minimising breast tissue damage.

    Sports Bra for Running

    The Tour Noir Tank

    The Tour Noir tank makes the ultimate running partner for warmer weather, the unique design with a mesh back and ventilation zone allows for maximum skin breathing when you need it most. The soft, sweat wicking fabrics sit comfortably against the skin protecting from friction burn and chafing to support your run.

    Sundried Womens Activewear


    The Ruinette Tight

    The Sundried Ruinette tights are made with technical performance in mind. The tights have many features which make them particularly well equipped for running:

    • A mid-rise waist which is supported by both a smooth elastic waistline and a drawstring which fastens on the outside. The double securing ensures that your leggings don’t fall down during your run and allows for a completely personalised fit.
    • A large but discreet zip up back pocket, we’ve tested the back pocket of our tights and it is large enough to fit an iphone. The zip keeps it secure and provides confidence that your valuables are safe during your run.
    • Reflective trims line the tights, making you more visible during dark nights or early mornings.
    Posted by Victoria Gardner
  • Men’s Running Clothes

    Sundried’s activewear has been tested by triathletes to ensure we give you the best support possible on your run.

    The Dom Tank

    Sundried’s Dom tank is perfect for running with its sleeveless design, which enables complete freedom of movement. Whereas cotton t shirts absorb sweat, leaving you heavier and sluggish for your run, the Dom has been crafted with technical fabrics which wick sweat and keep you feeling cool and comfortable throughout your performance. The shoulder blades of this top are also lined with reflective strips to help keep those dedicated early risers or late night runners visible around the clock. Need a place to store your keys? This top also features a hidden secure back pocket for essential belongings so you don’t have to carry the extra weight of a bag on your run.

    Men's Running Wear

    The Roteck Legging

    The Roteck leggings have a streamlined design to provide a comfortable fit for your run. The three most poignant features are:

    • A mid-rise waist which is supported by both a smooth elastic waistline and a drawstring which fastens on the outside. The double securing ensures that your leggings don’t fall down during your run and allows for a completely personalised fit.
    • A large but discreet zip up back pocket, we’ve tested the back pocket of our tights and it is large enough to fit an iphone. The zip keeps it secure and provides confidence that your valuables are safe during your run.
    • Reflective trims line the ankles, making you more visible during dark nights or early mornings.

    The Furgler Short

    The Furgler shorts are great for running during warmer weather or for extra coverage for those who prefer not to wear leggings alone. Sitting just above the knee they provide extra ventilation without compromising modesty with their length. Whilst these are great shorts for running, their tailored fit allows the shorts to transition into smart casualwear also, perfect for the all day active.

    Posted by Victoria Gardner