• What Are The Best Leggings For Running?

    Finding the best leggings for running can be a tough task if you don't know what to look for or where to look. Buying running leggings online can be frustrating so we take the guess work out of it. We take a look at the best leggings and how to find them.

    Sundried women's running leggings mens leggings activewear

    Which waistband?

    When it comes to running, you need leggings that aren't going to fall down with every stride and leave you hitching them up every 2 minutes and interfering with your run. A comfortable, well-fitted waistband is paramount for a good run and so it's important to decide which type you're going to go for.

    The safest option if you don't want your leggings falling down is to go for a classic drawstring waist. Sometimes the drawstrings are on the inside of the waistband like the Sundried Ruinette 3.0 women's running leggings and sometimes they're on the outside, but either way they will provide the comfort and security you need to complete your run without having to keep pulling on your leggings. 

    A drawstring waist will allow you to personalise the fit so that you can decide how tight or loose you want them. Another bonus is that if you are feeling particularly bloated one day, you can loosen them off without feeling uncomfortable. Everyone's weight and physiology fluctuates on a daily basis so this option can be a game changer. 

    Sundried activewear running leggings women's drawstring waist

    Pockets or no pockets?

    Many people like to be able to take their phone out on a run with them and even if you don't take your phone, you might still need storage for keys and other valuables. Many types of running leggings don't feature any pockets at all because they can be clumsy and uncomfortable, but now that a clear demand has arisen more companies are designing running leggings with sizeable pockets that can accommodate a smart phone. 

    Most of the time this pocket will be to the side of the leggings so that you can easily reach for your phone if you need it. This is especially useful if you listen to music while you run so you can skip to the next tune easily. This feature is present on the Sundried Ruinette 3.0 women's leggings as well as the men's leggings Roteck 3.0. 

    Sundried men's running leggings with pockets activewear

    Sundried running leggings with pockets

    If you don't take your phone with you when you run but do take keys and other small items, you might be better off with a small zipper pocket to the side or back of the leggings. A large phone pocket can be annoying and even pull the leggings down if the phone is heavy (although this won't happen with the Sundried leggings thanks to the drawstring waist!)

    In that case, many running leggings have small zip pockets to the back or side which you can use to store keys, a spare hair tie, or an energy gel. To zip gives peace of mind so you know your valuables won't jump out of the pocket as you run and it keeps your hands free and unladen so you can perform better.

    Sundried running leggings with pockets

    Full length or cropped?

    Typically, you would choose to wear full length running leggings in winter and cropped leggings in summer, however this may not always be best for you. For example, if you are particularly short, you may find that some brands of activewear don't have full length leggings that fit you properly – you might find they're always too long. In this case, you might find that cropped or Capri leggings are better for you whether it's summer or winter.

    On the other hand, some people simply don't like wearing cropped leggings and will prefer to wear full length running leggings all year. Really, this one is down to personal preference and shouldn't make too much of a difference to you. Some cropped leggings finish at the knee while others are slightly longer and finish mid-calf. 

    High waisted or not?

    Some people prefer to wear high waisted leggings because they are less likely to fall down as you run and cover over any lumps and bumps you may have. They also have a tendency to make you feel more secure and 'locked in' which is another reason some people prefer them to regular fit leggings.

    High waisted leggings are far less likely to feature a drawstring, however they shouldn't really need one as their tightness around the waist should keep them firmly in place as you run. 

    Sundried high waisted womens running leggings

    So what are the best leggings?

    As always, what works best for you might be different for someone else. As a general rule, look for running leggings that aren't going to fall down as you run thanks to a secure high waist or drawstring waist. If you like to take things with you when you run, look for running leggings with pockets and storage but be wary of their placement so that the pockets don't impede your performance.

    The best running leggings will be supremely comfortable, won't chafe as you move, and will allow you to forget you're even wearing them!

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  • Activewear for Winter Running

    Wniter running mens leggings training

    Finding motivation in winter can be tough, but with the right winter running gear your training should be able to carry on through the cold season. Avoid getting into a winter rut with activewear for winter running.

    Insulating Socks

    Start with socks which are going to keep your feet dry and warm and prevent blisters. You want your socks to be thick without rubbing, so opt for ones with extra cushioning in key areas like the toes and heels like the Sundried running socks. These socks also feature superior sweat-wicking capabilities which prevent chafing and soggy feet. 

    Bottom Layers

    Sweatpants may be a great option while relaxing at home, but they are not really suitable for winter running. With the right womens running leggings and mens tights, you will be comfortable, warm, and unrestricted on your run. Women may opt for capri leggings in the summer as their cropped style allows is great for warmer temperatures, but you'll need a full length pair for winter.

    The Sundried Ruinette 2.0 womens running leggings are made with seamless materials which will stay comfortable after countless miles, and are made with luxury materials which will insulate you and keep you warm. For men, the Roteck 2.0 mens tights are perfect worn as a base layer under a pair of shorts for extra protection.

    Mens tights running leggings winter training

    Another issue with your bottom layer is visibility. Whilst in the summer, it’s easy to spot runners in the sunshine, during darker winter months visibility becomes more of an issue. Sundried running bottoms have reflective linings which help to emphasise your visibility and keep you safe during lower light conditions, however it’s essential to keep visible with multiple visibility enhancing garments from vests to head torches and wristbands. Safety is crucial.

    Winter months are also perfect for layering for that extra level of protection, try pairing shorts over tights to work as a windshield for more sensitive areas. 

    Top Layers

    Wearing multiple layers is the best way to stay protected and warm on a long winter run. You may well start your run feeling very chilly, but as your heart rate increases so does your basal body temperature and you'll soon start to feel pretty toasty and perhaps even break a sweat! However, if you need to stop or walk for a moment, you temperature will soon drop again and you'll start to feel cold again. This is why wearing layers is essential. Start with a running vest or training t-shirt as your base layer, and then wear a long sleeve training top or lightweight hoodie over the top. Then, additional to this, you could wear a more heavyweight hoodie or sweatshirt over that which you could take off and put back on as needed. 

    Some people may ask, "do you burn more fat wearing a sweatshirt?" This is a common thought because it makes you sweat more, but the most important thing is to stay warm and comfortable while training outdoors in winter, so dress smart.

    womens lightweight hoodie running activewear sportswear


    In the summer months, it’s all about wearing as little as possible, but when winter hits you can afford an accessory or two, as long as it doesn't weigh you down too much.

    Although your hands and feet will warm up as you run, it's still an idea to invest in a pair of winter gloves for your colder training sessions. The Sundried bamboo gloves have silicone grippers to the palms so you won't drop your phone if it's wet or slippery, and they are touch screen sensitive so you can still use your smart phone while you're wearing them.

    A lightweight hat will keep your head warm at the start of your run without giving you a sweaty head when you start to heat up. Keeping your hat lightweight also means it can easily be removed and folded into a pocket if necessary.

    Make sure you're comfortable and warm no matter what so that the winter miles can roll by without any issue. Your womens fitness clothing needs to be winter-specific and make sure it has superior technical qualities. Your mens gym clothes should be stylish but also practical.

    Womens beanie hat cute gym clothes stylish gym outfit

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  • Guide To Buying A Running Top

    guide to buying a running top

    Was your New Year's resolution to take up running, run more, or even run a marathon for the first time? You'll need a great running top to take you the distance! We're here with everything you need to know when buying a new running top.

    Running Top Styles

    The first thing you need to think about when buying a new running top is what style you'd be most comfortable wearing. Some people prefer to run wearing a running t-shirt, while others feel restricted and prefer to run wearing a vest. In colder weather, you may well need a long sleeved running top to keep you warm. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of these to help you decide.


    A running vest will be the option of most people during summer and in warmer climates and they give complete freedom of movement thanks to their sleeveless design. A running vest will usually feature a racerback design which is when there is one thick strip panel between the shoulder blades and thicker strips over the shoulders. This design completely prevents the straps from falling down your shoulders as you move and as such is perfect for running.

    This design also exposes the shoulder blades which could help to keep you cool and dry in very warm temperatures – perfect if you sweat a lot! Look for vests which have larger arm holes if you're worried about your underarms chafing. 

    You will also want to make sure your running vest isn't too tight or restrictive around the stomach area as this could really put you off your training session. Check the fabrics used to make the top to see if there is a lot of elastane. Extra long length hemming can also help stop the running vest from riding up as you run which will also add to your comfort level. 

    What to look for in a running vest:

    • Racerback design
    • Large armholes
    • Long length
    • Fairly loose fitting

    If you feel self conscious about your arms, a running t-shirt might be better suited to you. 

    guide to buying a running top


    Running t-shirts come in many different designs so it's important to make sure you're going to be comfortable. Most people get quite hot and sweaty when running, so usually a tight-fitting t-shirt won't be suitable as it could get uncomfortable and chafe. 

    You also want to avoid capped sleeves for this reason. Capped sleeves are sleeves that are very short in design and will finish quite high on your shoulder without going down your arm. For this reason, any time you try to lift your arm, the whole t-shirt will ride up and this could be very uncomfortable when working out.

    On the other hand, raglan sleeves are perfect for training tops and running t-shirts. Raglan sleeves are ones which extend in one piece fully to the collar with a diagonal seam from the armpit to the collar. Thanks to this design, when you lift your arm, only the sleeves will move and the rest of the garment will stay put. This prevents the t-shirt from riding up and moving too much when you exercise. 

    What to look for in a running t-shirt:

    • Long length
    • Sweat wicking
    • Raglan sleeves
    • Anti odour
    • Avoid capped sleeves
    • Avoid muscle fit if you don't like feeling restricted

    Long Sleeved Running Tops

    In colder weather you will want to wear a long sleeved top for your running to keep you insulated and protect you from the elements. There is the option to go for a compression top which is thought to aid performance by improving blood flow to muscles, but this is inconclusive. A good long sleeved running top for running will be seamless so that it doesn't chafe and will be super sweat wicking so that your arms don't end up wet with sweat and get uncomfortable.

    What to look for in a long sleeved running top:

    • Sweat wicking
    • Raglan sleeves
    • Anti odour
    • Compression technology could work for you
    • Temperature control

    Sundried long sleeved running top

    The diagonal seam at the shoulder of the Sundried compression top pictured here indicates a raglan sleeve, which means you can lift your arms and move freely without causing the top to ride up – perfect for running. 

    Running Top Fit

    Especially when running long distances, comfort in your running gear is paramount. Both men's running clothes and women's running clothes need to be comfortable enough that you can forget about them and focus on your run. Let's look at the different issues you may face and how to make sure you avoid them.


    Running involves a lot of repetitive movement and as such leaves you vulnerable to chafing. This is when the fibres of the running top you're wearing rub against your skin and cause irritation. Opt for a running top made from super soft materials and one that's crafted in a seamless design in order to minimise the risk of chafing.

    Riding Up

    One of the worst feelings is trying to concentrate on your run but being distracted by a running top that keeps riding up and having to constantly pull it down. Riding up will be caused by an ill-fitting running top that's too tight and made from restrictive materials. Avoid running tops that are made with too much elastane and instead for for more natural fabrics. Additionally, a longer length design will eradicate this problem completely. 

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  • Running Socks Buying Guide

    running socks buying guide

    If you're a keen runner, finding the perfect pair of running socks to see you through the countless miles is paramount. It can be surprisingly difficult to find the ideal running socks, so we've come up with this expert buying guide so that you know what to look for and can buy running socks you can count on whether you're running your first 5k or an ultra marathon.

    Don't be halted by blisters

    Your first port of call when looking for a new pair of running socks is whether they feature any anti-blister technology. If you run long distances or even if your feet are just prone to blisters, finding the right socks to stop them forming is a must. Of course, you can take other measures such as wearing blister plasters or slathering your feet in Vaseline, but surely wearing the right socks is much better?

    Some socks are made with reinforced padding in areas of maximum impact (the heel and toes) and will have in-built anti-blister technology. It's definitely worth investing in a pair of socks like this so that pesky blisters don't ruin a potential PB or race.

    Let your feet breathe

    The next most important thing to look for in running socks is breathability. There are now running socks made from advanced fabrics which are super breathable and sweat-wicking, meaning your feet will stay dry no matter how much you sweat and this will prevent chafing. 

    Fabrics to look out for include Coolmax, which was specifically designed to improve breathability in active clothing and underwear and as such is one of the best materials for your running socks. 

    Reach for the high tops

    The bane of any runners life is their socks slipping down inside their shoes. This causes an incredible amount of discomfort and can mean you have to cut your run short prematurely. Prevent this from happening by choosing running socks that finish mid-ankle. 

    It's best to avoid ankle socks or 'trainer socks' as they are sometimes called, as these styles are very prone to slipping down under your heel. You don't have to wear socks that pull right up your leg if you don't like them, mid-ankle socks should be just right. 

    Find the right size for you

    Finally, you need to make sure you are buying the right size for you. Socks are notoriously difficult to get right when it comes to sizing and getting it wrong could be catastrophic. 

    If you're serious about finding the perfect socks, measure your feet from toe to heel in centimetres and compare this to the brand's size chart. It's important to remember that all brands follow different size guidelines, so check their individual sizing when buying a product from a certain brand.

    Sundried Men's Size Guide

    Sundried Women's Size Guide

    Castelli Size Guide

    Sundried Running Socks

    £15 for a pack of 2 pairs

    • Made with core spun CoolMax® and Lycra® blend for maximum breathability
    • The CoolMax® and cotton blend pulls moisture away from the skin preventing chafing and blisters
    • Hand-finished seamless toe area is incredibly durable and comfortable
    • Anti-blister technology and super soft premium materials mean you can train and race with peace of mind
    • Super soft cushioned heel provides superior support and prevents aching feet
    • High rise design won’t slip down in your shoes
    • Medium Size 39-43 EUR (UK 6.5 - 10)
    • Large Size 44-47  EUR (UK 10 - 14)

    Buy Now

    Sundried running socks

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  • Running Gloves

    best winter cold weather running gloves

    When it comes to cold weather running gloves, you want more than just the standard winter gloves. We look into what to expect from the best winter running gloves.

    Cold weather running gloves

    When running, it's paramount that you are comfortable so that you're not distracted while counting down the endless miles. Regular gloves might work for walking or general activities, but running demands something far more technical.


    For a start, your mens running gloves should be sweat-wicking so that you don't end up with sweaty palms and clammy hands. Look out for advanced technical materials such as bamboo when buying your gloves, as these will work great for keeping your hands dry.

    Grippy palms

    If you run wearing winter running gloves, you don't want them to end up slippery when wet. Especially if you run with your phone, the last thing you want is for that to slip out of your hand and smash on the ground! Look out for warm running gloves which feature grippers to the palms so that you have extra grip and peace of mind.

    Touch screen gloves

    In this day and age, the best running gloves need to be touch screen sensitive so that you can still use your smartphone without needing to take them off. Make sure when buying winter running gloves that they are touch screen gloves which you can use with your phone. It'll save some chilly fingers when you need to get your phone out!

    Shop now for the Sundried touch screen running gloves to get all of the above and more!

     touch screen winter running gloves smartphone

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