As the winter months approach, it’s time to put your knees away.

Trade your running shorts for their longer, warmer counterpart, men's black leggings.

What do Sundried Leggings offer?

Good question, here’s a breakdown of why our tights should hug your legs:

Sundried Mens Leggings

Because they give you superpowers:

Well not quite, but with our reflective cuffs, you’ll be able to see in the dark and that’s halfway there.

Because they do a whole load of fancy stuff:

Like wick sweat, stretch to flatter your form and protect your skin from wind chill, whilst also having a useful back pocket.

Because Sundried leggings make you look like a superhero:

What do Batman, Superman and Captain America have in common? They are all men wearing leggings. It could be you. Wear your Sundried tights on your next run and don’t be surprised if people assume you're a superhero, easy confusion to make.

Because we donate to charity:

You’ll have more than just runner's high to make you feel good after buying with Sundried. Every Sundried purchase has a unique donate code to charity Water for Kids on it. Meaning you can feel twice as good about your run, as it’s helped to supply a child with water for the first time. Well done you.

Sundried Mens Running Tights

Because it may be the only hugs you get:

It's freezing outside and you are cold. Do not expect your other half to willingly give you a hug. You are too cold. Take a hug from your leggings instead, they’ll never kick you out the bed.

Because they’ll protect you where you need it most:

We all like to show off a bit of leg in shorts, but when it comes to the winter months, flashing your pins on a run can mean risking freezing cold air shooting up your shorts into sensitive areas - which just don’t need that. Especially when it’s already cold. Keep your sensitive areas protected from the wind with fitted running leggings.

Because it’s getting chilly:

Stating the obvious, but, Sundried men’s leggings are designed using technical fabrics which help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm when you’re cold and cooler when you are warmer. As we approach the winter the Sundried leggings will help keep you warm, so all you need to worry about is putting one foot in front of the other.

Now all you need to do to keep up your winter training is own a pair of Roteck leggings.

Don't worry ladies, we have women's black leggings too.