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Men's Black Leggings

by Alexandra Parren

mens black leggings

Men's black leggings are increasing in popularity as more and more men opt to wear them under gym shorts or even just go bold and wear them on their own. We take a look at the benefits of men's black leggings and, specifically, the men's leggings on offer here at Sundried.  

Why wear leggings for men?

There are many reasons why you should opt to add men's leggings to your gym clothes wardrobe. Whether you are a runner or not, we look at why you should have men's running leggings as part of your men's activewear collection.

They keep you safe

Sundried's men's roteck 3.0 black running leggings feature reflective cuffs and reflective detailing down the leg which will allow you to be seen in the dark. If you're going to be running outside during winter or at night, it's vital that you can be seen so that you can stay safe. You should always look for running leggings that feature reflective detailing for this reason.

They are highly technical

You should expect a lot from your sportswear. Our men's black leggings are sweat-wicking which will keep your legs cool and dry even during summer, they are made with four-way stretch materials which give full freedom of movement, and they feature a drawstring waist for a personalised fit and the peace of mind that they won't fall down as you move.

leggings for men gym clothes activewear

They mean you're doing your bit for charity

You’ll have more than just runner's high to make you feel good after buying from Sundried. Every Sundried purchase comes with a unique donation code to charity Water for Kids. This means you can feel twice as good about your run as it’s helped to supply a child with water for the first time. 

Because they’ll protect you where you need it most:

We all like to show off a bit of leg in shorts, but when it comes to the winter months, flashing your pins on a run can mean risking freezing cold air shooting up your shorts into sensitive areas - which just don’t need that. Especially when it’s already cold. Keep your sensitive areas protected from the wind with fitted running leggings.

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