• Men's Black Leggings

    As the winter months approach, it’s time to put your knees away.

    Trade your running shorts for their longer, warmer counterpart, men's black leggings.

    What do Sundried Leggings offer?

    Good question, here’s a breakdown of why our tights should hug your legs:

    Sundried Mens Leggings

    Because they give you superpowers:

    Well not quite, but with our reflective cuffs, you’ll be able to see in the dark and that’s halfway there.

    Because they do a whole load of fancy stuff:

    Like wick sweat, stretch to flatter your form and protect your skin from wind chill, whilst also having a useful back pocket.

    Because Sundried leggings make you look like a superhero:

    What do Batman, Superman and Captain America have in common? They are all men wearing leggings. It could be you. Wear your Sundried tights on your next run and don’t be surprised if people assume you're a superhero, easy confusion to make.

    Because we donate to charity:

    You’ll have more than just runner's high to make you feel good after buying with Sundried. Every Sundried purchase has a unique donate code to charity Water for Kids on it. Meaning you can feel twice as good about your run, as it’s helped to supply a child with water for the first time. Well done you.

    Sundried Mens Running Tights

    Because it may be the only hugs you get:

    It's freezing outside and you are cold. Do not expect your other half to willingly give you a hug. You are too cold. Take a hug from your leggings instead, they’ll never kick you out the bed.

    Because they’ll protect you where you need it most:

    We all like to show off a bit of leg in shorts, but when it comes to the winter months, flashing your pins on a run can mean risking freezing cold air shooting up your shorts into sensitive areas - which just don’t need that. Especially when it’s already cold. Keep your sensitive areas protected from the wind with fitted running leggings.

    Because it’s getting chilly:

    Stating the obvious, but, Sundried men’s leggings are designed using technical fabrics which help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm when you’re cold and cooler when you are warmer. As we approach the winter the Sundried leggings will help keep you warm, so all you need to worry about is putting one foot in front of the other.

    Now all you need to do to keep up your winter training is own a pair of Roteck leggings.

    Don't worry ladies, we have women's black leggings too.

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  • Mens Running Tights

    Triathlon 220 Review of Sundried Leggings

    Mens Running Tights

    When I'm buying leggings for running my primary concern is warmth. Leggings are something I start to consider once it gets about 10° and below, but I try and push it to 7° if I am feeling manly! So we've established a primary concern; that it's all about comfort, feeling great and of course, looking great.

    Running Clothes

    What I like about running is it is so simple. It's a great one that you can do whilst on holiday, even if you have just got 30 minutes spare. Unlike cycling in the winter where there's at least 15 minutes of kerfuffle. With cycling I'm looking for my leggings and bib-shorts, can’t find my thick socks. Base layer, gloves, skull cap. My overshoes. Bike lights. Garmin computer. Drinks bottle. Helmet. What have I forgotten. Oh yer, a plastic food bag to put my phone in. Emergency £10... But with running it is so easy. Of course in the winter the running gear has a few extra layers but in the UK when it's above freezing I can get out the house within just a few minutes. To most people getting out the house in a few minutes is certainly a win win situation.

    Sports Tights; Men’s Rules

    Sundried ran a small Twitter survey to see if people prefer to wear shorts over their running tights or leggings (whatever you want to call them). In the UK it seems that wearing shorts over tights is the popular vote and the preferred set-up for myself. I'm certainly a shorts over tights runner.

    Winter Running Pants

    Running in winter I have my running tights, shorts, trainer socks and trainers. Typically I wear a base layer with a slightly thicker long sleeve top on. If it is really cold then I'm digging out a hoodie, then of course gloves and hat. If you're an early morning or evening runner you may find yourself reaching for a head torch at this time of year, but when it comes to running clothes, that’s about it. The main change really is the winter running tights. I sometimes find myself in June with base layers, but the leggings separate the season.

    Running Tights - What are they really called?

    Leggings, running pants, compression tights. Are they gym leggings, or running leggings? Are they base layer, or outer layer? Mostly they are all one and the same. For me, leggings for men are about being simple. Mens running tights need to be warm, which is most people's primary reason for wearing them. They need to be easy enough to get on and off. What they are labelled as depends on the brand, if the brand is from the UK or USA they may be tights or pants, but if they do the job that is all you need to worry about.

    What are Compression Tights?

    Compression tights are a very big subject. Some people swear by compression tights for men. Others say they do nothing. Doctors say they help on a long haul flight! Many leggings that are sold as compression are not really a medical grade product. Mens compression tights need to be made from multiple fabrics, with different levels of support depending where on the leg they sit. It really is a specialist subject. You may find it is easier to buy leggings for warmth and get any required compression from your socks. Something that seems to be easier to get a really personalised fit off the shelf.

    Running Leggings

    With your leggings another thing that may influence your purchase is how far you run. Mens leggings may be sold in a very lightweight fabric. Taking off the chill in a spring morning. For me when I reach for my leggings I want something with a bit more warmth and some serious comfort. Flatlock stitching will offer you the comfort you need on a longer run.

    Reaching for your tights

    You may find yourself wearing sports leggings for other purposes. Not just running. For example if you attend an athletics club your leggings will definitely need to be warm. Unlike running you may find yourself standing still for periods of time. Athletic leggings need to have optimum stretch and mobility. You may reach for your tights when you go to the gym. If you are training in a warehouse style muscle gym, the chances are heating is not something the gym overspends on. Mens tights for the gym may need to be thinner depending on how cold it really is but definitely look for a tight that offers sweat wicking. They will help keep you cool if you do start to warm up. Next time you are in the gym have a look out for men wearing leggings. If it is not cold, maybe they need to up their reps on their legs, or maybe they just have technical fabrics that draw the sweat away from the legs. A premium legging will offer heat control that should keep you just right. So your exercise tights will be working as hard as you are. Your workout tights need to be a considered purchase. Mens gym tights are not all the same!

    Best running tights

    The best running tights for men are the ones that keep you warm, but draw water away from your skin as you heat up. Running clothes for men tend to be less loud and shouty. The best running pants, as our US cousins would say, will keep you going run after run. Leggings for men AKA ‘Guy leggings’ need to offer the freedom of movement in case you want to wear them in the gym as well as running. My winter running tights are of course Sundried. As we developed them we considered a few extra features, our performance running tights as featured in Runners World have not only been made with leading Sweat Wicking Technology but are Quick Drying and Soft Touch. Thermal running tights do not always offer heat control technology like the Roteck Leggings. See what Triathlon 220 say this month. Maybe the pocket does need to be a bit bigger for gels, but we have taken note! 

    The Sundried leggings have 4-way stretch technology for freedom of movement and an excellent, snug fit. We love the elasticated drawstring waist, secured zip pocket and reflective ankles. The special fibres retain shape even after multiple washes & ensure comfort, whislt remaining friendly to the skin. Legs can perspire naturally because of our Moisture Management that maximises heat retention in winter without overheating. Handmade in Portugal, Italian fabrics, low in carbon & ethical production. If you didn’t know Sundried is a British brand, developed by athletes.

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  • 10 Tips For Buying Men's Activewear

    Sundried Guide To Buying Men's Activewear

    Not all activewear is made the same. Some feature more high-tech sweat-wicking and odour blocking technology, while others are more basic and directed towards fashion. Some are a combination of the two! Training in the wrong apparel can really affect your workout, so it's important to get it right. Sundried have put together our top 10 tips for buying men's activewear.

    1. Know Your Size

    Men’s activewear sizes may differ from your regular clothing or suit size. You demand a lot more from your activewear than you do from your working wardrobe, so you may need some extra leeway when it comes to sizing, providing the space to pull, push and twist in any way your training takes you.

    Men's Activewear

    2. Choose Function First

    Whilst low cut stringers may show off maximum muscle, are they practical during training? Not always. Activewear should be functional, cut with designs and shapes which flatter your form and move with you during training. This also goes hand in hand with sizing. While a tight T-shirt may show off a muscular physique, it may also restrict your range of motion. Always try your activewear on and check you can function freely in it before buying a size too small.

    3. Make Sure Your Activewear is Sport-Specific

    The rise in the popularity of athleisure has seen the merging of fashion and fitness, encouraging more people to adopt a more active lifestyle, which is a fantastic thing to see. However, cheap fashion brands are releasing clothings ranges which they term as ‘activewear’ which actually lack any technical or sports function. They’re cut in the right shapes, but with little to no sport support.  Opt for companies which focus solely on activewear which use trialled and tested technical fabrics to create silhouettes which are designed with a sports specific focus to enhance performance, not to just look good or stay on trend. 

    4. Wear Layers

    Wearing extra layers to burn more calories is a myth, but what wearing extra layers will actually do is help to provide you with extra variety, so you remain as comfortable as possible throughout your exercise. The purpose of wearing layers is so that in colder weather you can keep warm and drop layers as you heat up and visa versa as the weather gets warmer. Keeping your body at a comfortable temperature will enable you to perform for longer. Why not try layering our Roteck leggings under the Sundried Furgler Short.

    5. Read Reviews

    If a product is good, somebody will want to shout about it. Search for reviews before making a new activewear purchase. If you train on a daily basis, this is a big investment and you need to be confident in what you’re wearing. You can read reviews for Sundried's products on Amazon.

    6. Know How Your Activewear is Made

    At Sundried we support ethical production. If the price of clothing is so cheap it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Somewhere down the line, someone else will be paying the price. We believe in transparent production, partnering with The Low Carbon Innovation Fund with well-supported staff throughout our supply chain and a charitable donation to Water for Kids with every purchase.

    7. Make it Stylish

    If your activewear and daywear merge seamlessly, you can fit activity in at any given moment. Our activewear is designed for “all day active” and is stylish and smart enough to be worn as daywear, but functional for fitness performance. 

    8. Find the Right Fabrics

    Cotton may be comfortable when it’s dry, but not so much when it’s wet. Cotton absorbs moisture, making it heavy and prone to chafing, which can restrict your training. Technical fabrics are advanced to prevent snags, wick sweat, and allow skin to breathe. Our new range features 100% recycled materials such as reused coffee grounds, which contain natural odour blocking technology and superior swear-wicking capabilities. 

    9. Have a Wardrobe for all Weather

    Find men’s activewear which will suit all weather conditions. Unfortunately, here in the UK we’re not blessed with perfect weather conditions, so make sure your activewear wardrobe is technically savvy enough to cope. Opt for water resistant fabrics and layer with wind breakers. Summer seasons will require shorts, if the weather treats us!

    Training in Activewear from Sundried

    10. Follow the Care Instructions

    Simply following your activewear care instructions will help them last longer and do their job better. Depending on how much you train, when treated correctly your activewear can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Harsh chemicals and boiling water can damage your activewear, diminishing the breathability and wicking abilities of your garments, so always avoid mixing these in with your washing. We suggest washing activewear separately of your other washing to extend its lifespan. Do not overly agitate or stretch the pieces and never wring your activewear, as it will pull and stretch the fabrics natural grain and design.

    Up to 80% of the impact of a t-shirt occurs after purchase. The water, chemical toxicity, energy use and emissions from washing and drying your clothing all contribute to your eco footprint. Throughout our marketing, our products, wash care labels and our site, we encourage and remind you to Wash Cool, Sun Dry.

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  • Mens Leggings

    Men’s leggings were voted one of the biggest fashion faux pas but when it comes to training, should you be slipping into your meggings (that’s what the kids are calling men’s leggings these days)? #meggings

    Mens Gym Leggings

    Walk into the gym 10 years ago and all you would have seen is men in baggy sweatpants and lose t shirts, walk into a gym today and you’ll find the polar opposite, the men’s cleavages rival, if not beat, the women’s and leggings leave very little to the imagination.

    Compression is increasingly gaining popularity in our workout wardrobes, this is because the technology has advanced and tightening up your attire can help enhance your training.

    Mens Leggings

    Men's Leggings....

    What to look for from your leggings. Features and functionality

    Wind Chill

    Wrapping up in leggings can prevent wind chill whereas lose clothing allows wind to get trapped between the garment and your skin, mens leggings provide a streamlined shield between your skin and the wind. Tight leggings also reduce drag in the wind.


    Leggings will probably keep you warmer than sweatpants. They offer extra warmth for your legs, without the extra weight of joggers or the dreaded cold draft!

    Sweat Wicking

    Sweat wicking materials keep your body cool and comfortable because of their ability to lift moisture from the skin's surface, wearing wicking leggings in the summer can provide a drying effect and stop you overheating. In the cold winter months (and a fair few in Summer in our case) wearing moisture wicking leggings can be effective for both controlling moisture and providing an additional layer of insulation.

    Prevents Chafing and Rashes

    Chafing is painful and once the rash sets in, it’s difficult to treat because there’s no convenient way to keep your thighs from touching for an entire week. A combination of sweat wicking fabrics and compression gear is the perfect defence and helps to prevent painful rashes as well.

    Enhanced Recovery

    Research in The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported that wearing compression gear has a moderate effect following workouts that typically lead to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). That is, it helps to lessen the severity and/or duration of DOMS.

    Mens Leggings for Running

    Tips for Fitting Men's Leggings

    To reap the rewards from all the benefits of mens leggings, you need to fit the tight right.

    1.Total coverage is key

    If you’re tall, you could end up with cold ankles. What’s worse than cold ankles? Cold ankles and see through leggings. Try your leggings on under different lights to make sure they stay opaque, especially if your going commando underneath!

    1. Make sure they stay up

    Just because your leggings are made of spandex, it doesn’t mean they are going to hold up, simply because every body is built differently so it can be hard to compensate with a one size fits all. Opt for leggings with extra support such as the Roteck Legging which has a drawstring waist to offer a personalised fit. Yanking your leggings up is never an attractive look and it can be really distracting.

    1. There is such a thing as too tight

    Wearing tights that are too tight will prevent you benefiting from the compression and can cut off circulation and chafe. When leggings are too tight they don't lay right. Seams on running tights are often designed to follow the lines of your muscles, providing support to the major muscles like your hamstrings and quads, a seam in the wrong place can be detrimental to your performance.

    1. Have a place for you valuables

    A good pair of leggings will find space for your valuables even when they're super tight. Running with an extra bag for your valuables defeats the point of light weight, streamlined bottoms. It’s also worth testing that your valuables won’t pull your leggings down before you go out on a long run.

    1. Quality Materials

    If the materials used aren't up to scratch, it’s only a matter of time before they loose their integrity and become either see-through, saggy, or both. Opt for leggings which use high quality materials that are durable and long lasting.

    Mens Leggings Fashion

    When it comes to leggings for fashion it is something that has definitely not caught on as much as the women's leggings for daywear. Mens fashion leggings will typically be designed as a functional piece of training clothing. Leggings typically are a highly technical garment worn for running or int he gym. The Sundried leggings are black and understated in design. Our mens black leggings are developed with gym and running in mind. The sweat wicking material acts as heat control meaning as you work harder and warm up your legs can perspire naturally. With the right leggings you may want to wear them all day. Get the choice of leggings wrong and you will be hot one minute, cold the next and you will be striping them off at the first opportunity. 

    How to wear men's running tights?

    Is it okay to wear mens gym leggings without shorts?

    So this one's a sensitive subject, literally. Women are allowed to show off their junk in the trunk with their leggings, but when a man shows off his junk in the front, all hell breaks loose...Unless you are a superhero.

    Should you be wearing your leggings stand alone?


    • Streamlined performance
    • Flexible range of motion
    • Show’s off the body you’ve earned
    • Lightweight support
    • Comfort


    • It can be cold without shorts
    • You’re going to get attention and not all of it may be wanted
    • Chicken legs
    • Modesty, or lack of!

    It takes a lot of balls to fly leggings solo, literally, but if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

    What do you think? Vote here: 

    Is it Okay to Wear Mens Gym Leggings without Shorts? #Leggings #meggings @Sundried https://t.co/2l9mYivtMj

    — Sundried (@Sundried) March 11, 2016

    Gym Leggings

    Are you Supposed to Wear Underwear with Men's Leggings?

    They’re aren't many occasions in this life where it’s acceptable to go commando, so when the chance comes along, grab it by the balls.

    Compression leggings for men and women are made of stretch material (usually a combination of nylon and spandex), which are designed to make direct contact with your skin. The tight fitting materials used to create the compression in leggings hold your muscles in place also work to wick moisture and sweat away from your skin during exercise, keeping you dry and light. Chances are your underwear doesn’t have these special features and so can hinder the help of your leggings.

    Your underwear will absorb and hold moisture and sweat, which defeats the purpose of the compression material. Basically, your underwear will interfere with the full function of your compression leggings, including its breathability, moisture wicking and temperature control functions. In addition, your underwear will add an extra layer of fabric which may bunch up under your compression wear which can be uncomfortable and give you an awkward silhouette, no one needs to see the sight of bunched up boxers.

    Sundried Roteck Leggings

    So it’s time to unleash your inner superhero and squeeze into some leggings for your next training session … or to take on the world.

    Featuring Sundried Roteck Leggings

    Mens Leggings by SundriedMens Leggings by SundriedMens Leggings by Sundried

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