• Triathlon Gear

    Whether you're a seasoned triathlete or a complete beginner, your gear can be the difference between a great race and a DNF. Sundried are here to guide you on what and what not to wear for a triathlon.

    Tri Suit

    Your main investment will be a high quality triathlon suit. During your race you'll be swimming, biking, and running so you'll need an outfit that is suitable for all three. Mens tri suits are waterproof and quick drying so that you don't chafe on the bike, and feature minimalist padding so that you're comfortable in the saddle but not inhibited on the run. The Sundried men's tri suit is chlorine resistant so it won't deteriorate after pool-use and it is made with premium Italian fabrics to add a touch of quality. The women's tri suit is ergonomically designed for women with a hypoallergenic chamois pad to keep you as comfortable as possible without chafing. When looking for a good triathlon suit, be sure to read tri suit reviews so that you can compare and contrast the details and qualities. 

    Cycling Gloves

    Especially if you are doing a longer distance like an Olympic or even half iron, you will want to invest in a premium pair of cycling gloves. Any ride over 25 miles can start to put strain on the body, and this includes the hands. You will be leaning a lot of weight onto your handlebars and the palms of your hands can suffer. A good pair of cycling gloves like the Sundried cycling gloves will be well padded to prevent bruising on your palms. They also need to be wind- and waterproof for cold weather rides and inclement weather. They will have anti-slip qualities to stop your hands slipping on wet handlebars and will insulate your hands without making them sweaty.

    Cycling Socks

    Your socks will make a big difference on race day, especially on longer duration events. The Sundried cycling socks are specifically designed for cycling with you in mind. They won't slip down as you ride and are made with super soft ventilated materials so that your foot don't get sweaty and stay comfortable throughout the bike and the run. The Sundried running socks are also perfect for triathlon as they are anti-blister with extra padding on high-wear areas like the toes and heels so you can run uninhibited and pain-free throughout the race. 

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  • Womens Triathlon Suit

    Women's triathlon suit tri running water beach swimming

    Whether it's your first ever race or you're a seasoned competitor, you need a women's triathlon suit that's going to perform. We look at the different elements and working parts that make a great womens tri suit.

    Women's Triathlon Suit

    Triathlon is a complex sport and has lots of moving parts. Your women's triathlon suit needs to be comfortable for all three disciplines - the siwm, the bike, and the run. What you may usually wear for one of these sports on their own might not be comfortable or suitable for the other two, which is where a tri suit comes in to play. There are certain technical qualities that you should look for in your women's tri suit to be sure it will be up to scratch on race day.


    There's a good chance you'll be doing a lot of training in a swimming pool, and the swim section of your race may even take place in a pool too. Chlorine is a strong corrosive substance and can have a bleaching effect on fabric and clothing. The lycra used in most women's activewear is also extra sensitive to chlorine and may sag after a few times in the pool. This is why you want your women's tri suit to be chlorine-resistant.

    Suitable padding

    If you were to try to run any distance in your cycling shorts, you'd probably feel like you were trying to run in a diaper! You need your women's triathlon suit to have ergonomic padding just for women and to be subtle enough that it doesn't get in the way when you run. You also want it to be comfortable on the bike, especially over longer distances. Check the reviews of a tri-suit before you buy it to see if others have commented on the comfort of the padding.

    womens tri suit triathlon model

    Leg grippers

    One of the worst things when you're running is having your shorts riding up and becoming uncomfortable. While a good chamois cream will stop you chafing where it counts, having the material of your tri suit rubbing as well could be the difference between a good race and a bad one. Make sure your women's triathlon suit is made from premium, luxury materials, now is not the time to cheap out! Investing in a great quality triathlon suit will be an important investment and aid your race. A good triathlon suit will have leg grippers to stop them riding up and keep you comfortable throughout the race.


    Finally, you want to look good to feel good! A lot of triathlon suits can be unflattering and make you feel rather self conscious. Make sure your womens tri suit is stylish and that you feel totally comfortable in it so that you can perform at your best when it really matters. 

    Women's Tri Suit

    For further reading, Sundried have an informative article on triathlon gear that will help you decide whether you have everything you need for your next triathlon. If you're thinking of doing a triathlon for the first time, make sure you read our guide of everything you'll need for your first triathlon in our triathlon race day checklist.

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