• Mens Gym Trousers

    A good pair of men’s workout trousers are essential for a successful training session. Imagine squatting and your trousers split, right exercise, wrong trousers. There’s a wide variety of gym trousers out there and it's essential to partner the right pair of workout trousers with the right workout.

    Men's Gym Trousers

    Types of Men’s Gym Trousers


    These are probably the most popular choice of gym trouser for men lifting, comfortable, warm and with a relaxed fit. Most people have at least one pair of sweatpants and they’ve been embedded into our workout wardrobes since school P.E lessons. Sweatpants have earned their popularity through superior comfort, made with cotton which is highly breathable and doesn’t chafe. It does however absorb moisture and can take ages to dry, so it's not ideal for sweaty sessions.

    Running Tights

    Running tights are most commonly made with a synthetic blend of materials, to protect against wind chill, provide warmth, wick sweat and prevent chafing and rashes. These technical tights often offer performance enhancing properties such as reflective strips and mesh panelling.


    Compression trousers support your muscles with a tight fit, however the jury's out on the multitude of other benefits compression clothing claims. Compression clothing has been linked to reduced swelling, reduced DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) , the ability to squeeze blood back to the heart to prevent fatigue, reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis and even stabilise the knees to reduce the risk of injury. Although there is some evidence supporting these claims, the research is not that wide which often leads to debate around the area.

    Cargo Trousers

    Cargo trousers were originally designed for use by the military, so they have a very versatile style, with lots of storage space. Cargo trousers make great transitional trousers from work to the gym, or for the ‘all day active’ types because of their functionality. Designed with a snug waist and relaxed fit. These trousers are usually made with weather and tear resistant materials due to their use in difficult military training conditions.

    Gym Trousers

    How to Fit Men's Gym Trousers for Big Legs

    Those who don’t skip leg day, cycle a lot or are blessed with muscular legs will know that finding gym trousers which fit around their thighs can be difficult. Trousers which are meant to have a relaxed fit can end up looking like compression tights, or worse, not even make it above your calves. Follow these tips when fitting your trousers to ensure the perfect fit.

    1. Don’t buy trousers based on your waist measurement. Whilst those who have the bodytype for a regular fit may get away with it, if your legs are broader opt for a few sizes up to ensure that your legs have space in the length.
    2. Opt for a personalised waistband. A personalised waistband will  either be elasticated, have a drawstring, or both. This way you can ensure that even though you’ve bought a larger waist, you can still tighten up your trousers so they don’t slouch when you squat, or worse still fall down.
    3. Do a sit test. Sit down in your trousers and make sure they don’t pull and strain, if they do, go up a size, whilst you can adjust a larger waist, you can’t add more material to the legs.

    Men’s Regular Fit Trouser Measurements

    As well as having the right fit around the waist, you should always make sure your mens gym trousers are the right length, whilst a little extra material won’t matter too much in your weekend wardrobe, when you’re getting active you can trip or fall on a trouser leg that’s too long.

    Size Waist (inches) Hip (inches) Inseam (inches)
    Small 29-32 35-37.5 32.25
    Medium 32-35 37.5-41 32.5
    Large 35-38 41-44 32.75
    Extra Large 38-43 44-47 33

    Gym Trousers from Sundried

    From Sundried featuring above is the Ortler Trousers. An all day active pair of gym trousers you can wear pre, during and post training. 

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  • Winter Gym Clothes

    Layers aren’t just important in British Bake off. When it comes to winter gym clothes, it’s time to layer up.

    Sundried Winter Running

    When the sun is shining and the birds are tweeting and you can throw on some trainers in a matter of minutes, it’s easy to be motivated to go for a nice run. When it’s blowing a gail, chucking it down with rain and all the birds have done the sensible thing and flown South for winter, it’s a lot harder to rustle up the motivation to get outside and pound the payments.

    However, with the right gym clothes, your run doesn’t need to be half as painful as you're imagining.

    Research has shown in just two weeks off training your running fitness can drop by up to 50%. So keep up your training to ensure you don’t halt your progress.

    Layering up winter gym clothes is an essential way to keep your body temperature warm and comfortable.


    A baselayer is great to help keep you keep warm and acts like an extra layer of skin, helping to keep you warm or cool when needed.

    Heat is trapped between layers and so to add further warmth on cold runs and training sessions, add extra layers.

    Base Layers are designed to fulfill four main functions:

    1. Wicking - Does the fabric wick away moisture and keep you dry? Being wet in the winter will keep you cold for longer.
    2. Fit - Does the fabric sit comfortably against your skin, without being too tight nor so loose that air can travel in?
    3. Odour - Does the fabric retain odour? No-one wants smelly gym clothes.
    4. Durability - How long does the fabric last when it is worn daily?

    Sundried running base layer vest

    Thick Running Tights

    Winter running requires insulation from the cold, however as your legs do the majority of the work when running, they tend to warm up quickly, meaning you're less likely to need so many layers. A good pair of thicker running tights such as Sundried Roteck Leggings will keep your legs warm whilst you are cold and then wick sweat to maintain your body temperature as you heat up. Often thermal running tights are paired with shorts for extra protection of sensitive areas and to help prevent wind chill.

    Sundried winter running tights

    Wearing Summer Gym Clothes During Winter

    Just because winter has arrived, it doesn't mean you have to pack away all your summer training gear as a lot of the technical properties can cross over into your activewear for the winter season. For example, a technical tank works perfectly as a base layer for extra warmth, and your supportive sports bra is needed year round whether it’s worn as a stand alone garment in the heat, or under several layers during cold winter runs. The colder the weather, the more layers you will need, so it’s worth hanging on to all your summer kit for when you’ll need the extra layering.

    When choosing clothing for a winter run, step outside, assess the temperature and layer up accordingly. Look for fabrics which insulate heat and protect you from the wind and remember it’s only cold at the very start of the run, you’ll soon warm up.

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  • Fitness Clothing

    As a health and fitness brand, obviously we want you to wear fitness clothing as much as possible, but the hints in the name. However, recent trends have made it acceptable to be wearing fitness clothing when what you’re doing is not so ‘fitness’. So when is it okay to wear your fitness clothing and when is it a complete wardrobe malfunction?

    Times when it’s probably okay to wear fitness clothing:

    When you need the extra motivation to actually go to the gym.

    If you wake up early before work and really don’t feel like training, kitting out in your gym wear can be the deciding factor into whether you go or not. Think “ I’ve got the gear on, I’ve got to workout now”. It’s a great way of bullying yourself into a workout. Like it or not.

    When you are all day active.

    If you’re the kind of person that just might run on their lunch break, or cycles home from work, or dashes off for a quick coffee break, then smart activewear is for you. There are designs out there which can take you from office to active, so that you can jump at any opportunity to be healthy and active. Literally.

    When you’re doing something physically active outside the gym.

    Physically active can pretty much be anything more than walking, unless of course that’s a power walk. Why wouldn’t you wear clothing that’s designed to move with your body AND be comfortable. As long as you’re doing something active, then your fitness clothing is fit for purpose.

    And of course when you’re actually training at, or heading to and from the gym.

    Sundried Casual Activewear

    Times when it’s probably not okay to wear fitness clothing:

    Stood outside the gym smoking.

    This one is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen at the gym. A man dressed head to toe in quality fitness gear, from the tights to the compression shirt and Fitbit, smoking a cigarette. Let’s save the full on rant and settle for, isn’t this a complete conflict of interests? Madness.

    When you just want people to think you’ve been in the gym but really you’ve been curled up on the sofa.

    Sly. This one's probably not okay, whilst it may be comfortable to wear your activewear to chill, so is staying in your PJ’s. Fair enough joggers but a crop top and leggings is pushing your luck really, isn’t it?

    When your going to grab a kebab/ Maccy D’s or (insert fast food chain name here).

    Whilst activewear fabrics do stretch to allow for freedom of movement whilst your training, it’s not meant to be for extra stretch for over eating!

    What do you think?

    For now, at least it seems, fitness clothing is the new black.

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  • Gym Clothing

    The rise of athleisure has seen us kiss goodbye to grey tops with sweat patches and what was embarrassing to be caught in has now transformed into high fashion, technical fabrics with bold designs and flattering gym clothing that can be worn all day.


    Gym clothing has had an upgrade, no longer do you keep your old baggy spaghetti stained t shirts for the gym, but in fact your gym wear can be the most high quality and technical fabrics to embrace your wardrobe. Gym clothing has always been long behind high street fashion, but in recent years it is catching up and even overtaking, breaking its way onto the catwalk.


    Gym clothing now has advanced technologies which wick sweat, keep your temperature regulated and move with your body. New technologies enable you to be confident in your gym clothing and your workout.

    Serious about sport

    Wearing gym clothing which has been designed with the purpose of being worn to workout is a sign you take your training seriously.

    All day active

    Gym clothing has snuck out of the gym and not just to go fro your morning run. From grocery shopping to coffee shops, it’s no longer an embarrassment to be caught in your gym gear, if anything it's a chance to show off a well thought out outfit. New stylish designs mean you want to keep your gym clothing on for longer, and fashion says you can!


    Gym clothing has moved away from cotton and movement restricting materials and become founded on freedom of movement and the four way stretch. The freedom of movement in gym clothing is part of what has made it so popular for daywear as user’s can go about their daily lives without the restriction of tight or uncomfortable materials such as denim.

    Sundried create fashion infused sportswear perfect for wearing to the gym, training for a triathlon or just getting active outdoors.

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  • Women's Gym Clothes

    What do your gym clothes say about you?

    Did you know, women’s gym clothes have a language of their own?

    Allow me to translate.

    (P.s have your pinch of salt at the ready).

    Head to Toe in Black

    The best line I’ve ever heard as to why women wear all black to the gym isn’t because it’s slimming. No, “I wear all black to the gym because it’s the funeral for my fat”. Women who wear all black to the gym mean business, they need an outfit that they can easily blend with their regular wardrobe and don’t need to draw attention to themselves with lairy prints or slogan shirts. Don’t get in these women’s way, their workouts will be timed to perfection as sleek as their wardrobes, with their heart rate monitored throughout. So don’t even think about trying to make small talk to the woman in black!

    Women's Gym Clothes

    The Co-ordinated Queens

    These women have got it together. They somehow manage to train with impeccable hair and there’s not a stray or frizz in sight. These women don’t “sweat” they sparkle. Their outfits have been planned long in advance, along with their Monday socks, knickers, trainers and accessories. For these women, looking the part is as important as the workout itself, their dress is like a motivational warm up and wearing a complete outfit gives them that extra edge to perform a killer workout.

    So Bright it’s Blinding

    These are the women you simply cannot miss. They wear so many colours you half expect them to bust into “any dream will do” (that’s from Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat, for those of you who forgot) and when they run at speed on the treadmill their blur can be easily confused with a firework. That’s exactly what these women are, firecrackers, their clothing is an extension of their training philosophy, confident, energetic and most of all fun. Most of these women will do Zumba at least once a week and are happy to give everything a go with their training. No move is too crazy and no outfit is off limits.

    The Baggier the Better

    These women tend to be a little more self-conscious and a good pair of sweatpants will cover any insecurities. That’s not to say these women aren't working hard, in fact that extra clothing will have them sweating like a pig, but they don’t mind, no these are the “sweat is fat crying” clan. Baggy women’s gym clothes tend to be popular at the beginning of women’s fitness journeys as they build the confidence and motivation to go out and get technically advanced kit.

    The Sports Star

    Sports stars are women who train in their athletic kit, from netball vests to football shirts. These women are motivated by being part of a team and wearing their sports kit to the gym reminds them they belong to something. Typically they’re as competitive with their training as they are with their sport. These are the kinds of women who will set their treadmill 1 mph faster than the person next to them, lift at least one set higher a pair of dumbbells than you and change their entire workout if anyone else's looks even in the slightest bit more challenging. The Sports uniform is a status symbol, it’s the same as the women wearing their tough mudder t shirts (or other event t shirt) at any given opportunity, it’s to show off an achievement they’re proud of. And so they should be.

    Barely There

    These are women with willpower. The ladies that make both the men AND women gulp. Teeny sports bras and hotpants cover up what makes the outfit acceptable, but every other nook, crevice, muscle and vein are on show. Their clothing may be small, but their training attitude is BIG. These women have earnt their physiques and live by the rules: “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”. Contrary to popular belief, these women are not aliens or goddesses, but just women with extreme determination and self belief. They stick to their diets and they stick to their training and boy, does it show.

    Swear by Slogans

    The women who swear by a slogan, won’t train without some sort of pep talk being displayed across their front. They use this a visual reminder of what it is their working towards, for example catch phrases such as: “Results or Excuses”, “Sore today. Strong tomorrow” or the classic “No pain. No gain” give these women a gentle reminder not to give in everytime they glance in the mirror. However when it comes to: “Gym and Tonic” or “Exercise… Extra fries?”, I’m afraid you’ve lost me.

    Regardless of what women wear in the gym, we’re all there for the same reason, to get fit. Whether you’re the best dressed or the worst, what’s really important isn’t judging others by what they’re wearing it’s about getting fit and healthy … unless of course you’re gym tops reads “ Sex, Weights and Protein shakes” . Then you have my permission to judge away.

    Kidding. I’m Kidding...

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