So January is around the corner and that can only mean one thing, an influx of new gymbies. We love it. For those of you who are new to the gym, or if your gym bag just needs a little spruce up, here’s our top 10 must have gym wear items

Sports Bra

Sundried Sport Bra

Every woman needs a sports bra and every woman should wear one, but you won’t believe the number of clients who would come to me in their regular underwire bra.The average woman in the UK wears a 34D bra. A 34D equates to around 500g of weight, per breast, so the average woman in the UK is carrying an extra kilogram of weight across their front, a kilogram of weight flying around whilst you’re working out can cause a substantial amount of damage and once that damage is done, there’s no going back as the ligaments are not elastic. A sports bra is designed to prevent the chest from moving, causing pain and disruption during your workout. The Sundried Breithorn Bra is designed to lock down movement and reduce the impact on the shoulders by redistributing the weight across your back. The mesh racer back is great for keeping you cool when you build up a sweat - it looks great too!

Sweat - Wicking Top

Sweat Wicking T Shirt

Saving an old T shirt for the gym is a thing of the past, your gym wardrobe can now help make your workout easier, with sweat wicking materials which work with you - rather than against you. Sweat wicking materials are more comfortable, retain their shape and stay lightweight. Ultimately they keep you comfortable, when you're otherwise uncomfortable because let’s face it, working out isn’t easy. The Sundried Dom Tee is our most popular technical gym top with advanced sweat wicking technology, a flattering performance fit and even a secure pocket for valuables - or a gym locker key!

Gym Leggings

Women's Running Tights

Gym leggings are not just in fashion, they’re practical too. Close figure hugging materials protect from slips, trips and chaffing. Tighter fitting clothes move with your body easier and allow you to monitor form throughout your workout. Now, gym tights are made to flatter, to compliment a casual wardrobe as well as a gym wardrobe, so buying a high quality pair is a worthwhile investment. The Sundried Ruinette Tights are designed with plenty of little extras, as well as sweat wicking, adaptable materials. From the multiway secure waistband to the hidden secure pocket and reflective trims for dark winter months.

Blister Blasting Socks

Protect yourself with the right activewear from top to toe, literally. The right socks aren’t always top of your list when it comes to activewear, but they are important. Blisters can really set your training backwards and long training sessions are very dependant upon your feet. Sports specific socks are usually sweat wicking, with extra padding or protection in areas prone to blisters, they sit slightly higher up the ankle to protect the heel and prevent rubbing.

Super Comfy Trainers

Topo Trainers

Finding the perfect fit of trainers is tough and it’s a very individualised task as what works for one person, may not work for another. When it comes to selecting a new gym trainer - always try them on and take a walk/ jog. Not just one shoe either, both. You can read our reviews of some of our favourite trainers here.

Weather Resistant Jacket

As we’re in the UK, we’re not short of dodgy weather so a jacket that's prepared to face the elements is an essential bit of kit. New technologies have been developed that allow weather resistant jackets to do just that. Waterproof coating allows you to keep dry as rain slips off the jackets surface and wind resistant weaves allow no air to pass through leaving you chilly.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

1 in 6 people has a fitness tracker and whilst some may be better than others, they’re all good for monitoring your progress and motivating us to move more. Personally, I use my heart rate tracker to make sure I’m training in the right heart rate zone with the right intensity, your heart rate can’t lie.

Gym Bag

Sundried Gym Bag

With all this special kit, you’re going to need somewhere to put it. Having a nice large gym bag is essential. Regular bags may pick up a smell, but a gym bag is designed to be odour resistant. We recommend you pack up your gym bag the night before, that way when it comes time to workout, you’re ready and raring to go, rather than scrambling around wasting time looking for your stuff. Keep your pre-gym routine as simple as possible to avoid allowing yourself the opportunity to find an excuse to not bother.

Water Bottle

Sundried Water Bottle

When your training at intensity, you lose a lot of water, so it’s essential to keep yourself hydrated. Grabbing yourself a reusable bottle prevents wasting used plastic bottles and helps minimise the load in our landfills waiting to decompose, not only that but plastic bottles contain harmful substances PET.


My old gym used to be no towel no train. I can even remember ripping my gym buddies towel in two once when I forgot one. They were that strict. Rightfully so, it’s all part of gym etiquette, no one wants to sit on a machine splashed with someone else's sweat. Carry a towel with you while you workout to mop your bench and your brow. A small hand towel will do perfect - you hardly need to be lugging around your beach towel, but each to their own. It really goes without saying but, be sure to wash this towel after every session.

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