Men's Running Leggings & Tights

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Men's Running Leggings

If you want ultimate freedom of movement on your runs, then men's running leggings are for you. Wear as a base layer under shorts for added coverage and protection or on their own for a limitless run. The Sundried men's leggings and tights can be worn in any combination and feature a drawstring waist for a personalised fit and reflective strips for running in low light. Choose from seamless or classic tailoring and look bold but smart in our stylish designs. Whether you’re training in winter or summer, men’s running leggings have the potential to improve your performance. But what is the best way to wear them? What are the benefits of wearing men's running leggings?

How to wear men's running leggings

You can wear men's running leggings either with or without shorts over the top. One of the biggest benefits of wearing running leggings under your gym shorts is that they prevent chafing. Having your thighs rubbing together while running can lead to blisters and sores which will be prevented by wearing leggings.

Another benefit of wearing leggings under your shorts is the added coverage and protection. There’s a huge debate that tries to answer the question of should you wear shorts over your leggings, but it really boils down to personal preference. Wearing men's running leggings on their own is far more aerodynamic and could lead to better results. Especially if you are wearing compression leggings which are thought to reduce the risk of injuries and enhance performance, wearing shorts over the top seems to be rather pointless.

However, if you feel very self-conscious and are perhaps only just starting out on your fitness journey, wearing shorts over your leggings could improve your confidence and make you feel more comfortable. There is no right or wrong way to wear men’s running leggings, it really is just personal choice.

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Men's running leggings with shorts

If you don’t feel comfortable or confident wearing your running leggings without shorts, it’s very easy to wear shorts over the top. This may inhibit performance by making you less aerodynamic, but it can add peace of mind and offer added protection and coverage. There are also different types of running shorts you can wear over the top. Some shorts are very loose which would allow for better freedom of movement, or you could opt for long shorts for more coverage.

Men's running leggings with pockets

It’s very common to want to take your phone and keys with you when you go for a run, so you’ll need somewhere to put them. Many leggings don’t feature pockets as a design feature but this could be fairly inconvenient. Finding a good pair of running leggings with pockets can be tough, but there are plenty out there. The Sundried Roteck men’s leggings feature a discreet zip pocket to the back which means you can take your keys with you and be safe in the knowledge they’re not going to jump out of your pocket as you run.

Men’s running pants for winter

One of the main reasons you may wear leggings is for winter training. They say there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes, and this is absolutely true. If you know that you’re going to be snug and comfortable in your men’s activewear for your training session, you’ll feel more motivated to go out there and do it. It can be tempting to just do all of your training indoors during winter, but there are a lot of benefits of training outdoors in winter so it’s best to wrap up warm and hit the streets.

With the right pair of men’s running pants for winter, you’ll never miss a training session. Wearing men’s leggings for running or cycling will keep you insulated and protect against the cold. Many brands offer climate control in their products, which means they’ll keep you warm without making you sweaty and uncomfortable through overheating. Sundried’s men’s running leggings feature advanced sweat-wicking technology which draws the moisture away from your body and allows it to evaporate, so you are left with warm, dry legs and no chafing. These particular running leggings are also seamless, enhancing your comfort and allowing for a complete freedom of movement.  

Sundried men's running leggings pants for winter

Men's running leggings review

Sundried are proud to be design-led and innovative in design, and with input from personal trainers and athletes, our activewear is always made with the wearer in mind. Here are some of the reviews we’ve received on our men’s running leggings:

“Excellent product for the price, tight fitting, look great on. Crotch seams keep everything in place with quite an enhancing effect. Will keep me warm on my winter morning runs. Feel great on. Love them.”

“Best leggings I've ever worn, and I've tried quite a few. These are really comfy with perfect stretch and fit. Not too light or heavy. Would be tempted to wear these for casual wear just for the comfort.”

“Been wearing these for early morning runs in December / January for a month now. Extremely pleased with comfort, quality and looks. Well worth the price tag.”