What are the benefits of compression clothing?

Many athletes swear by compression shorts, socks, tights, and other garments. These tight-fitting items are supposed to hold muscles firmly in place and improve blood flow to the muscles, thereby boosting athletic performance. The Sundried Men's Roteck 2.0 Training Tights are compression-style leggings with a tight fit and are perfect worn as a base layer. Wearing compression tights in the winter can prevent muscles from cramping up due to the cold and this can help prevent injuries. For women, the Sundried Ruinette 2.0 Leggings provide the same benefits.

Do compression garments help you lose weight?

Compression garments are specifically designed for athletes rather than for aesthetics and so can improve athletic performance. They do this by improving circulation and giving muscles additional support. Better athletic performance can motivate you to exercise more and more exercise is a proven method for losing weight. The Sundried Mesh Back Base Layer is a tight-fitting long sleeve top for men which can be worn on its own or as a base layer for added protection. For women, the Sundried Grand Tournalin long sleeve training top is tight fitting without chafing as it is made from seamless materials and super soft premium fabrics. 

Do compression tights work for recovery?

Compression garments work by constricting your muscles. Compression garments also may increase blood flow to the muscles, which removes creatine kinase, an enzyme in your muscles that leaks out after muscle damage and can cause the ache.