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3 Ways Anyone Can Get Involved In Fitness

by Alexandra Parren

National Fitness Day BBC Sundried UK Sport

Today is National Fitness Day, so to celebrate we're sharing with you 3 ways that absolutely anyone can get involved - for free!

1. Parkrun

Taking part in your local Parkrun is a great way to get into fitness for the first time, surrounded by local friendly faces who are all there for the same reason. Parkrun is free for everyone and is an organised 5k run around your local park starting at 9am every Saturday. There is a nifty barcode system which means you get an official time whenever you run and this can motivate you to improve your fitness and get a better time. On the other hand, it's also just a great excuse to take a stroll or a jog on a Saturday morning and make new friends.

2. Find A Running Club

Joining your local running club can be a really easy way to get inspired and find new ways to get fit. Running is one of the most accessible sports out there as most people can do it and it's free to put on your trainers and get on the road. If you are differently abled, there is still a good chance you'll be able to get involved with your running club in some way. Running with friends or a running club can take the boredom out of it and will help keep you motivated when you're feeling uninspired. It'll also help you make new friends and find new routes in your town or city that you never even knew were there!

3. Cycle With Friends

This is another widely accessible sport if you have the right bike. If you cannot ride a standard bicycle, you should be able to adapt and find one that suits your needs. Cycling with friends is also free (after the cost of the bike) and can be a fantastic way of seeing new sights and finding new spots in your town or city. It is another social way to get fit that doesn't really feel like you're having to work too hard! You can push to make big changes to your body or you can go at your own pace and let the results come in time. It's all up to you!

National Fitness Day aims to make fitness more accessible for everyone. Let us know what fitness means to you by tweeting us @Sundried with the hashtag #Fitness2Me. The best will get featured!

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