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Garmin Announces The Edge 1030 Bike Computer And The Vector 3/3s Power-Meter

by Alexandra Parren
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Garmin Announces New Cycling Accessories Bike Riding

Today, Garmin has announced the release of not one but two exciting new cycling accessories. The first is an enhanced version of their classic Edge bike computer, and the second is a completely revamped pedal-based power-meter.

Garmin Edge 1030 Bike Computer

The Garmin Edge is already a very popular bike computer, relied upon by pros and novices alike. The latest technological advance is Trendline popularity routing, which works by analysing Garmin data and proving cyclists with the best possible routes both on and off road. Garmin Cycle Maps are preloaded onto the device and provide step-by-step directions and even alerting of sharp turns ahead, leaving nothing to chance.

The bike computer is touch-screen sensitive and works even in the rain or when wearing gloves. Smart light sensors automatically adjust the screen brightness so that you can transition from day to night seamlessly and not miss any of your vital training metrics.

For those who are squeezing a ride into a busy schedule, the Edge 1030 allows you to message other users with pre-written messages. It also allows you to respond to missed calls and texts with similarly pre-written messages. Now nothing can come between you and the open road.

Installed on the Edge 1030, the new TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app puts daily workouts right on the Edge device. It guides cyclists through a workout in real time – complete with intensity targets and interval durations. After a workout, syncing to TrainingPeaks will provide cyclists with a detailed analysis of their ride, as well as the ability to measure progress toward their goals.

The Edge 1030 has a suggested retail price of £499.99. A bundle option, which includes a premium heart rate monitor as well as cadence and speed sensors, has a suggested retail price of £549.99.

Garmin Edge 1030 Bike Computer Cycling Riding Strava Data Statistics

Garmin Vector 3/3s Pedal-Based Power Meter

The Vector 3/3S features a sleek new design providing cyclists with greater cornering clearance and improved stack height for smarter ergonomics, while LED lights on the pedals display important setup and maintenance information. The Vector 3/3S is a direct-measurement power meter – the sensors are housed in the pedals – so it delivers reliable, accurate data on every training session.

The Vector 3/3S features up to 120 hours of battery life. The Vector 3 has a suggested retail price of £849.99 and £499.99 for the Vector 3S. The optional Vector 3S upgrade pedal has a suggested retail price of £399.99.

Garmin Vector 3 Pedal-Based Power Meter Bike Cycling Professional Riding

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