• Triathlon 220 Athlete of the Year

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    The Triathlon 220 2017 awards are here and it’s time to pick your favourites!

    2016 was a huge year for triathlon, from Rio to the famous brotherly love in Mexico with Allister carrying Jonny Brownlee over the finish line and into the hearts of the British press. We saw popularity in triathlon grow, new races pop up all over the country and enough new tech to blow your mind.

    Each year 220 magazine - the bible of all triathletes, host their annual awards. Call it the Oscars of the triathlon world, with less handbags and gladrags more nipple chafe and  helmet hair.

    How to vote:

    Following the first round of triathlon mad voters sending 220 their favourite athletes, 220 had the job of whittling down the many nominee’s to just five entries per category, it was as tearful as the X factor judges house.

    Now, the competition is open for you to vote for your favourite in the following categories:

    Men’s Elite Triathlete of the Year

    Women’s Elite Triathlete of the Year

    Duathlete of the Year

    Men’s Age-Grouper of the Year

    Women’s Age-Grouper of the Year

    Male Paratriathlete of the Year

    Female Paratriathlete of the Year

    Youth Triathlete of the Year

    International Triathlete of the Year

    Coach of the Year

    Club of the Year (sponsored by Skechers)

    Race of the Year (<500 entries)

    Race of the Year (>500 entries)

    Triathlon Wetsuit Brand of the Year

    Bike Brand of the Year

    Run Shoe Brand of the Year

    Innovative Product of the Year

    Triathlon Retailer of the Year

    Online Retailer of the Year

    Tri-suit Brand of the Year

    This year in particular is a great year for the awards with plenty of new athletes succeeding in the sport. We’re very proud to say our ambassador Reece Barclay is up for Men’s Age- Group award. Find out why he deserves your vote for male age grouper of the year here.

    Voting is open now! To cast your vote simply sign up/ Log in on 220 triathlon and make your selections on the Tri 220 Awards here.
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  • Fitbit and Medronic Join to Help Monitor Diabetes

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    The New iPro2 myLog App collects data from Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) and your Fitbit activity tracker to provide an insight on how exercise impacts glucose levels.

    Medtronic plc - provider of medical technology and Fitbit have joined together to integrate health and activity tracking for patients living with diabetes and their physicians and care teams.

    The iPro2 myLog mobile app will allow patients living with type 2 diabetes to see their glucose levels and physical activity data in one streamlined application. The new integration provides meaningful insights into how exercise impacts glucose levels for more effective diabetes care management.

    “We believe monitoring glucose is a critical element in the management of diabetes and therefore, glucose should be included among other vital signs. As such, it has never been more important to increase the collaboration between healthcare and technology to simplify daily diabetes management for the 29 million patients living with type 2 diabetes in the United States,” said Laura Stoltenberg, vice president and general manager of Non-Intensive Diabetes Therapies at Medtronic.

    “By creating a connection between physical activity and glucose levels, our iPro2 myLog mobile app solution provides new tools and insights, so that physicians can optimize therapy and patients can better understand how to manage their diabetes. By helping people with diabetes implement lasting lifestyle changes, this partnership underscores our commitment to transforming diabetes care, together, for greater freedom and better health.”

    Maintaining and tracking glucose levels is critical to effectively managing diabetes. For people living with type 2 diabetes, understanding how exercise affects glucose levels is a critical element to proper glucose management and long-term health.

    Many patients have to manually track and record their physical activity, and then  recall and communicate that information to their physician from memory. The iPro2 myLog mobile app will allow type 2 diabetes patients to easily combine data generated by their Fitbit activity tracker and Medtronic’s iPro2 professional CGM system, eliminating the need to enter physical activity data manually and providing a clear understanding of how exercise impacts glucose levels.

    MyLog will simplify the sharing of information with a patient’s healthcare team, facilitating productive discussions about care and the benefits of exercise on diabetes management.

    “We believe the integration of wearable technology with professional diagnostic tools can provide a more accurate and actionable view of a patient’s physical activity,” said Adam Pellegrini, vice president of Digital Health for Fitbit. “By partnering with Medtronic, we are able to bring the power of Fitbit’s automatic activity tracking together with continuous glucose monitoring, allowing patients and providers to have a more informed conversation.”

    For More on from Fitbit read our blog and Fitbit Reviews.
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  • Sundried Southend Triathlon 28th May 2017

    Southend Triathlon

    The challenge of triathlon is coming to Southend 2017, sponsored by Sundried.

    Southend triathlon will take place on 28th May 2017, a sprint distance event with a 750m open water swim, 20km ride around local country roads and a sea air 5km run along the coastline.

    This is a perfect event for athletes looking to achieve a personal best or first timers looking for a simple course to enter the world of triathlon.

    Sundried’s sprint triathlon is taking place to raise funds for charity Haven’s Hospice.

    Haven’s Hospice make “Every Day Count" for children & adults with life-limiting illnesses in Essex. When a family has been told that there’s no cure for their loved one’s illness and all that can be done is to make life comfortable, Havens Hospices can help.

    Both hospices help by controlling pain and medication, offering respite and caring for adults, babies, children and teenagers at the end of their lives. This free, specialist care is there for as long as it’s needed, within the home and at the charity’s two hospices.

    Havens Hospices is a registered charity – not part of the NHS – and receives limited government funding. The organisation must raise over £100,000 every week to be there for everyone who needs its care.

    After researching our local area and discovering there is no longer a triathlon present, Sundried wish to return the sport of triathlon to Southend, particularly as it’s gaining popularity after the Brownlee brothers outstanding success in this year's Olympics.

    The event aims to encourage triathletes and first time athletes in the local area to compete on their home turf and raise money for charity. In the future we look to bring an extended event, with a full Olympic distance and fitness show.

    Visit the event website and see the route here on the Southend Triathlon website.

    You can also view the cycle route on youtube.

    New to triathlon? We’ve got you covered, you can read advice from our PT’s, tips from top triathletes and kit guides to help you over your first finish line in our ‘My First Triathlon’ Blog.

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  • Top British athlete encourages people of all abilities to sign up for Skipton Triathlon

    Emma Taylor Triathlete

    Entries open for Skipton Triathlon on November 1st and British triathlete Emma Taylor is encouraging people to take the plunge and have a go.

    Emma, who won her age category and was fourth overall in the World Championships Duathlon earlier this year, and won the Wasdale Half Ironman last year, is looking forward to starting next year’s season with Skipton Triathlon on April 9th, 2017.

    She says the sprint distance triathlon, which starts at Craven Swimming Pool & Fitness Centre, is the perfect way to get started in the sport – whatever your age or ability.

    “Lots of different abilities will be taking part from all walks of life, some trying it for the first time, which is brilliant,” said Emma, who is a health promotion officer for Craven General Practices, made up of Dyneley House Surgery, Fisher Medical Centre and Cross Hills Group Practice.

    “I got into triathlon as I was coming out of university, I liked running, and I love the social element of cycling and I was a keen swimmer as well. I got started with a local event, similar to Skipton. You can get a true feel of the sport with a local event like this. It’s at the start of the season as well so it’s a really good race to dip your toes in.”

    Emma is hoping to use the Skipton Triathlon as a springboard to another successful season. She’s hoping to go to Canada to compete again in the Duathlon World Championships, subject to funding, and then there is the IRONMAN 70.3 in Weymouth, following on from last year’s third place in her age category at IRONMAN Bolton.

    “Once you’re started, you’re hooked,” she said. “And you don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it. It’s a brilliant sport for anyone of any ability.”

    Councillor Linda Brockbank, Craven District Council’s lead member for Working with Communities, said: “I’m delighted that we’re running this fantastic event next year and would encourage people to sign up. I have huge admiration for anyone who gives this sport a go, whether they are elite athletes or novices; they should be very proud of themselves.”

    Skipton Triathlon consists of a 400m pool swim, a 22km bike ride and a 5km run. To register an interest in taking part, go to www.cravendc.gov.uk/skiptontriathlon2017

    From November 1st, you can sign up for the triathlon at www.britishtriathlon.org/events.

    The price has been reduced this year and an ‘early bird’ offer is in place until November 18, with prices at £37 for British Triathlon Federation (BTF) members, £40 for non-BTF members, and team entries at £60 (BTF) and £70 (non-BTF).

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  • Fitbit Charge 2

    Fitbit Charge 2 HR Colours

    Fitbit announces global availability of highly anticipated Fitbit Charge 2.

    The new fitness wristband from Fitbit has received early acclaim from the Editors’ Choice awards, ranking number one across multiple Amazon.com Best Sellers categories.

    With Charge 2, Fitbit has reimagined its best-selling fitness wristband, Fitbit Charge HR, with a new sleek look, innovative health and fitness tools based on its  PurePulse continuous wrist-based heart rate tracking, an enhanced fitness experience, and smarter technology.

    “As the category leader with over nine years of experience, we have demonstrated our consistent ability to deliver new hardware and software that consumers love, and that motivates and inspires a community of millions across the globe to reach their health and fitness goals,” said Woody Scal, Chief Business Officer at Fitbit.

    “We’ve maintained our focus on health and fitness with Charge 2 and it reflects our deep understanding of what consumers want in a wearable device, with a sleek new look and a fitness experience that is more engaging, motivating and personal than ever.”

    Fitbit Charge Heart Rate Watch

    Charge 2 packs Fitbit’s advanced sensors and finely tuned algorithms into a customisable design. The device builds on the Charge HR’s classic features while adding several new health and fitness capabilities:

    • PurePulse wrist-based heart rate tracking helps you optimise your workouts, better track all-day calorie burn, and reach your health and fitness goals with continuous tracking day and night – all without having to wear an uncomfortable chest strap.
    • Cardio fitness level provides a snapshot of how fit you are with a personalised view of your cardio fitness. Based on estimated VO2 Max – calculated by using your user profile, heart rate and exercise data – you can easily see how your fitness level measures up to others of the same age and gender, and get guidance on how to improve over time.
    • Relax guided breathing sessions helps calm your body and mind through two- and five-minute sessions personalised to your breathing rate, so you can gain the benefits of a guided breathing practice which research shows can reduce stress and anxiety, and lower blood pressure. Powered by PurePulse, Relax uses your heart’s beat-to-beat changes, known as heart rate variability, to determine your breathing rate and create a personalised guide that displays real-time heart rate visualisations, animations and vibrational cues that help you align each inhale and exhale with the guide, and find moments of calm throughout your day.
    • Multi-sport modes help you track more than 17 specific workouts like runs, bike rides, weights, yoga and more, showing you actionable, real-time exercise stats to make on-the-go adjustments to your workout, with post-exercise summaries on display and a detailed summary of your activity in the Fitbit app.
    • Connected GPS links your device with the GPS in your smartphone to provide more precise real-time stats like pace and distance to help you improve your run, bike, or hike experience while also recording a map of your route in the app.
    • Interval workout mode guides you in alternating periods of high-intensity exercise and recovery to maximise workouts like circuit training so you never lose focus.
    • SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition automatically tracks select exercises like walks, runs, bike rides, treadmill exercise, sports, and aerobic workouts, recording them for you in the Fitbit app and giving you credit for your exercise activity, even if you don’t track it manually.
    • Automatic sleep tracking lets you know how long and how well you slept, set a silent vibrating alarm to wake, follow a sleep schedule, and view your sleep trends in the Fitbit app.
    • A long battery life of up to 5 days on a single charge lets you take your health and fitness further with all these new features, and live your life without missing a step or a beat.
    • A sleek, new design lets you easily transition from a workout to a night out with interchangeable bands and customisable clock faces. The large OLED display keeps you connected to the smart notifications you need most, including call, text and calendar alerts.
    • A broad compatibility of the Fitbit app with more than 200 Android (which powers nearly 9 of 10 new smartphones sold worldwide), iOS and Windows mobile devices, helps motivate millions to achieve their goals within the Fitbit community of users they choose.

    Fitbit Charge 2 Colours

    “With Charge 2, Fitbit has introduced even more new features and technologies, which we know our customers expect and value from their health and fitness devices,” said Frank Bedo, Vice President of Wearables at Best Buy. “We’re looking forward to bringing Charge 2 to our customers as we head into the holiday gifting season.”

    According to IDC, Fitbit’s “dominance remains unchallenged,” increasing its leadership position in the wearables category with more than 25 percent market share worldwide and shipping nearly double the number of wearable devices as its next closest competitor as of the end of Q2 2016. IDC also estimates that the basic wearables category, which includes Charge 2, is growing faster than smartwatches, noting that the basic wearables category grew at 48.8 percent year over year, while the smart wearables category saw a significant decline of 27.2 percent over the same period.

    Charge 2 is available for £129.99 from the Fitbit UK store, with a Classic band in black, blue, plum or teal.

    You can read Sundried’s Fitbit reviews here.
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