• What's New At Sundried This July

    Sundried new products fitness sportswear activewear

    This summer, Sundried has lots of exciting new products for you to explore! From super soft seamless ladies tops to ultra cool men's t-shirts, we even have a new reusable eco coffee cup! Let's take a look...

    Sundried Solaro High Waisted Cropped Leggings

    Meet your new favourite gym leggings! Our cropped leggings are bum-sculpting and waist-cinching to enhance your figure and smooth your curves.

    The high-waisted design has a thick waistband that won't dig or rub and they won't fall down as you run, jump, and move throughout your workout. Made in Italy.

    The short Capri design, high waisted, means these fitness leggings are perfect for working out in warmer weather. Designed in a 3/4 length, these gym leggings finish mid-calf and are perfect for yoga, Pilates, tennis, running, cycling yoga and more.
    Benefit from the advanced sweat-wicking technology which will keep you dry and comfortable throughout your workout and the 4-way stretch materials which will give you ultimate freedom of movement and are totally squat-proof!
    These are the most slimming and flattering workout leggings you will find and will give you a sleek, smooth silhouette. Designed with you in mind, they are crafted with the finest Italian materials for ultimate luxury and will last as long as you do.

      £40, shop now

      high waisted yoga leggings

      Sundried Monte Rosa Women's Seamless Vest

      • This super soft breathable training vest is perfect for all types of workout from running and cycling to HIIT to yoga and Pilates. A women's gym vest made from high-stretch materials in a form-hugging style, this top will soon be your go-to for working out.
      • Featuring stylish detailing and mesh panels, this ladies vest will flatter your bust and cinch your waist giving a sleek and smooth silhouette. Worried about the tight-fitting design? Our advanced tummy control technology will smooth out any problem areas, giving you the confidence you need.
      • Made from luxury Italian fabrics, this premium sports fitness vest is the best and most comfortable gym vest you will find. The seamless design won't chafe as you move and the advanced sweat-wicking technology will keep you dry no matter how much you sweat.
      • Made with four-way stretch materials, this workout vest will move as freely as you do whether you are stretching for your next yoga pose or lifting weights. The super soft fabrics are kind to your skin while the attractive design will make you really look the part.

      £20, shop now

      Sundried Monte Rosa seamless yoga vest top for ladies

      Sundried Paradiso Women's Seamless Vest

      • This super soft breathable training vest is perfect for all types of workout from running and cycling to HIIT to yoga and Pilates. A women's gym vest made from high-stretch materials in a form-hugging style, this top will soon be your go-to for working out.
      • Made in a subtle design with paneling to the sides and a racerback, this stylish ladies gym vest will flatter your bust and cinch your waist giving a sleek and smooth silhouette. Worried about the tight-fitting design? Our advanced tummy control technology will smooth out any problem areas, giving you the confidence you need.
      • Made from luxury Italian fabrics, this premium sports fitness vest is the best and most comfortable gym vest you will find. The seamless design won't chafe as you move and the advanced sweat-wicking technology will keep you dry no matter how much you sweat.
      • Made with four-way stretch materials, this workout vest will move as freely as you do whether you are stretching for your next yoga pose or lifting weights. The super soft fabrics are kind to your skin while the attractive design will make you really look the part.

      £22, shop now

      Sundried women's gym top for yoga

      Sundried Reusable Eco Cup

      • The Sundried eco-friendly Insulated Double Wall Reusable Coffee Cup is perfect for everyone, from coffee to tea drinkers and everyone in between, whether you're on-the-go or just want to save on waste. It is BPA-free and non-toxic and is made without harsh chemicals. It won't taint the taste of your drink and is dishwasher safe.
      • A reusable coffee mug which is tough and durable as well as being fully shatter-proof and leak-proof. No need for a sleeve as the double-layered design fully insulates your drink without making the outside hot to touch so this coffee mug is easy to hold and transport.
      • At such a great price, the breakeven point on this cup is as low as 10 uses. If you care about the environment and saving money, this is the coffee mug for you. This reusable coffee cup looks great with its transparent body and splash-proof sealable lid with adjustable plug at the sipper hole.
      • The generous volume of 420ml gives plenty of room for your morning coffee to get your day off to a great start. Carry on your commute or between meetings with ease thanks to the ergonomic design.

      £20, shop now

       reusable coffee cup eco friendly environmental sustainability

      Sundried Snowdon Men's Ultra Cool T-Shirt

      • If you're looking for your next favourite gym top, look no further. This men's athletic top is made from super soft materials in a 4-way stretch design which won't chafe, no matter how tough your workout. Enjoy unlimited freedom of movement from this unrestrictive sports top so you can run, lift, bend, and stretch to your full potential.
      • The subtle yet stylish design of this sports shirt means it is perfect as all-day activewear as well as for gym training. Wear from the gym to lunch with friends and even to the office. The advanced sweat-wicking technology will keep you dry no matter how much you sweat and underarm sweat patches are a thing of the past thanks to our intelligent design and advanced materials!
      • Enjoy the superior comfort of luxury Italian materials that will last as long as you do. Wash after wash, the quality of this top will not diminish and it won't lose its shape or size. At Sundried, we always recommend that you 'wash cool, sun dry' your sportswear for best results.
      • Great for running, football, golf, tennis, weight training, CrossFit and more, this is the most versatile training top you will find. Available in an attractive slate grey, this top is cool and neutral so will look great with any combination of sportswear. With stylish red detailing to the chest, this short sleeve gym top will accentuate your chest and slim your stomach.

      £30, shop now

      Sundried men's ultra cool gym top t-shirt

      Sundried Etna Seamless Boxer Shorts

      • If you're dedicated to your bodybuilding, running, cycling, CrossFit, or any other sport, you will benefit from these comfortable seamless underpants. The stretch waistband won't dig or rub and the intelligently designed ergonomic pouch will hold you in place throughout your workout.
      • Made with advanced sweat-wicking materials, these boxer briefs will stay dry no matter how much you sweat and the 4-way stretch materials will give you unrestricted movement so you can achieve your goals uninhibited.
      • Uncomfortable, chafing underwear when you play sports or work out is now a thing of the past thanks to Sundried. Our men's boxer shorts are made in a seamless design with super soft luxury Italian fabrics that are designed like sportswear to give you ultimate freedom of movement when you train.
      • Presented in a sleek and stylish jet black design with red detailing, these boxer shorts will be the best looking underwear you own. Designed in a short-medium length, the legs provide protection and comfort without being restrictive or uncomfortable.

      £10, shop now

      mens boxers seamless underpants sports fitness

      Coming soon... Sundried Triathlon Swim Goggles

      Have a read of our triathlon swimming goggles guide to get you ready for our new goggles which are landing soon.

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    • Wimbledon Tennis Championships

      Wimbledon finals tennis championships

      Wimbledon is a globally recognised tennis tournament held in London, England and attracts celebrities and sports fans alike to watch world-class athletes battle for the title of Wimbledon Tennis Champion.

      What date is Wimbledon 2018?

      The annual tennis championships held at Wimbledon will run from Monday 2nd July 2018 until Sunday 15th July 2018. 

      The tennis championship at Wimbledon is one of four international Grand Slam tournaments, the other three being the Australian Open, the French Open, and the US Open.

      The Australian Open was held from 15th January to 28th January 2018, the French Open took place 27th May to 10th June and the US Open is the last to take place chronologically, being held 27th August to 11th September. 

      Wimbledon location

      The Wimbledon tennis tournament is held at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, a district of south west London in England, UK. The courts are all grass and played mostly outdoors, although some of the courts have roofs which can be activated in the case of bad weather. Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tennis event still held on grass courts.

      The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is a private members' club and was founded in the summer of 1868 when the then-popular game of croquet was at its peak. The game of lawn tennis had only been introduced in England a year earlier and a single lawn of the club was set aside for this new game. 

      Ironically, the first ever winner of Wimbledon, Spencer Gore, is quoted as saying, "lawn tennis will never rank among our great games." Oh how wrong he was, as the annual tennis championship is now watched by nearly 7 million people around the world.

      The nickname SW19 is often applied to this event as this is the postcode (area code) associated with the geographic location of Wimbledon within London. 

      Roger Federer Wimbledon Tennis Championships Grand Slam

      Wimbledon winners

      As is the case every year, Serena Williams is the one to watch in the ladies' matches. Serena and her sister Venus are two of the most famous female sportspeople in the world and are amazing role models for women around the world in this hugely male-dominated industry. Serena won her first major tennis championship in 1999 at the age of 19 and has gone on to win a record-breaking 23 Grand Slam titles over the course of her career.

      Her sister Venus has achieved 7 Grand Slam titles and has redefined the sport of tennis with her strength, determination, and pure grit. 

      Among the men, the top players are Swiss Roger Federer, Serbian Novak Djokovic, and Brit Andy Murray. Roger Federer is thought to be the highest earning tennis player thanks to his elusive sponsorship deals with Rolex, Credit Suisse, Moet & Chandon, as well as a new £230m deal with Uniqlo clothing, setting his net worth at roughly £343.5m.

      Why do players wear white at Wimbledon?

      Wimbledon is renowned for its strict rules and traditions. As an historically British event, it is always attended by the Royal family and it has a famously strict dress code for players.

      All players at Wimbledon's tennis tournament are required to wear all-white or at least almost all-white sports clothing. This dates back to when the Victorians believed white to look cleaner when the wearer is sweaty. It was particularly applied to women, as it was deemed unacceptable for a woman to be seen perspiring. 

      Players are allowed a single trim of colour on their clothing and are allowed a small amount of branding from pre-approved sponsors. 

      Novak Djokovic Tennis Player Wimbledon SW19

      How much is Wimbledon prize money?

      The total prize pot for Wimbledon 2018 has increased and it is announced to stand at £34 million.

      The men's and women's champions each win £2.25 million, an increase from £2.2 million last year.

      The Gentlemen’s Doubles and Ladies’ Doubles will meanwhile win £450k, an increase from £400k in 2017 and £350k the year before.

      The Mixed Doubles champions stand to earn £110k, an increase on the £100k handed out to the 2015, 2016 and 2017 winners.

      The History Of Wimbledon

      The Championships, Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world standing at 141 years old having started in 1877. The first ever Wimbledon event had only one game - the Gentleman's singles. It is now host to four junior and four invitation competitions alongside five main contests. 

      In 1967, this famous tennis tournament made history by being the first broadcast to ever be televised in colour. 

      Feeling inspired?

      Shop Sundried's women's tennis vest

      Shop Sundried's men's tennis t-shirt

      women's tennis vest t-shirt ladies


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    • Ian Dodds Athlete Ambassador

      athlete ambassador Sundried running triathlon

      Ian is relatively new to the world of triathlon but is hoping to complete his first 70.3 race this year. He talks to Sundried about life as a triathlete. 

      Have you always been into sport?

      I've only recently found myself getting into sport - particularly endurance events. I've been snowboarding for about 17 years but for the longest time this was the only sport I'd say I was 'into' - other than occasionally going to the gym or having brief spells of going out for a run a few times a week.

      This all changed about 2 years ago when I came across a local running club that met down the road from my house - it was welcoming, accessible and most importantly, fun! It's all just escalated from there really - I nervously entered a 10k a few months after joining them and am looking at doing my first ultra in 2019.

      What made you decide to enter the world of triathlon?

      It seemed like a good idea at the time?! My sister and her husband have done a few and I was discussing the possibility of doing one with some friends from my club; then all of a sudden I'd signed up to 3! I really enjoy all 3 disciplines; so it feels like a natural fit.

      What’s been your favourite race to date and why?

      Probably the Hever Castle Olympic last year - I enjoyed every minute of that and had gone in with the attitude of making sure I had a fun time, rather than stressing over how quickly I could finish.

      The Vienna half marathon, also last year, was the first time I felt really strong throughout the whole race and the atmosphere was just incredible.

      And your proudest achievement?

      Looking halfway acceptable in lycra.

      Have you ever had any racing disasters / your toughest race yet?

      I put loads of pressure on myself to hit arbitrary goals during my first sprint tri (The Oysterman in Whitstable) so ended up being annoyed at myself for not meeting these and so didn't really have as good of a time as I should have done.

      I've also had a few nightmares of fueling wrong, drinking coffee before a race or there just not being a convenient toilet stop.. GI issues ahoy!

      How do you overcome setbacks?

      Trying to learn from them - then at least something good will come of it.

      What is the best bit of advice you wish someone had told you before you started competing?

      Don't worry about the time, just have fun.

      What are your goals for 2018?

      Completing my first 70.3

      Who do you take your inspiration from?

      My club members and training buddies are amazing - they've driven me on and encouraged me from my first session.

      What do you like about Sundried and what’s your favourite bit of our kit?

      I like how it's responsibly and ethically sourced and manufactured. It looks good, wears well and puts money back in to its athletes and charities.

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    • Sundried Southend Triathlon 2018

      Southend Triathlon open water swim Essex

      On Sunday 17th June 2018, Sundried hosted the second annual Southend Triathlon. Open to 600 competitors, this sprint triathlon consisted of a 750m open water swim in the Thames Estuary, a 20km flat lapped bike course along the seafront road which was closed to traffic, and a 5k run around the local park used for Parkrun.

      Take a look at the Southend Triathlon route in detail

      32% of the athletes were female, which is a great result in this stereotypically male-dominated sport. 240 of the athletes had never completed a triathlon before while another 240 were experienced or professional triathletes. We were happy to advertise this event as being perfect for novices and experienced triathletes alike with its searingly fast and uninterrupted bike course and spectator-friendly swim and run. 

      Alice Hector triathlon bike cycling

      We also enjoyed a fantastic turn-out from triathlon clubs, both local and further afield. The largest club presence was from local triathlon club JBR Run & Tri who had 42 triathletes representing them. The second largest was from the East London Triathletes and there was also a big presence from East Essex Triathlon club.

      The overall winner of the race was local boy and Sundried ambassador Matt Leeman. Matt recently turned pro and has been enjoyed a fantastic start to his professional triathlon career. Our fastest lady was professional triathlete and Ironman champion Alice Hector. Alice is also a Sundried ambassador and is a fantastic role model for female athletes.

      Southend Triathlon winner Matt Leeman 2018

      Southend Triathlon 2018 saw triathletes of all shapes and sizes, all ages, and some with all the gear and expensive triathlon bikes but equally plenty on a mountain bike in their gym gear just out having a great day, and that is truly the heart of our event: making sport accessible for all.

      Active Essex Southend Triathlon accessible sport


      Chris Hargraves: "Thanks for the event. My first tri & really enjoyed it."

      Mark Whitney: "Thanks for a great day and all your efforts."

      Linsey Mccarthy: "Thank you for a great event. My first tri & absolutely loved it."

      Clive Trevelian Cheese: "Great day well organised."

      Dave Jacobs: "Thank you for a great day hope to see you again next year."

      Claire Joyce: "Great effort! Well done to the organisers and all the marshals."

      Sally Smith: "Absolutely loved it and definitely will be back next year."

      Richard Whan: "My first Tri. Event was very well organised. Marshall’/officials were very supportive throughout. Crowds were encouraging too. Loved the whole experience. Thank you Southend Tri!"

      Dan Robinson: "A great day, very well organised and run, especially with the water the way it was, thank you all at Southend triathlon."

      Victoria Smillie: "Thoroughly enjoyed, even the sea swim! 
      Great organisation, volunteers and supporters!"

      Jo Fenn: "Thanks to organisers, volunteers and loads of supporters. I had a great day."

      David Lloyd Clubs: "Thanks for having us Southend Triathlon. We had a great day cheering all the athletes on and ‘sending them Home’ to the final run. From the first chap to the last couple you smashed it well done!"

      Russell Larthe: "Great effort from all involved at the Southend triathlon... great event, glad to be part of it."

      Matt Bicks: "Southend Triathlon was brilliant. The crowd and stewards were so good cheering everyone from the first to the last competitor Well done everyone!"

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    • Introducing The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

      Garmin Vivoactive Smart Watch Fitness

      Garmin today announced the vívoactive 3 Music, a GPS smartwatch with integrated music that lets users bring along their favourite tunes to every workout or activity. Featuring Garmin Pay contactless payments and thousands of ways to customise with free watch faces, widgets, data fields and apps through the Garmin Connect IQ store, the vívoactive 3 Music is the perfect accessory for running errands, running a 10k, and everything in between.

      “Music can be a huge motivating component of any workout or activity, and we’re excited to give our customers the ability to ditch their phones and listen to their favourite songs right from their wrist,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “And with Garmin Pay, you can leave your wallet back at home, too, making it easier than ever to just get up and go.”

      Featuring the same fitness, wellness and smart connectivity features first introduced on the vívoactive 3, the vívoactive 3 Music gives users an extra pep in their step with on-device music storage of up to 500 songs. Download offline music playlists from select music streaming services like Deezer (coming soon), iHeartRadio, or transfer music from a computer directly to the watch. Once the music is loaded, pair the vívoactive 3 Music with a set of compatible Bluetooth headphones (sold separately) and go.

      Garmin Pay, a contactless payment solution, means vívoactive 3 Music wearers can leave their cash and credit cards at home and still stop for a coffee, pop in a store, or grab a bite to eat throughout their day. Utilising their Garmin Pay wallet, users have the same rewards and benefits of the physical cards, with the convenience of having them right on the wrist for contactless payment.

      With Elevate wrist-based heart rate and over 15 pre-loaded GPS and indoor sports apps including yoga, running, strength training and more, the vívoactive 3 Music is packed with features to keep up with a varied active lifestyle. The always-on Garmin Chroma Display is easy to read — even in direct sunlight. Like all of Garmin’s wearables, it is safe for swimming and showering and has a battery life of up to 7 days in smartwatch mode and 5 hours in GPS with music mode.

      Customisation has never been easier with thousands of watch faces, widgets, data fields and apps available to download from the Garmin Connect IQ store. Keep tabs on when your ride is arriving with both Lyft ETA and Uber ETA, turn on the lights at home with the SmartThings app, or check the AccuWeather MinuteCast app to find out when the rain is going to start.

      The redesigned Garmin Connect makes it easier than ever to beat yesterday with colourful activity cards that give users an at-a-glance to the most important stats. Simply scroll down to compare today’s totals to past results or tap in for more detailed information. Activities and other stats captured by the device are presented in vivid detail with data customised and filtered so that the user is only seeing what is most relevant to his or her goals. Users can connect with friends and family to motivate one another, join challenges, engage in friendly competitions and score colourful new Garmin Connect badges when goals are crushed.

      The vívoactive 3 Music comes with a black silicone 20mm quick release industry standard band and has a suggested retail price of $299.99 and is available now. Accessory bands in different sizes are available for purchase separately for $29.99. 

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