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Triathletes Tell Us What They Wish They'd Known Before Getting Into Triathlon

by Alexandra Parren

triathlon beginner advice

Triathlon is a complex sport and takes a lot of research, effort, and knowledge for those just getting started. We talk to professional triathletes and GB Age-Groupers about what they wish they'd known before they started out. 

Paul Suett - Team GB Age Group Triathlete

I wish I had known how to properly pace a race rather than going out as fast as I can for as long as I can. I seem to have got the grips of it now though.... well, most of the time!

Alice Tourell North - Team GB Age Group Triathlete

I wish I’d known how completely obsessed I would become with it! I did two races as a total beginner then went to my first Age Group World Championships in Edmonton, Canada and was instantly hooked. It’s the most competitive hobby I’ve ever had but I wouldn’t change a thing - my husband may disagree with this though as all his holidays, including our honeymoon, now include a triathlon!

Dominic Garnham - Team GB Age Group Triathlete

1. Quality training over quantity. Train smarter, not more.

2. Build up training slowly to prevent injury.

3. Just have fun! if you're not a professional triathlete, you don’t get paid to do this.

Megan Powell - Team GB Age Group Triathlete

I wish I'd realised how different the run at the end of a triathlon feels!

Melissa Hinojosa - Mexican Triathlete

1. How addictive it is

2. How expensive it can be to gear up (especially bike-wise)

3. When travelling to compete, your luggage will multiply and flying with your bike can be challenging/uncomfortable.

Ian Dodds - Amateur Triathlete

That silly 'kicking my bum with my heels' thing at the start of the run is actually super helpful and worth looking a bit ridiculous.

Ali Trauttmansdorff - Team GB Age Group Triathlete

That lots of people start to think you are either nuts or superhuman or both, but really you are just someone with resilience and motivation who is willing to feel challenged and push the limits for a few hours.

Sophie Kennedy - Team GB Age Group Triathlete

1. I wish I knew how much I would love races! I certainly would have enjoyed doing them earlier in life, but didn't enter until my boyfriend suggested I should.

2. Don't be put off by the price, have a look around at different events and locations as prices can differ quite a lot. Also they are worth every penny anyway!

3. In terms of the triathlon itself: My first one I'd never swum in open water before so I zig-zagged my way round the lake. It's definitely worth looking into spotting techniques and practising beforehand. Your cadence on the bike and the run can massively help with the weird legs feeling from bike to run.

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