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Jayne Russell Athlete Ambassador

by Alexandra Parren

Sundried ambassador running

Jayne is a marathon runner who aspires to complete all 6 of the Abbott World Marathon Majors. She talks to Sundried about training and racing.

Have you always been into sports?

I have been running for around 12 years after trying lots of other sports and not sticking with them.

How did you first get into running?

I first got into running around 12 years ago as a way of keeping my weight in check and staying healthy.

What's been your favourite race to date?

My favourite race was New York City marathon. The experience and support along the course was electric from start to finish. The is lots of crowd encouragement and noise the whole way round. It's such a well organised event too!

What's been your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement was raising over £2,000 for Water Aid and running London marathon after 10 consecutive years of unsuccessful ballot entries. Never give up!

Have you ever had any racing disasters?

I haven't had any racing disasters; I've been very lucky so far. One event I cursed all the way round was Scafell Pike trail marathon. This was my hardest event to date. I was physically and mentally exhausted after it.

How do you overcome setbacks?

I always look for the positives in any bad situation and know that things can only get better. Never let setbacks consume you or you will find it hard mentally to move forward.

What advice do you wish you'd been given when you first started out?

I really wish someone had advised me to buy decent kit from the start! Instead of spending lots of money on bits and pieces to make do, invest your money wisely in decent kit.

What are your goals?

My main goal is to achieve Abbott World Marathon Major status by completing the six world major marathons. I've already completed Berlin, London, Chicago and New York. Just Boston and Tokyo to go to complete the 6.

Who inspires you?

My inspiration comes from those who believe in themselves. I also get lots of inspiration from social media - Instagram/Facebook - seeing other's posts who succeed and also the running groups of which I'm a member.

Why work with Sundried?

I was recommended by a friend on social media to try Sundried. I was really impressed by the quality for the cost and quick service. I also like the fact Sundried is an ethical and fair company, also involving charity along the way. I would only ever promote something I believe in and use myself.

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