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Nike Metcon 3 Review

by Alexandra Parren
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Nike Metcon 3 CrossFit Shoes

If you're looking for a new CrossFit shoe, look no further than the Nike Metcon 3 shoes. Perfect all-round trainers, you can run, lift, and jump with confidence in these shoes. We take a closer look at CrossFit's favourite trainer.

Nike Metcon 3 Kettlebell CrossFit Trainers

When it comes to CrossFit, you need a shoe that can do it all. One minute you'll be running, next minute you'll be on the floor doing burpees, then before you know it you're on the platform doing max rep snatches. That's where the Nike Metcon 3 shoes come in. 


The first thing you need for CrossFit is a weightlifting shoe style heel. You need a solid base for your heels and something that feels like a weightlifting shoe that you're used to lifting in. With a drop-in mid-sole, the Nike Metcon 3 has a very sturdy heel and when you slip it on, it feels exactly like a lifting shoe. The clincher, however, is in the softer forefoot. When you're wearing the Metcon 3 you can almost feel the difference in the mid-part of the foot where the solid heel turns into a soft forefoot for running and sprinting. You would never run in your lifting shoes - it doesn't even bare thinking about - so you need a shoe that has the flexibility needed for running and jumping and the Metcon 3 has this. The front of the shoe feels just like a regular trainer, with the flexibility you'd expect for athletics.

The sole of the shoe is made from rubber and the grip on the platform is exceptional. I've gone through numerous different shoes to find the perfect deadlift shoe. Converse (Chuck Taylors) gave me blisters and boxing boots didn't have enough support. The Metcon 3 trainers have incredible stability and I felt really steady on the platform. This is crucial when it comes to heavy lifts.

There's even a textured rubber area in the mid part of the shoe to give excellent traction while climbing a rope. Nike really have thought of everything for this shoe, and it shows. CrossFit is a challenging sport - that's why we love it - so it's tricky to find the perfect shoe for all the different movements you'll be doing. Thankfully, Nike has everything covered.

Nike Metcon 3 CrossFit training shoes review Sundried


For me, the only drawback to this shoe is the low heel. I would assume this design is so that you have more freedom of movement and flexibility while training, however I found it made the rear part of my foot feel very unsupported. The front of my foot felt great, very locked-in, but then my heel was slipping out the back a little. 

I also found that during the first couple of sessions wearing them, my big toes ended up a little bruised. The front part of the shoe is pretty solid, and moving around doing burpee box jump-overs caused a fair amount of pain to my big toe. I understand that all trainers need to be worn in so I'm sure they'll be fine after a while, but just be warned.


I'm usually a size 7 in trainers but for some shoes (especially New Balance trainers) I find I have to size up to a 7.5. The Metcon 3 trainers are very true to size and I have plenty of space in a size 7 so my advice would be to stay true to your size as it'll be a perfect fit. I definitely wouldn't have wanted them any bigger. They're also very generous width-wise so if you have wide feet you can be confident that these shoes will fit you well.


Nike is a huge brand, we all know this, and all the big CrossFit stars from Mat Fraser to Sara Sigmundsdottir can be found wearing the Metcon 3 shoes. You feel like a real pro strolling in to train in these shoes. There are lots of different colourways to choose from and you can even customise and design your own with Nike iD. 


You're never really going to go wrong with a pair of shoes from Nike, that's why they're one of the biggest brands in the world. They've really thought these shoes through and they're designed with true CrossFitters in mind. Being backed by the big CrossFitters gives these shoes a big boost but the flawless design and superior comfort stands alone anyway. The RRP is £114.95 but you can find most pairs on sale now at around £79.95 putting them in the same price range as a pair of Reeboks. 

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