You’re always on the go. You take the stairs. You get off the train 3 stops early so you can walk those extra steps.

You move more. You stand whilst others sit. Cycle when others drive.

You lift. Lift the kids. Lift the shopping. Lift weights. Lift your mood.

You are all day active.

Being active shouldn’t be a chore, with the right mindset, clothing and imagination, activity can strike at any and every turn.

All Day Active

Ways to be all day active

Find transitional clothing to be all day active

A pair of jeans will ruin your lunging potential and its hard to squat in heels (though not impossible). Finding activewear that is smart enough to be worn in the office that still functions during your workout can be tough. Sundried’s Ortler trousers tick all the boxes here, inspired by city cycling, working and leisure, the Ortler trouser fuses tailoring with function. Smart enough to wear in the office, but functional enough to remain all day active. Find clothes that offer a flexible fit, to allow exercise to flow seamlessly into your daily routine.

Drink more Water

This one may seem like a curveball, but drinking more water does more than just keep you healthy. More water means more trips to the bathroom, and when you work in an office, every step counts.

Take every opportunity you can

Who knows how many times you’ll encounter the opportunity to be more active, from cycling to the station to having a walking meeting. If the opportunity strikes, grab it. We’ve got come up with some all day active opportunities you might spot at home, work or the office.

Be all day active at home

  • Get up an hour earlier and workout, even a walk is better than nothing.
  • If your watching TV, exercise during every ad break. Try and see if you can hold a plank until your show comes back on, tough.
  • Clean, hoovering, mopping, sweeping… it’s all functional fitness.  A good clean will burn calories without you even realising you're working out.
  • Play with your kids, need I say more? Running around and playing with the kids is a great way to keep active, as well as encourage them to be healthier and they love it!
  • No kids? Play with your pets. Having a tug of war with your dog can be a great shoulder workout on the sly. Not so great if you have a tortoise.
  • Dance while doing the dishes. You know you want to.You’ll enjoy it. Got a dishwasher? Dance as you load and unload. No excuses.

Be all day active in the office

  • EHOH - Every Hour On the Hour. Every hour, spend five minutes working out, by the end of the day you’ve spent 30 minutes exercising. Find out more here.
  • Walk to work. Have to drive? Park your car in the furthest space in the car park and walk. If you take the train or bus, get off a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way.
  • Always take the stairs, you know lift phobias exist because people are afraid of being lazy taking the lift right? Seriously.
  • Don't phone/email colleagues in the same office, get up and go and speak to them.
  • Go for a walk at lunch time, the fresh air will do you good. Ask a colleague to join you and enjoy the break.
  • Cancel your sandwich delivery and walk to the local shop instead.
  • Always take phone calls standing, its generates more energy in you body and voice, making a more successful call as well as keeping you active.
  • Organize the layout of your office space in such a way that you have to stand up to reach oft-used files, the telephone, or your printer, rather than having everything within easy reach.

All day active