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Sola Vs Gjerpen Women's Handball Match Report

by Alexandra Parren
Women's Handball Match Report

Sundried ambassador Nathalie Hendrikse is a Dutch handball player and her team played against the team from Sola, Norway on Sunday 24 September. She gives us a rundown of her time in Norway and the match itself.

Our First Victory

The season so far

We started the season without any victories. We played against a few of the best clubs in the Liga and the team was not fully ready for a victory. As we had a lot of new players, it was quite difficult to play well together. But after a difficult start we were finally ready for a victory! The 24th of september, on a Sunday, we played against Sola. For this match we needed to go with the plane because Sola is more in the north of Norway and too far away to go by bus!

Match preparations

After a one hour flight, we were ready to fight! We expected a hard fight because Sola has a good team with one player from the Norwegian National Team, but nothing was impossible! I accidentally forgot my own match shirt and so I had to play with another number. Instead of number 4, I played as number 22 this time! Approximately 40 minutes before the match, our warming up starts. The girls are always running a short round outside before the match, but because of my recent injury (my ankle), I only joined with the running in the sports hall. After 40 minutes the match could finally start!

The Match

At the start of the match, Sola scored two goals which made it 2-0. We made some faults in the attack and it looked like it wouldn’t go very well. After a couple of minutes we started to play better and better. The score became 2-4 for us and we had everything under control. Partly due to very good play of one of our back players (she looked unstoppable) and to good defence we kept on being in front of Sola. Because I played against Camilla Herrem, my task was to make sure she gets as less balls as possible and that worked out well! She did not score many goals. We also defended one of their back players, who usually scored a lot, very good. At the break, the score was 13-16 in favor of our team Gjerpen! The second half we were in no danger at all and kept increasing the score! This resulted in an end score of 20-28 and we finally got our well deserved first victory! After a short celebration in the locker room it was time to return home! The abiance was great as we had the first two points and we looked forward to the next match to earn more points!

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