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Joséphine Cousin - Yoga Instructor and Ambassador

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How did you first discover your love for yoga?

I discovered yoga thanks to my mother who had been practising it and meditation for years. At first I was only going to really sweaty power yoga class and was not really a fan of the more.

What sets yoga apart from other fitness disciplines?

Yoga is not a fitness discipline. It is so much more than that. The asanas (physical postures) are only one of the eight pillars of yoga. With asanas you will gain in flexibility, strength and mobility. But it is only the tip of the iceberg: you learn to slow down, to connect with your breath and your body, to listen to your body. Yoga is a lifestyle and a mindset, it is about living your authentic life. In yoga you must put your ego aside. Yoga does not have the competitive aspect that other fitness discipline have, your sole focus should be yourself and not others.

How has yoga improved your life?

Yoga has improved my life on so many different levels. Apart from the physical benefits (I am more flexible and strong), it has taught me to slow down, connect with myself. I am a bit hyperactive, always doing a thousand different projects. I did not listen to my body telling me I needed to rest. I also used to be really anxious and impulsive and through my yoga journey I have learned (and I am still learning) to put things in perspective.

How often do you practice yoga?

I try to practice yoga everyday. When I say practice yoga I do not mean a one hour class plus a meditation. Even 10 minutes of yoga every morning can really shift your whole day. 10 minutes before bed or when coming home from work can really help wind down. Which is why, on my instagram page, I offer quick energizing morning flows to start your day feeling relaxed and energised or to unwind after a long day of work.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of trying yoga for the first time?

I would say to go for it and be kind to yourself. Some students might feel a bit frustrated at the beginning because they are not able to do every postures and variations. Which is why it is vital to let the teacher know you are a beginner so she/he can help you adapt the postures to your body. Yoga should always be adapted to the practitioner and not the other way around.

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Tell us something unusual we may not know about you:

I am not just a yoga teacher but also a Law student, I just passed the bar exam. I LOVE yoga but I love having multiple activities. I think yoga can and must be made accessible to everyone, even those with very busy jobs.

Do you follow a specific diet plan?

I do not really believe in diets. I am plant-based so obviously I am a strong advocate for eating lots of fruits and veggies and eating less animals products, for environment and health reasons. However, I think the diet culture (calorie counting, restrictions) has had negative impacts on people's mental and physical health. I believe that a balanced diet should be delicious in order to last long-term.

How do you keep your knowledge up to date?

Learning more about Yoga is a never ending journey. I sign up to various workshops and follow modules on specific aspects of yoga. I can really nerd out when it comes to yoga.

Why work with Sundried?

Ahimsa is a principle in yoga which basically means do no harm. For me this principle can be implemented in our daily lives, in various ways, for instance not harming our planet. The fashion industry is the second largest pollutant after the oil industry. Sundried is sustainable and ethical brand whose products last long-term. I have been using (a lot) their yoga mat for 4 years now. It is still intact and has not frayed yet, as opposed to some of my other yoga mats.

What is your favourite fitness quote?

My favourite yoga quote is more of a saying really: the posture is not goal. Being able to do the splits and handstands is not the goal of yoga. When practising yoga, you learn to put your ego aside and to appreciate your body for its abilities, to make peace with yourself.The true goal of yoga is to attain a state of bliss and peace.

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