On a chilly Saturday morning earlier this year, I found myself running from zombies. Well, fake zombies, but it felt real enough and was nevertheless very scary! Although I have done a few long distance runs before, I always find I enjoy obstacle running events more, and so when I found out about the Zombie Run I just had to try it out.

I recruited a group of friends, did some training for it and mentally prepared myself for the horror and messiness that I knew would ensue once the race began. Not wanting to ruin any nice clothes in the mud, I dressed in my least favourite clothes, all except for my Sundried sports bra which I can’t live without when running! 

The 5k obstacle event featured actors dressed as zombies who had to try and take our tags, which were attached to us on a Velcro belt. Runners get 3 lives and if you manage to finish with at least one in tact, you are crowned a Survivor. If you fail, you finish as 'Infected'. The adrenaline really gets the blood pumping!

We ran through forest and traipsed through deep water, and let’s not forget the mud! We all looked in good need of a bath by the end of it.

Anyone who is up for a bit of a scare should definitely try one of the Zombie Runs, I will be signing up again but bringing a bigger posse with me to calm my nerves!