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Jethro Mendola-Byatt Ambassador

by Alexandra Parren

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At Trident Performance, our goal is to educate and train our clients so that they can achieve their maximum potential. We are aiming to utilise the 4th physical training pillar to enhance performance in the water, bike and road as well as reduce days lost due to injury.

Who we are

Highly qualified physiotherapy and strength and conditioning professionals, John and Jethro have worked with a diverse range of athletes and organisations. With Trident you have access to multiple years of elite coaching and physiotherapy experience.

What we do

We offer practical, experience-based solutions learned through a myriad of performance environments. We do not teach theory learned in a classroom. We offer a unique, personalized service designed to get you executing at the highest level possible. Trident will give you the tools for effective strength & conditioning and rehabilitation.

We customize training to your specific needs, working closely with technical coaches to ensure that every facet of your programme is effectively managed.

Why we do it

S&C is an often neglected or often forgotten element of man athletes programmes. However, it has been shown to improve performance, increase capacity and reduce injury risk. We offer bespoke programmes, yearly periodisation, tapering and injury rehabilitation for all athletes. We love the opportunity to work with dedicated athletes, such as triathletes, who are willing to put in the work to be successful.

Why Sundried?

Quality clothing

Sundried provides high quality clothing needed for high quality athletes. Fitness apparel needs to feel, perform and look good at all levels. Sundried provides us and our athletes with the look and feel to maintain performance during all levels of competition.

Ethics of the company

Sundried have created a thriving and sustainable working environment by consistently rewarding the hard work of their staff who contribute to the development of a renewable, innovative and coffee-infused sports clothing brand.

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