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Hannah Cooper - Athlete Ambassador

by Aimee Garnett

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Have you always been into sport?

Yes, growing up I did multiple sports including cross country, dancing, hockey, and netball, but swimming was always my main sport until I started rowing at 15.

How did you first get into triathlon?

I have never competed in a triathlon but running, swimming and biking are the three main activities I do for cross training for rowing. I am hoping to compete in a triathlon one day and hope to get into cycling and open water swimming when I am done with rowing.

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What has been your favourite race to date and why?

My favourite race would either be the semi-final at Henley Royal Regatta in 2017 or the semi-final at Henley Royal Regatta this previous summer (2021).

What is your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievements would be getting bronze this past summer at the U23 European Championships, reaching the final at Henley Royal regatta in 2021 and winning Henley Royal Regatta in 2017.

Have you ever had any racing disasters?

I have had many minor hiccups such as hitting buoys during races etc. but my worst racing disaster would be when I caught a double crab while in the last 250m of a race.

How do you overcome setbacks?

I overcome setbacks in rowing by taking a step back and giving myself some time. I remind myself that not everything is straight forward and sometimes you have to go down to improve.

What advice do you wish you'd been given when you first started out?

Hard work does pay off, it’s not always linear or easy and it does not always show how you’d expect. Also, have fun and enjoy every moment of it even the ‘worst’ parts of the sport.

What are your goals?

My ultimate goal would be to win an Olympic medal. I have dreamed of going to the Olympics since I watched the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I also dream of representing Team GB internationally at the senior level.

Who inspires you?

Serena Williams, Katherine Grainger and Katherine Switzer.

Why work with Sundried?

I wanted to work with Sundried because of their approach to creating sportswear. They’re tackling fast fashion by creating sports clothing that is designed to last. They use recycled sustainable materials and some clothing is made with biodegradable materials. All items are vegan and they try to make all clothing as ethically as possible. I wanted to work with a brand who had sustainability and ethics at the centre of their business.

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