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As winter draws in, it's important to make sure you take care of your bike so that it can stay well maintained and won't break down. Follow our tips to maintain your bike over the winter so that it is ready to ride for the next race season. 

Store your bike indoors

If you can, storing your bike indoors could save you a lot of hassle and help your bike last longer. Of course, not everyone has the luxury of being able to store a bike in a garage or shed and you may need to find some more creative ways to store your bike indoors. There are many products available such as racks and hooks for you to store your bike in an apartment or smaller space.

Storing your bike indoors will protect it from the elements including damp and cold and will slow the negative effects of bad weather and cold on the mechanisms and frame.

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indoor bike storage

Keep your bike clean

Any good cyclist will be keeping their bike clean anyway, but keeping up dutiful maintenance will really help prolong the life of your bike over the winter.

Do the majority of your riding on an indoor trainer

This will be an unpopular one for many, but sometimes conditions simply do not allow for outdoor riding. Weather conditions in recent years have seen regular storms, hurricanes, and snow so doing the majority of your riding indoors on a trainer will not only help your bike last longer but you too!

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