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New Balance Windstopper Jacket

by Daniel Puddick
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New Balance Windstopper Jacket Review Sundried

Not sure why I always think it's such a good idea when I receive a running jacket; I'm always compelled to put it on when I'm cycling. It is not designed for cycling so it is not going to be a great experience. And no surprises the hood filled with air and acted like a little parachute. And underneath the jacket I was slowly melting. By the time my short ride was finished I had slowly cooked and lost a few pounds in sweat.

New Balance Windstopper Jacket Review Sundried

The first thing that will stand out with this jacket is the fluorescent colour. This is a jacket that no one will miss while you are wearing it. You'll definitely be the safest thing out there. But the colour is actually awesome. I'm not sure how you would describe it but it's not so garish that it will put you off wearing it.

New Balance Windstopper Jacket Review Sundried

Another thing you will notice before putting his jacket on is how lightweight it is. But then it is 100% polyester, so pretty much like wearing a small tent. The only breathable holes to the outside world are two small punched holes under each arm. This jacket is called the windcheater jacket and it boasts that its design is to keep off the nasty weather while you push yourself. It is water resistant, wind resistant and features hand pockets. Has an internal media pocket (listed in the women literature, but not found on the men’s).

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