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Sundried and Motivate PT

by Alexandra Parren

Personal Trainers in London

Kira and Aman left their promising careers in The City to pursue their passion for fitness. They talk to Sundried about Motivate PT, their new corporate and individual mobile personal training business.

What did you do before you started Motivate PT?

My husband and I quit our jobs in The City just over a year ago to run Motivate PT. We both had high pressure jobs in banking, but fitness has always been our passion. We felt overworked, stressed, and that we never had enough hours in the day to work and exercise. It was a scary decision, but the best one that we have made!

What made you decide to launch Motivate PT?

We saw a big problem in London and it related to both individuals and companies. For busy individuals working and living in London, we didn’t feel there was a simple enough solution, or a brand that was well known and trusted for personal training. With regards to companies, we felt that they should do more for their employees when it came to health and fitness. Subsidised gym memberships seemed like a lazy approach to us; we wanted to bring the fitness sessions directly to employees.

All of our trainers travel to our clients and bring everything necessary for the one-hour sessions. This means there really are no excuses not to workout!

Why should people come to Motivate PT?

We make exercising simple. You can train any day of the week, at any time, and best of all, you don’t need to travel anywhere as the trainer will come to you.

Your session will also be tailored to suit your needs - so whether you want to focus on flexibility, do some high powered HIIT, or have a go at yoga, we can make it happen!

How do you balance your own training, work and social life?

Life is hectic, but we love the freedom of running our own business, and for a cause that we are so passionate about. We both have personal trainers, so exercising can easily be squeezed in during a lunch break or before we reach the office.

The area that’s probably most suffered is our social life. I spend most of my day on the phone to our clients and our growing team of personal trainers so by the time I get round to meeting friends, I am all ‘talked out’!

What are your favourite exercises?

My favourite exercise is the plank. It’s an all over body exercise that will really tone your legs, abdominals and arms. But best of all, it really helps to build core strength. A strong core makes running, swimming and all other types of exercises so much easier! I used to only manage 30 seconds, but I have steadily built that up to 90 seconds now.  

If you could only give your clients one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t start tomorrow, start today! Procrastination is the worst inhibitor and when I speak to clients I know instantly which clients are fully committed, and they are always the ones that go on to see amazing results. There will always be a future date that you can start exercising, but in the meantime you’re only holding yourself back from achieving amazing confidence and strength. Everybody should invest in themselves and their bodies!

What made you decide to work with Sundried?

We are delighted to partner with Sundried. Sundried are an ethical brand whose values tie in closely with Motivate PT. We needed to choose clothing that our trainers feel both comfortable and stylish in. They are on the go between client sessions all the time and they can sometimes see up to 7 different clients in a day. The quality of the Sundried apparel is perfect for the transition from travelling to working to active.

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