Sundried Ironman Dubai 70.3 Triathlon

Dubai was a challenge and was always going to be. Leaving the UK with a temperature of 3 degrees Celsius straight to Dubai airport at 32 degrees was epic but a massive shift in pace and difference in atmosphere.

A strong swim started the day but also slightly backing off to preserve an amount of energy for the demanding bike course in scorching temperatures. A smooth transition followed the swim and after running through the cold showers, the bike course started.

Nailing a personal best on the bike was a massive highlight of this incredible race and all the training really paid off. Returning back to the city I took on my last caffeine gel and prepared my legs for the run. Transition again was very smooth and a high cadence started for the first few kilometres but unfortunately the heat got the better of me.

The liquid feed stations were quite spaced out and with the temperature now in the mid-30s, the field was faltering. A mid-run surge was followed by a painful finish, but with a personal best overall at Ironman 70.3 a happy athlete and coach returned to base. Mission completed!

A massive thank you to Sundried for the lovely triathlon suit which was a pleasure to wear and represent in certainly challenging conditions! Awesome to be part of team Sundried.

About the author: Andrew Jones is a triathlete and Sundried ambassador.