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Training Update From Triathlete Sophia Green

by Alexandra Parren

Sophia Green Sundried Ambassador Running Triathlete

Over the past few months, I have been training consistently and getting through every session despite the awful weather and the early 5 am starts. To make training easier I attended a training camp in Portugal. The camp was great as the weather made training much more enjoyable. I was able to get out on my race bike on the smooth roads which was great as it had been way too long. Not being at school allowed me to purely focus on training; I loved being in a camp environment because I could really focus on the session. Instead of being rushed pre-session and post-session I was able to concentrate on the specifics like stretching and mobility, that is what really makes the difference.

Alongside the training, there were also trials going on throughout the week. The trials were to decide who would get the reserve spot for the Commonwealth Games in the mixed relay. All my hard work over winter had been worth it as I managed to secure myself the reserve spot to Australia. I am super excited that I am getting the opportunity to represent Scotland and can’t wait to experience such an opportunity.

Over the next few weeks I will continue to keep up the consistent training. During these weeks I will start to do more race-specific sessions as the season is slowly creeping in once again.

What will change within my training as race season approaches?

- More group swimming/working on positioning.

- Work more on front-end speed in the swim so that I am able to position myself better at the start of a race.

- Get out on the road more (providing the weather is reasonable) to work on bike skills, specifically dead turns.

- Increase running volume and do more tempo work.

- More brick sessions. 

Sophia Green Sundried women's running leggings gym vest

After I get back from Australia I have trials for the British Super Series races and my final exams for school will not be far around the corner after that. The next few months will be very busy but I will give it my best and I can’t wait to see what they bring!

Training has of course been made easier with my Sundried clothing as I am able to train in comfort and look good at the same time. Currently, my favourite piece of clothing is the Sundried Les Rouies gym vest as I can wear this casually and for sport! It's lightweight so for training it is perfect, especially when in the gym as it can get very hot, the material is fast drying so there is no worry about leaving the gym looking a mess!

When I was in Portugal I actually got the opportunity to wear shorts! The Sundried Les Rouies Women’s gym shorts were perfect and I highly recommend them. I got through some of my toughest run sessions in them and they never failed to perform. They are super stretchy which is exactly what you need for running! Leading to recovery was perfect as there was no need for me to get changed. This was because of the inner shorts and again because they are such stretchy, flexible shorts.

I look forward to letting you all know how my 2018 season goes!

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