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Team52 – Challenge Yourself To Get More Active

by Alexandra Parren
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Annie Ross Sundried ambassador Team52 challenge portal

Sundried ambassador Annie Ross tells us about her challenge portal, Team52, which is designed to make it easier for busy people to get active.

In a few words, what is Team52?

Team52 is the challenge platform that makes it easier for busy people to spend more time outdoors.

Why might someone want to get involved with Team52?

Team52 is great for people who know they are made for more and are looking for something to give them purpose. If you’ve got activities you’ve been meaning to try for ages (surfing, climbing, open water swimming, yoga, cycling to work), but haven’t got around to doing, then Team52 will help you get on and do them, no matter what life throws at you. Check out founder Annie Ross' 52in52 story for an example.

By getting involved in Team52 you are joining a community that believes in the power of people, meaningful goals, and the magic of getting outdoors and active. The name Team52 comes from the framework we have built to guide you. You rally a team (of friends, family or colleagues, or join our central team) and you have 52 weeks (a year) to do whatever you want in terms of challenges. Your team target can be 12, 26 or 52, and you contribute 1, 2...5…10 personal or group challenges – it’s your team’s cumulative target that counts so you have complete flexibility over what, when and how many.

The team dynamic is key for encouragement, efficiency and accountability. The 52 weeks is vital as it’s a manageable horizon, that gives you flexibility to fit things in when they suit you, but gives you a fixed time frame to take action.

What sort of people is Team52 suitable for?

We love action-takers. Team52 is great for people who are stepping into life with a positive can-do attitude and want a helping hand with ideas and planning, as well as a community to share the journey with. Each person chooses their own challenges, either from the Team52 database of work-friendly challenges or from their own bucket list, so any fitness level is welcome.

We have members who are looking to get to their first ever exercise class or to start running, and others who are ramping up from a marathon to an ultra. We have members who love doing solo challenges, and others who know they prefer the social element so opt for group activities. We have members in central London, in North East England and in Hong Kong.

What can someone do if they want to get involved but don't have anyone to do it with?

They’re not alone - they can join our central team and feel that sense of belonging straight away. Not having people to do cool challenges and mini adventures with is one of the obstacles that Team52 addresses in our Challenge Mentor, Members Group and our Meet-ups.

Once you’ve created your account at, you choose whether to start a team, or join one.

If you’d like to get a taster for what it feels like to be a member, you can set up a one-to-one call with us or join our ‘everyone welcome’ meet-ups (swimming, bouldering, walks, obstacle courses, relays – something for everyone) on our @team52challenge Facebook page. 

What are some of the most exciting challenges people have done as part of Team52?

Our members love the Everest Stair Challenge – climbing the height of Everest (8,848m = 50,000 steps) by stairs over a month, solo or as a team. We organise cold water swims, we have a couple of members learning to do the splits, taking on their first trail race, hiking Hadrian’s Wall, the three peaks, flying trapeze taster sessions and doing walking tours of statues.

The great thing about picking challenges you really want to do is that you find time, energy and purpose that you can then take into other areas of life. Anything counts as a ‘Team52 challenge’ as long as it’s active and is something new, different, or out of the ordinary for you. There is no judgement as we know that one person’s ‘normal’ is another person’s ‘nemesis.’

What are some of the benefits of joining Team52?

The primary benefit of joining Team52 is the time and stress you save between wanting to do something cool and actually doing it! We support in dreaming up, committing, self-doubting, organising, doing and celebrating phases. We help every step of the way – always available on the phone to help with cost, convenience or company. It is our mission to make it easier for you to spend time outdoors and live a life less ordinary.

As soon as our members join, their world looks and feels a little bit brighter. They are welcomed to the community by existing members and know we’ve got their back. Each person is a trailblazer in their own right.

As soon as you add your first challenge to your personalised Team Page, add your profile photo, inspiration and perhaps a link to your chosen charity, you know that nothing will stop you. You have a progress tracker and can add photos of your completed challenges so your team page becomes your digital trophy cabinet!

We offer partner rewards, a huge database of work-friendly activities, complete with detailed guides to facilitate the planning phase and a range of organised challenges with other members. Members share ideas and can join forces, share gear and pick each other up when we’re feeling down.

Each Team52 member gets personalised support to keep them on track and energised. All that, for the intro offer of £20 for a whole year’s membership – quite the bargain so sign up quick! We know life can get in the way of your best intentions but Team52 is here to buck that trend with a practical and positive helping hand.

What are some challenge ideas for people on a limited budget?

Lots of the tried and tested challenges in our Discover Challenge portal are either totally free or at least less than £10. We love homemade activities – nobody can judge your time, and you get off the beaten track, exploring your interests and creating shared moments. For examples, have a play around and filter the Challenge section of

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