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Couch To Triathlon (2) - Preparation

So training is well under way for the triathlon! Week 1 calls for prepping and planning so that I have all the tools I need to succeed. I have adjusted my nutrition and written myself a basic nutrition plan that I can use as a rough guide. 

The most exciting development in my triathlon journey so far is that I have bought my road bike!

Boardman Road Bike Women's Triathlon Sundried

I did a fair bit of research before buying the bike so that I could get the perfect one for me and my specific goals. My budget was anything up to £1,000, so my first port of call was to read reviews on the best road bikes for under £1,000. The top results included the Giant Defy 4 at £420 from Giant Bicycles and the Boardman Road Team Carbon Bike at £1,000 from Halfords.

The Giant Defy 4 seemed great, with top reviews of its comfort, speed, and performance. However, it was only available for collection from a location nearly 2 hours from me so it wasn’t logistically possible to get it! The Boardman Team Carbon also seemed great, appearing in several reviews of the Top 5 Road Bikes Under £1,000. However, all the reviews seemed to be a double-edged sword; with pros and cons coming up equal. At that price, I wanted to be sure I’d love my bike and that there would be no drawbacks. I found the Boardman Road Sport Bike on the Halfords website and it seemed perfect.

I’ve never ridden a road bike before; learning how to get the most out of my road bike and its gears will be the next mission. 

My bike arrives next week so I will let you know how I get on and any mishaps I inevitably end up having!

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