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Lewis Jackson Personal Trainer

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How did you find yourself in the world of fitness?

I have always been a sporty person. My family are all into sports, predominantly football. I love to play football and still play at a competitive level so fitness has always been in my life as a way to stay healthy and be able to perform to the best of my ability on game day. I was lucky enough to represent professional football clubs through junior and youth team level and was always sure that a professional footballer was going to be my career path but just like so many before me it wasn’t meant to be. This is when I turned to fitness, I found I didn’t want the standard 9-5 desk job. I knew I enjoyed sports and being active, so what could be better than to train as a Personal trainer. I studied full time with the Training Room Academy and haven’t looked back since.

Do you follow a specific diet?

I have followed diets and different regimes in the past but currently I just do my best to track my Micro and Macronutrients whilst aiming to consume around 2600 Cal. I aim to consume 40% Carbs 40% Protein and 20% Fats, I find this helps my body to recover efficiently from teaching my Fitness classes, Training in the Gym as well as football three times a week. I’m a busy boy so keeping my nutrition pretty simple is a must. I know longer weigh out and measure my food but I have in the past and recommend anyone who is serious about achieving their dream body type to do the same. Because I have measured and weighed out my food in the past I find I can visually estimate the micro and macronutrients pretty accurately and stay on point when it comes to my diet.

What do you do to keep your clients motivated?

Keeping Clients motivated is a must and something I’ve never really had a problem with. I find a good balance between indoor and outdoor training sessions helps to keep my clients on their toes. Variation of exercises and format in which they train I believe to be important but as long as there is still a clear path of progression and the sessions link together rather than being completely random exercises. This way clients can expect a new challenge or a new technique to be working on during each exercise and know that they are being treated as an individual and not just following a generic training programme.

Talk us through your training regime.

I think I touched on this briefly in a previous question. I’m very busy with Clients, Classes and football as well as trying to have some form of a social life so training days and times are hard but currently I am training either before or after I’m in the gym with clients. I train twice a week, the first session being big compound movement’s full body, Dead Lifts, Squats, Pull ups and Pressing variations. The second day being more functional and aerobic consisting of Cross Fit style workouts and HIIT. I also have football training twice a week the first session is usually more fitness orientated with shuttle work, disguised running exercises and agility work. The second is more ball work orientated with phases of play ready for game day. I like to work hard in the classes I teach as well even if it very brief, I teach a BOX Fit class once a week, P90X Live once a week and an early morning Boot Camp once a week, of course participants take priority but when demoing exercises and techniques I look to work my body.

How do you keep your fitness knowledge up to date?

I’m always looking to expand my knowledge and currently studying Activity on referral with the Wright Foundation. Like they say every day is a school day so whenever there is a topic or a question a client may ask and I am unsure ill research it or ask a colleague. I’m looking enough to work closely with an Osteopath who is very knowledgeable and offers advice on topics surrounding injuries and range of motion work which I find very helpful. 

How do you balance work and a social life?

Good question. This year my Personal training business has taken off and I am now busier than ever in terms of active clients so balancing this with social life is tricky but I find simple things can help. I have a diary and try to input as much info in there as possible. I use my diary as some form of a check list and literally tick off bits as I complete them. I try to plan ahead which means I can allow my self time and space for the nicer things in life like date nights out and little weekend getaways. It’s simple but it works for me.

What are your top 3 trainer tips?

  1. Prepare your sessions in advance and try to implement some form of micro cycles within your training plans to help break up a client’s goal into lots of smaller goals which can be achieved quicker.
  2. Get social media smart, interact with people in your local area as often as you can to build and promote your business.
  3. Practice what you preach.

If you could only give your clients one exercise, what would it be?

One exercise is so hard to choose, but if you’re forcing me I’ll pick a Man Maker Barbell Thruster, it’s a burpee to press up followed by a barbell thruster. Quality high energy compound exercise. Give it a whirl.

What are your training aspirations?

Right now it’s just maintenance and to stay fit and healthy. With my work commitments getting bigger and no plans of slowing down sooner or later something will have to give so football may take a back seat which will allow me to train harder in the Gym, who knows where that will take me, I’d like to maintain a single figure body fat percentage all year round. For me I believe it’s achievable and realistic so follow my Instagram account to see how I get on with that one.

Why work with Sundried?

Easy choice for me, I love what the company stands for and represents, the gears not too shabby either. I appreciate smart design and I think the clothing on offer a sundried is just that, sleek and smart. I also love the fact that anyone who orders from Sundried is supporting a charity, more people should get involved to help make a difference to those less fortunate.

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