Alister Brown Interview for Sundried

Alister Brown is an avid runner and represents Great Britain as an age group duathlete, he has entered the world of triathlon and run 4 marathons in 4 days, so he likes to keep himself busy! The next challenge is fundraising to volunteer in Turkey supporting Syrian Refugees. He tells Sundried more:

Have you always been physically active?

From the age of 8 I played Sunday league football so I've always been a little active; I was always average at a lot of sports but never really excelled in just one.

When and why did you start triathlons?

I was hospitalised after receiving a nasty tackle playing football at the age of 20 and it put me off contact sports all together. After a year not doing much I started running round the block because I could feel myself becoming sedentary. Then I met Sam Anderson at a local 10K, who's now a good friend, and she was flying in Age-Group Triathlon and winning races for fun which planted a seed in my mind. Within a year I had joined my local Triathlon club to add some challenge and excitement to my life.

Alister Brown Duathlete weaing Sundried

Why switch to duathlon?

I tried so hard to enjoy swimming but it just wasn't working out. I was impatient too which is not ideal when swimming as it takes lots of dedication and time to see small improvement your swim times. I was more of a natural runner and cycling was more interesting!

What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

Probably getting round and finishing my first long distance Duathlon at the European Championships in May this year. I hadn't trained very well with a dodgy ankle and my fitness was questionable! I had to dig in deep to finish the last run as I wasn't able to run in a straight line with 5K to go! The race photos speak a thousand words.

What are you competitive goals?

Medium term - To say 'see ya later' to my dodgy ankle and be able to think about adding to my trophy collection; of 1!

Long term - My scary dream is to one day become a pro athlete.

How do you recover between training sessions?

By eating a well balanced diet, lots of stretching, at least 8 hours of sleep a day and keeping myself hydrated.

Name you best/worst triathlons and duathlons to date and why.

My best race is probably when I finished 3rd at Hereford Duathlon - a small local race - but I remember feeling really good and even after a decent bike leg I was still able to run comfortably fast. Races like that make you feel amazing for days afterwards.

I try not to remember bad races or let them linger in my mind, but only to learn lessons and move on being a more experienced athlete - but digging in the memory bank, probably Bala Triathlon a couple years ago when I was nearly last out the water and just faded from there on with no energy to cycle or even run anywhere near the pace I was capable of; races like that are great 'mental training' and the key is to always find positives from every situation.

Tell us about your charity work and fundraising:

I have done some charity work in the past raising money for Variety, the Children's Charity by running 4 Marathons in 4 days in 2015.

However right now I am fundraising to travel to Izmir, Turkey to offer much needed assistance to some of the 80,000 Syrian refugees currently there trying to make some sort a life for themselves till they are able to return home to Syria. It's amazing how in today's world there is still so much neglect as there is not a single Government who is trying to help these people so it is down to to volunteer groups and non-governmental organisations to give up their time to proactively help these people in a sustainable and meaningful way. I have written more about it here:


Tell us about UKRunChat?

UKRunChat is an amazing Twitter based and online community. The account @UKRunChat and hashtag #ukrunchat means that runners have somewhere to go for anything running related. We just launched a new national running club called UKRunChat Running Club of which I am the club's Secretary and we aim to have running groups all across the UK for our members to meet up and get active together.

What are your top training tips for tri and duathlon?

My training tips. 1) Consistency is KING. 2) Be patient and never go for the quick fix. 3) Enjoy everything you do and be happy in what you are doing.

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