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Abbie Cartledge Personal Trainer

by Victoria Gardner
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Abbie Cartledge personal trainer

Abbie is a personal trainer who was inspired by her sporty father. She talks to Sundried about life in the fitness industry.

How did you find yourself in the world of fitness?

My dad was always a keen sportsman and he encouraged me. I found I was good at sports. I enjoyed succeeding so enjoyed sport. I was raised on football and played in a girls team. I unfortunately injured my knee which meant I couldn't play anymore so took up boxing which then became one of my favourite sports. It involved a lot of endurance training as well as strength and conditioning which I really enjoyed. So this lead me to becoming a Personal Trainer. 

What do you do to keep your clients motivated?

I set realistic but challenging targets . We have a chat about what they would like to achieve and I put together a personalised programme so with their hard work and dedication they get the results they've always desired. This way they want more. 

Talk us through your training regime.

I usually use a split routine, training 4/5 times a week. For example, Monday - back & biceps, Tuesday - chest & triceps, Wednesday - Legs & abs, Friday - full body and on Saturday I would do some HIIT. 

Do you follow a specific diet?

I eat healthily but nothing is forbidden. A little of what you really want helps you stay on track. I keep a very good balance between my training and nutrition. The only thing I don't have is alcohol but that's more choice.

I maximise protein and start the day with a good breakfast; usually either some porridge or scrambled eggs. 

I eat every couple of hours which keeps me fuelled sufficiently for work and my own training. 

How do you keep your fitness knowledge up to date?

It's a way of life for me, I want to know what's out there, I use the Internet all the time and research. I'm keen to advance my profile and take organised courses when ever I get the opportunity. 

How do you balance work and a social life?

I have a good social life. I offer my clients a pretty free choice for their instruction, at the end of the day they have social lives too so tend to find I can work around their needs. I always have a good relationship with clients, understanding stresses and their lives helps inform their program. 

If you have a night worker for example , their eating and sleeping will be very different to that of a full time mum. 

The relationship building means we can work together and if occasionally I can't do a certain time i talk to my client and come to a compromise. 

What are your top 3 trainer tips?

  1. Enjoy your excercise 
  2. Commit to it by setting small goals that you can achieve and reap the rewards
  3. Don't watch others, we are all individuals and are unique.. It's you vs you.

If you could only give your clients one exercise, what would it be?

Deadlifts - the abdominal region is an important health component in that it supports the body in almost every movement and position; deadlifts are a key core strength building movement. 

What are your training aspirations?

For myself, I'm quite happy with my body now but maintaince still needs commitment. For my team, for them to be happy with their achievements and keep pushing forwards. 

Why work with Sundried?

I take pride in what I wear and comfort is paramount especially while training. Sundried offers all I need with a comfortable fit, good look and a technical material fit for the job. 

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