Anna Holmes Nutrition Personal Trainer

Anna Holmes is a personal trainer in fantastic shape. How does she stay so lean and toned? She tells us what she eats in a typical day.


For breakfast, I usually eat 50g of oats with mixed berries or a banana with dark chocolate chunks. This is my favourite post-workout meal and I have it with a protein shake. It tastes great, especially after a tough training session!

Berries Porridge Chocolate Breakfast Tasty Nutrition


I have a few different favourites that I like to mix up for lunch each day. My two favourites are homemade chicken satay with egg noodles and broccoli and teriyaki salmon with roasted vegetables.

Teriyaki salmon egg noodles


Again, I have two favourites for dinner that I like to mix up throughout the week. These are spicy turkey burgers with Greek yoghurt, mixed salad, and sweet potato wedges, and cauliflower pizza with Cajun chicken, mozzarella, oregano and sweet chilli peppers with some rocket. The sauce is home made sundried tomato!

Spicy turkey burgers lettuce tomato nutrition food healthy


Personal trainers are allowed dessert too! I have a few healthy treat recipes that I absolutely love, like brownies and pancakes. I make my healthy brownies with sweet potato and dark chocolate and I have my protein pancakes with almond butter, dried cranberries, and sugar-free syrup.

Chocolate Brownies Healthy Sweet Potato

Protein pancakes