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Reflecting On 2017 And Goals For 2018 by Lori Westcott

by Alexandra Parren
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Lori Westcott Triathlon Runner

So the last day of 2017 and what a year it has been. This week I have taken some time to reflect on my first season and plan 2018. I am really hard on myself after races, mainly due to the fact I still don't feel I have had a race where I have reached my potential, so this is my big driving force for next year.

This year has gone better than I could ever have imagined, my best moments:

  1. 6th at Mallorca Olympic, with a time of 2.11 (the race I feel I have come closest to racing at my best)
  2. 3rd at Windsor Olympic in the ‘Race with the Stars’ wave; 5 weeks post elbow fracture
  3. First overall at Marlow half distance - my first win
  4. Winning my AG at Lanzarote 70.3 and qualifying for the World Championships in South Africa

Sundried team dillon sponsor athlete triathlon

So my goals for 2018:

  1. Winning my AG in every race
  2. A half marathon pb
  3. By the end of the year being ready to step up to Ironman distance

Finally my race plan (with a few Sprint, Olympic and half marathons thrown in for good measure):

  1. Portocolom 111(April)
  2. Barcelona 70.3 (May)
  3. Staffordshire 70.3 (June)
  4. Marlow Half Distance (July)

5 World 70.3 Championship (September)

  1. Weymouth 70.3 (September)
  2. European Middle Distance Championships (October)

Emma Pallant team dillon Lori Westcott Sundried

I am also looking forward to another year with Emma Pallant and Team Dillon Coaching, I owe so much to Emma for helping me get to the level where I am able to compete in every race and also enjoy training so much.

Thanks to my fab team, helping me live my dream.. my training partners who make those 150k long cycles so fun, Sportful, Sundried, Energy Snacks, Pulse Physical Therapy and my new sponsor; Intelligent Facilities Solutions, your support is amazing!

So 3 months of hard winter training before heading out to Mallorca for the Easter holidays!

Happy New Year everyone!

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