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Running Socks Buying Guide

by Alexandra Parren

running socks buying guide

If you're a keen runner, finding the perfect pair of running socks to see you through the countless miles is paramount. It can be surprisingly difficult to find the ideal running socks, so we've come up with this expert buying guide so that you know what to look for and can buy running socks you can count on whether you're running your first 5k or an ultra marathon.

Don't be halted by blisters

Your first port of call when looking for a new pair of running socks is whether they feature any anti-blister technology. If you run long distances or even if your feet are just prone to blisters, finding the right socks to stop them forming is a must. Of course, you can take other measures such as wearing blister plasters or slathering your feet in Vaseline, but surely wearing the right socks is much better?

Some socks are made with reinforced padding in areas of maximum impact (the heel and toes) and will have in-built anti-blister technology. It's definitely worth investing in a pair of socks like this so that pesky blisters don't ruin a potential PB or race.

Let your feet breathe

The next most important thing to look for in running socks is breathability. There are now running socks made from advanced fabrics which are super breathable and sweat-wicking, meaning your feet will stay dry no matter how much you sweat and this will prevent chafing. 

Fabrics to look out for include Coolmax, which was specifically designed to improve breathability in active clothing and underwear and as such is one of the best materials for your running socks. 

Reach for the high tops

The bane of any runners life is their socks slipping down inside their shoes. This causes an incredible amount of discomfort and can mean you have to cut your run short prematurely. Prevent this from happening by choosing running socks that finish mid-ankle. 

It's best to avoid ankle socks or 'trainer socks' as they are sometimes called, as these styles are very prone to slipping down under your heel. You don't have to wear socks that pull right up your leg if you don't like them, mid-ankle socks should be just right. 

Find the right size for you

Finally, you need to make sure you are buying the right size for you. Socks are notoriously difficult to get right when it comes to sizing and getting it wrong could be catastrophic. 

If you're serious about finding the perfect socks, measure your feet from toe to heel in centimetres and compare this to the brand's size chart. It's important to remember that all brands follow different size guidelines, so check their individual sizing when buying a product from a certain brand.

Sundried Men's Size Guide

Sundried Women's Size Guide

Castelli Size Guide

Sundried Running Socks

£15 for a pack of 2 pairs

  • Made with core spun CoolMax® and Lycra® blend for maximum breathability
  • The CoolMax® and cotton blend pulls moisture away from the skin preventing chafing and blisters
  • Hand-finished seamless toe area is incredibly durable and comfortable
  • Anti-blister technology and super soft premium materials mean you can train and race with peace of mind
  • Super soft cushioned heel provides superior support and prevents aching feet
  • High rise design won’t slip down in your shoes
  • Medium Size 39-43 EUR (UK 6.5 - 10)
  • Large Size 44-47  EUR (UK 10 - 14)

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Sundried running socks

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