There has never been a better time to purchase new activewear, technology is advancing, fitness and fashion are merging and athleisure is becoming the norm. A few years ago you’d rarely see anyone in activewear outside of the gym, unless they were running. Now, with smart watches encouraging us to be active all day, activewear is creeping into our daily wardrobe and our streets are filled with yoga pants, sports bras and gym leggings.

The rise of activewear means there is plenty of choice out there, but not all activewear is created equal. Knowing where to source the highest quality materials which support your activity can be difficult when there is so much choice, but there are things you can look for to help you find a brand you can trust.

Activewear - Running

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Activewear Online

Nowadays, shopping online is the easiest way to get hold of anything. Any item you want is no more than 3 clicks away. You don’t even need to leave the house! The great thing about the rise of internet shopping, is the rise of internet reviews. Before purchasing from an online retailer we recommend following three steps:

  1. Research the brand. Read about their ethos, do you like the brand itself? If the brand ethos doesn’t match your standards, neither will the activewear. Read our brand ethos.
  2. Check reviews. The beauty of online sales is that there are plenty of online reviews. Whilst you may not be able to see and feel the fabrics, check out reviews from bloggers who have to see if the activewear lives up to expectations.
  3. Check the company size guide. Whilst activewear is naturally stretching, ill fitting clothing can cause chaffing, be uncomfortable and worst of all affect your performance. View the Sundried men's size guide or women's size guide.

Specialised Retailers

Specialised retailers such as Nike and Adidas have huge flagship stores where you can buy their activewear. Clothing companies which specialise in activewear will deliver products with more technical function compared to those who predominantly focus on fashion as this is their area of expertise. Sundried only sell activewear, so our focus is always on performance. The Sundried collection has been trialled by triathletes to ensure the activewear can perform to the intensity you do.

High Street

The rise of athleisure has made activewear a dominant feature of everyday life and fashion retailers have brought out their own versions of fitness wear. This is great for the world of health and fitness, making health more accessible and encouraging a more active lifestyle which Sundried fully supports, we even created the concept EHOH to help keep office workers active during their working day. Whilst the high street brands may offer the greatest variety of patterns and designs, often these styles are unsupportive and make look the part but not provide the right protection. The clothing is often made factories where working conditions are poor and labour is cheap, meaning they can be sold as discount prices. Sundried protect our workers throughout the supply chain and are transparent in our production, partnering with The Low Carbon Initiative to produce our clothing ethically.

Sporting Events

Activewear brands will now also sponsor sporting events. Buying activewear from a sporting event ensures that the clothing you’re buying, is designed with the purpose to enhance your sports performance. Buy from a triathlon and the activewear is going to be designed to support a triathlon. Sundried are attending the Southend Half Marathon on 12th June and will be showcasing our activewear and providing post-run supplies to athletes.

Partnering Personal Trainers

Personal trainers have partnered with Sundried to provide their clients with Sundried as their activewear brand of choice. Sundried have partnered with some of the best PT’s in the UK to ensure our products are upheld as the premium ethical activewear. Who better to know what activewear right for your training than your personal trainer? They’re the ones writing your training programme after all. All Sundried’s staff are REPS qualified level 3 Personal Trainers who have worked in the industry and know what demands our activewear needs to meet. The Sundried collection meets the demand for stylish activewear with advanced technical function.