• Cycle Gear Buying Guide | What You Need | Cycling Clothing

    If you're new to cycling, it can be overwhelmingly difficult to figure out what you actually need from your cycling clothing. We're here with a one-stop guide to cycle gear so that you can make sure you're stocked up with everything you need without going over the top.


    Step 1: What Are Your Needs?

    Before you spend your life savings on expensive aerodynamic cycling kit, you need to figure out your personal goals and needs. Where are you going to be cycling and why? If you are using your bike to commute to and from work, you might not need dedicated cycle clothing at all. While activewear will definitely serve you better than normal casual clothing, you don't need the extensive technical capabilities that Lycra cycling gear offers if you are cycling gently to and from work each day.

    If you are training for your first sportive, then you will definitely want to invest in a good jersey and padded shorts. There are two types of cycling shorts: bib shorts and non-bib shorts. Bib shorts are ones that feature suspenders that go over your shoulders. This is designed to improve comfort and to stop the waistband of your shorts from rolling down while you cycle and keep the cycling shorts locked in place. These are the shorts of choice when cycling more seriously or over longer distances. 

    cycle clothing buying guide cycling gear kit

    Step 2: When Will You Be Cycling?

    A lot of athletes, even professionals, will admit to being 'fair weather cyclists'. This means giving cycling on a windy rainy day a pass and only donning the Lycra for a sunny day in the saddle. If this is you, and there is absolutely no shame in it, then you won't need to invest in winter cycling gear such as arm and leg warms or even a thermal jersey. If you prefer just to go cycling in the summer on pleasant days, you will be fine with just a simple training jersey and bib shorts. 

    However, if you do enjoy cycling in sub-zero temperatures or needs must because you commute by bike year-round, then you will want to invest in some heavier gear. Arm and leg warmers are typically worn during changeable spring and autumn weather but can also offer an extra layer of insulation under a long sleeve jersey or jacket or under bib tights. A thermal jacket will also be invaluable when the temperature drops below zero and a good one will protect against both rain and wind too.

    Sundried cycle kit arm warmers jersey summer winter

    Step 3: Figure Out The Essentials

    Below is a list of essential cycle kit that most if not all cyclists will need as the basics.

    The below list outlines cycling gear extras which you may or may not need depending on the criteria above.

    • Cycling arm warmers
    • Cycling leg warmers
    • Cycling skull cap
    • Long sleeve jersey
    • Thermal cycling jacket
    • Cycling gilet
    • Bib tights

    The more serious you get about cycling, the more kit you'll need. If you are a complete beginner, keep it simple and just stock up on the essentials. A good cycling jersey will feature sizeable pockets to the back which will allow you to store valuables such as keys and phone as well as fuel provisions for long rides. Some jerseys feature a zip pocket for added security as well as reflective detailing for cycling in low light.

    Sundried cycle kit summer winter

    What To Look For In Cycle Clothing

    If you're new to cycling, you won't necessarily know what you need from your cycle clothing. Read on for a comprehensive guide on what to look for in your cycle clothing and detailed information on the best features different pieces of cycle kit should include.

    Cycling Jersey

    A good cycling jersey will feature pockets to the back, usually three, which are large enough to store an array of food and fuel for long rides as well as your smart phone and valuables such as keys. Good jerseys will feature a zip pocket for added security and peace of mind as well as reflective detailing for safety when riding in low light.

    You should expect your cycling jersey to feature some grip to the arms so that they don't roll up as you move as well as grip to the hem for the same reason. The main point of wearing Lycra cycling gear is for aerodynamic purposes and so you want all edges and trim to be neat and tidy, not rolling up and distracting you while you cycle.

    Bib Shorts

    Bib shorts are padded cycle shorts that feature suspenders that go over your shoulders to stop the top of the shorts from rolling over and causing discomfort. Good suspenders on your bib shorts will be long enough not to be restrictive to your shoulders or overall movement. They should be soft and made of high quality breathable material.

    Bib shorts should always feature silicone grippers to the bottom of the legs to stop them riding up for comfort and aerodynamic purposes. 

    Arm and leg warmers

    Arm and leg warmers are worn in changeable weather when you might head out on a cold morning but after a couple of hours in the saddle you're sweating buckets and need to remove a few layers. A good pair of arm or leg warms will feature silicone grippers to the top so that they stay in place. You should also look out for leg warmers that feature zips to the bottom so that the fit can be personalised to you for added comfort. Make sure they are made from sweat wicking material so that they don't make your arms and legs end up drenched in sweat.

    Thermal cycling jacket

    A good cycling jacket will protect you against both the wind and the rain. Look out for water resistant materials that will protect you from the elements and keep you comfortable. Any good thermal jacket will also keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures, otherwise you might as well just wear a long sleeve jersey. If you're going to fork out for a heavy-duty jacket for deep winter, make sure it's going to do its job properly and stop you from feeling the cold in as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

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  • Mens Leggings

    Wear your mens leggings with confidence. Whether you're a runner, cyclist, or gym goer – mens leggings are for you. This buying guide will give you all the information you need to buy the right mens leggings for you. Buy men's leggings to enhance your performance and improve your training.

    Mens Leggings Sundried Shop Now Where To Buy

    Shop mens leggings now

    Mens Leggings

    If you were to ask one hundred guys what they think about wearing leggings to the gym, over half of them would probably say it's a no-go. However, it has recently become a rising trend and as the activewear market grows, so does the popularity of wearing men's leggings and tights to the gym.

    Compression wear and compression leggings are gaining increasing popularity in our workout wardrobes, and this is because the technology has advanced and wearing compression tights can enhance your training.

    Mens Leggings

    Leggings for men

    What to look for from your men's leggings. The benefits of wearing men's leggings and tights for running and to the gym, including features and functionality.

    Wind Chill

    Wrapping up in leggings can prevent wind chill whereas loose clothing allows wind to get trapped between the garment and your skin. Mens leggings provide a streamlined shield between your skin and the wind. Tight leggings also reduce drag in the wind.


    Leggings will help to keep you warm and are a better option than sweatpants. They offer extra warmth for your legs, without the extra weight of joggers or the dreaded cold draft from the wind.

    Sweat Wicking

    Sweat wicking materials keep your body cool and comfortable because of their ability to lift moisture from the skin's surface. Wearing wicking leggings in the summer can provide a drying effect and stop you overheating as well as providing exceptional temperature control. In the cold winter months, wearing moisture-wicking leggings can be effective for both controlling moisture and providing an additional layer of insulation.

    Prevents Chafing and Rashes

    Chafing is painful and once the rash sets in, it’s difficult to treat because there’s no convenient way to keep your thighs from touching for an entire week. A combination of sweat wicking fabrics and compression gear is the perfect defence and helps to prevent painful rashes as well.

    Enhanced Recovery

    Research in The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported that wearing compression gear has a moderate effect following workouts that typically lead to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). That is, it helps to lessen the severity and/or duration of DOMS.

    Mens Leggings for Running

    Tips for Fitting Men's Leggings

    To reap the rewards from all the benefits of mens leggings, you need to fit the tight right.

    1.Total coverage is key

    If you’re tall, you could end up with cold ankles. What’s worse than cold ankles? Cold ankles and see through leggings. Try your leggings on under different lights to make sure they stay opaque, especially if going commando underneath!

    1. Make sure they stay up

    Just because your leggings are made of spandex, it doesn’t mean they are going to hold up, simply because every body is built differently so it can be hard to compensate with a one size fits all. Opt for leggings with extra support such as the Roteck Legging which have a drawstring waist to offer a personalised fit. Having to keep pulling up your leggings can really interfere with an otherwise good training session.

    1. There is such a thing as too tight

    Wearing tights that are too tight will prevent you benefiting from the compression and can cut off circulation and chafe. When leggings are too tight they don't lay right. Seams on running tights are often designed to follow the lines of your muscles, providing support to the major muscles like your hamstrings and quads, a seam in the wrong place can be detrimental to your performance.

    1. Have a place for you valuables

    A good pair of leggings will find space for your valuables even when they're super tight. Running with an extra bag for your valuables defeats the point of light weight, streamlined bottoms. It’s also worth testing that your valuables won’t pull your leggings down before you go out on a long run.

    1. Quality Materials

    If the materials used aren't up to scratch, it’s only a matter of time before they loose their integrity and become either see-through, saggy, or both. Opt for leggings which use high quality materials that are durable and long-lasting.

    Mens Leggings Fashion

    When it comes to leggings for fashion, it is something that has definitely not caught on as much as the women's leggings for daywear. Mens fashion leggings will typically be designed as a functional piece of training clothing. Leggings typically are a highly technical garment worn for running or int he gym. The Sundried leggings are black and understated in design. Our mens black leggings are developed with gym and running in mind. The sweat wicking material acts as heat control meaning as you work harder and warm up your legs can perspire naturally. With the right leggings you may want to wear them all day. Get the choice of leggings wrong and you will be hot one minute, cold the next and you will be striping them off at the first opportunity. 

    How to wear men's running tights?

    Is it okay to wear mens gym leggings without shorts?


    • Streamlined performance
    • Flexible range of motion
    • Shows off the body you’ve earned
    • Lightweight support
    • Comfort


    • It can be cold without shorts
    • Wearing shorts over the top can improve your confidence

    Gym Leggings

    Mens Leggings – Your Questions Answered

    Mens leggings still cause a fair bit of debate and you may find you've got some questions. Here are some of the most popular questions people are asking about mens leggings.

    What are seamless leggings?

    Seamless clothing means that the clothing is made without stitching. This gives a super comfortable feel without the possibility of chafing or itching and improves the freedom of movement, perfect for sports clothing. All of Sundried's activewear is made with multi-way stretch materials so that you can bend, stretch, and jump to your full potential without being held back by your fitness clothing.

    Seamless leggings are made without a seam and are made from one piece of material. This is a fairly new innovation and is becoming hugely popular due to being very form-flattering and comfortable. For mens leggings, seamless means you can comfortably wear under shorts for running and outdoor training to keep you warm as a subtle base layer.

    Are gym leggings the same as running leggings?

    Gym leggings and running leggings will vary slightly in both their design and their functionality. When running, you are likely to be outdoors and possibly at night, so running leggings will often feature reflective detailing - like that found on the Sundried Roteck 3.0 mens leggings - so that you can be seen and stay safe when running in the dark

    Running leggings are also more likely to feature pockets to store you valuables and a drawstring waist so that they stay put when you bounce and move. On the other hand, gym leggings will usually feature a more subtle design so that you can squat, jump, and lunge without restriction. 

    What are compression leggings?

    Compression technology is thought to aid circulation and improve recovery, however the proof is inconclusive. Some people find that wearing compression leggings improves their performance. Compression leggings will be much tighter than regular leggings in an attempt to support the muscles.

    Got more questions about mens leggings? Ask us using the form below and we'll answer!

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  • Sustainable Fashion – Your Ultimate Guide

    Have you been hearing the phrase 'sustainable fashion' a lot lately? You're not the only one. 2018 has been the year of the conscience as the world wakes up to the reality of the global plastic pollution crisis and the damage that we are doing to the planet. This is your ultimate guide to sustainable fashion and will answer all your questions about this important growing trend. 

    Sustainable Fashion Ultimate Guide Ethical Activewear

    What is ethical and sustainable fashion?

    Shockingly, the fashion industry is the world's second largest pollutant behind only the oil industry. Isn't it incredible to think about the clothes you're wearing causing almost as much harm to the planet as the drilling of oil and emissions created by all the aeroplanes, buses, cars, and motorbikes in the entire world? Stop to really think about that for a moment. 

    sustainable fashion pollutant facts stats

    If clothing companies do nothing to change their practises, the global plastic pollution crisis as well as greenhouse gases and other toxic results will take their toll on our planet and our health. That's where ethical and sustainable fashion comes in. 

    Sustainable fashion is that which is produced responsibly with low carbon emissions, ideally from recycled materials, and vows to treat everyone in the supply chain fairly and with respect. This means no more sweat shops, no more textile factory disasters, and significantly reduced pollution. Not only this, it aims to educate consumers on moving towards a 'zero waste' lifestyle by not buying cheap clothing only to wear it once (or never!) and then throw it away and it stay in landfill for years to come. 

    greenhouse gas emissions textiles

    Which clothing companies are ethical?

    Thankfully, the sustainable and eco living movement is gaining traction day on day and there are numerous environmentally friendly clothing companies out there which are fully sustainable and ethical. Even huge corporations like H&M are striving to change their ways and begin to adopt more ethical practises and become more eco conscious. 

    Zara Williams is a sustainability consultant to several large brands and companies. She explains, "In my role as a sustainability consultant I advise a number of different companies on how to manage their environmental and social risks. Projects include working to improve employment conditions throughout the supply chain and monitoring and managing energy and water consumption and waste management. As we work with lots of different companies on a range of projects no day is the same which is great as it means I'm constantly learning and it rarely gets boring."

    Ethical activewear brand Sundried produces beautiful activewear from 100% recycled materials including plastic bottles and even coffee grounds! Every purchase includes a donation to partner charity Water For Kids and the supply chain is fully transparent from source to sale so you know that the people who made your clothes were treated fairly and with respect in good working conditions. This is a stellar example of a sustainable fashion brand. 

    What is the most eco friendly fabric?

    When you think fabric, which do you think of? Cotton? Polyester? Denim? You'd be surprised at just how many different fabrics and fabric blends there are available these days. One type you may not have thought about is recycled fabrics. These ethically-sourced and super green eco materials are made in sustainable processes from raw materials like coffee grounds, bamboo, fruit, and even other materials like plastic. 

    Recycled fabrics are very eco friendly as they produce less than a quarter of the carbon emissions of polyester and a third of the emissions of cotton. Additionally, producing cotton and manufacturing it into the clothes you're wearing today uses a lot of resources such as water and energy. The production of recycled materials and eco friendly fabrics uses far less water and is all-round better for the environment. 

    Sundried ethical activewear recycled coffee grounds

    The Sundried Olperer T-Shirt (pictured above) is made from 100% recycled coffee grounds, a super eco friendly fabric.

    Why is sustainable fashion important?

    There is a new phrase being thrown around the media at the moment which is 'circular economy'. When you think about a basic economy, we do three things: make, use, dispose. This is particularly prevalent in the fast fashion industry in which cheap clothing is mass produced and sold, bought at rock bottom prices by people who don't think anything of it, and then thrown in the bin and in turn taken to landfill. This is hugely damaging to the environment and is not sustainable, that is to say we cannot continue like this.

    Alternatively, a circular economy is one which goes against this age-old practice by introducing a new method whereby we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life. To apply this to ethical activewear, this would mean investing in a piece of high quality clothing like a running vest made from recycled materials, taking care of it by washing it carefully and not drying it in the extreme heat of a tumble dryer, and using it for several years without buying a new one. 

    circular economy infographic WRAP Sundried

    Infographic courtesy of WRAP

    Sustainable fashion is important because a non-circular economy cannot live on indefinitely and eventually we will run out of resources and find ourselves with an unmanageable amount of landfill and waste on our planet. In a circular economy and with the likes of sustainable fashion, it is possible to continue indefinitely in a manageable way that is not damaging to the environment or the health and well-being of people. 

    Fast fashion

    'Fast fashion' is a term that describes how quickly clothing is mass produced, marketed, and bought in the current market. Clothing retailers like Primark are currently under scrutiny for selling clothing so cheaply as this is said to fuel the fast fashion frenzy and encourage shoppers to buy lots of cheap items, not care for them, and then discard them after only a few wears. 

    fast fashion impact BBC News

    Infographic courtesy of BBC

    Why is fast fashion bad?

    There is evidence to show that:

    • British shoppers buy far more new clothes than any nation in Europe.
    • People are buying twice as many items of clothing as they did a decade ago.
    • Fish in the seas are eating synthetic fibres dislodged in the wash.

    Cheap clothing encourages a 'throw away' society where everything is disposable. This is bad for the environment as landfills are filling up with rubbish and the oceans are filling up with plastic. The more we produce and consume, the more our planet suffers.

    It is not only our environment that is suffering from fast fashion. Have you ever stopped to think about who exactly made those cheap t-shirts for sale in Primark? It's time for big brands and large clothing companies to be more transparent about their production chains and how their workers are treated.

    This is why the slow fashion movement is so important and is also why the campaign 'who made my clothes' was created. 

    who made my clothes fast fashion sustainable fashion

    Image courtesy of Trusted Clothes sustainability blog

    What is the slow fashion movement?

    The 'slow fashion' movement is a new campaign that aims to educate consumers on their purchases and to question the ethics of the fashion they are buying. 

    Sundried handmade in Portugal

    Sundried clothing being handmade in Portugal

    Sustainable fashion is the future

    The most influential part of modern life, whether we like it or not, is money. Until this changes, animals, humans and the environment will continue to be abused in the name of profit. Socially responsible companies aim to maximise long-term profits whilst balancing a respect for wider social issues.

    It’s easy to think that just one person won’t make a difference.

    The faster ethically responsible companies grow, the more pressure they will place on other companies, investors, and banks to move away from unethical practices. As irresponsible practices are being forced under the spotlight, public concern is growing over the treatment of animals, people and the environment, making companies involved in these areas less viable in the long term as we become more educated about how our products are made.

    Socially responsible investments are now more widely recognised as safe long term investment strategies. The combination of consumer, investment and business pressure can bring about lasting change – change which will benefit people, animals and the environment.

    The Ethical Consumer 2015 report found we’re starting to support ethical products: the value of the ethical market has grown from £35 billion to £38 billion.

    Sustainable fashion market analysis

    The fashion industry isn’t all doom and gloom. Ethical fashion is no longer just a niche sector; it’s becoming part of the mainstream fashion industry.

    • 48% of US millennial consumers choose brands that actively support social causes (BCG, 2014)
    • 50% of US adults identify as ‘green consumers’
    • 13% identify as ‘super green’ meaning they purchase organic and sustainable products, are informed about the products they buy, and expect retailers to keep environmental damage to a minimum (Forrester, 2013)

    Delivering premium style and technical function in an ethical way requires extensive research and extra time, but good things come to those who wait. 

    "Eco fashion is now a $5 billion per year industry, whereas just ten years ago it hadn’t even cracked $1 billion. This might still be a small share of global revenue, but its growth signals a major shift." - Ethea

    Sustainability issues in the fashion industry

    There are many varied sustainability issues in the fashion industry. These can be put into two main categories: environmental factors and social factors;

    There are many environmental issues in the fashion industry: chemicals, waste, pollution, energy, and water.

    There are also many social issues: working hours, modern slavery, child labour, regular employment, and healthy & safety. 

    It's very important to question the ethics of the brands you support and the clothing companies that you buy from. Question all of the above aspects and make these large corporations face the hard facts that this is not sustainable long term and something has to change, and change soon. 

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  • Running Socks Buying Guide

    running socks buying guide

    If you're a keen runner, finding the perfect pair of running socks to see you through the countless miles is paramount. It can be surprisingly difficult to find the ideal running socks, so we've come up with this expert buying guide so that you know what to look for and can buy running socks you can count on whether you're running your first 5k or an ultra marathon.

    Don't be halted by blisters

    Your first port of call when looking for a new pair of running socks is whether they feature any anti-blister technology. If you run long distances or even if your feet are just prone to blisters, finding the right socks to stop them forming is a must. Of course, you can take other measures such as wearing blister plasters or slathering your feet in Vaseline, but surely wearing the right socks is much better?

    Some socks are made with reinforced padding in areas of maximum impact (the heel and toes) and will have in-built anti-blister technology. It's definitely worth investing in a pair of socks like this so that pesky blisters don't ruin a potential PB or race.

    Let your feet breathe

    The next most important thing to look for in running socks is breathability. There are now running socks made from advanced fabrics which are super breathable and sweat-wicking, meaning your feet will stay dry no matter how much you sweat and this will prevent chafing. 

    Fabrics to look out for include Coolmax, which was specifically designed to improve breathability in active clothing and underwear and as such is one of the best materials for your running socks. 

    Reach for the high tops

    The bane of any runners life is their socks slipping down inside their shoes. This causes an incredible amount of discomfort and can mean you have to cut your run short prematurely. Prevent this from happening by choosing running socks that finish mid-ankle. 

    It's best to avoid ankle socks or 'trainer socks' as they are sometimes called, as these styles are very prone to slipping down under your heel. You don't have to wear socks that pull right up your leg if you don't like them, mid-ankle socks should be just right. 

    Find the right size for you

    Finally, you need to make sure you are buying the right size for you. Socks are notoriously difficult to get right when it comes to sizing and getting it wrong could be catastrophic. 

    If you're serious about finding the perfect socks, measure your feet from toe to heel in centimetres and compare this to the brand's size chart. It's important to remember that all brands follow different size guidelines, so check their individual sizing when buying a product from a certain brand.

    Sundried Men's Size Guide

    Sundried Women's Size Guide

    Castelli Size Guide

    Sundried Running Socks

    £15 for a pack of 2 pairs

    • Made with core spun CoolMax® and Lycra® blend for maximum breathability
    • The CoolMax® and cotton blend pulls moisture away from the skin preventing chafing and blisters
    • Hand-finished seamless toe area is incredibly durable and comfortable
    • Anti-blister technology and super soft premium materials mean you can train and race with peace of mind
    • Super soft cushioned heel provides superior support and prevents aching feet
    • High rise design won’t slip down in your shoes
    • Medium Size 39-43 EUR (UK 6.5 - 10)
    • Large Size 44-47  EUR (UK 10 - 14)

    Buy Now

    Sundried running socks

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  • Guide To Buying Womens Leggings

    Sundried guide to buying women's leggings sportswear activewear

    There are so many different types of womens leggings that it can be hard to know where to start. That's why we've created this definitive guide to buying womens leggings so that you can find what works best for you and your needs.

    Womens gym leggings

     The leggings you buy will be dependant on your goals and current training style. When it comes to gym leggings there is lots of choice and you don't need to worry so much about performance, instead focusing on appearance and style. The Sundried Ruinette 2.0 Leggings come in three trendy colours - black, blue, and grey - and are seamless for superior comfort. The luxury materials are produced in Portugal and are super soft to the touch. They are high waisted so they will cinch your waist and you can wear them with just a sports bra or crop top if you like. They are made with sweat-wicking fabrics so that the harder you work at the gym, the more they perform. They don't feature pockets or reflective trim so they are best for gym workouts and are simple enough to be perfect for low impact exercise like walking or yoga. 

    What To Look For In Gym Leggings:

    • Fashionable and stylish
    • Seamless
    • Comfortable
    • Flexible
    • Flattering
    • Simple
    • Sweat-wicking


    Womens running leggings

    When it comes to running leggings, you need a product that will perform at a high level and will be comfortable for miles and miles. There's nothing worse than heading out for a long run but having to turn back early because your leggings are driving you mad by slipping down or riding up. They also need to have pockets for your valuables and reflective trim for running at night. The Sundried Ruinette Leggings have all of these features so that you can go for a great run and not be inhibited by your leggings. 

    Womens gym leggings running leggings black leggings Sundried

    What To Look For In Running Leggings:

    • Pockets for valuables
    • Reflective trim for running in low light
    • Adjustable drawstring waist so they don't slip down
    • Technical qualities for performance

    For more in depth information about buying running leggings, read our Guide To Buying Running Tights.

    Black leggings

    Everyone needs their staple pair of black leggings. The worst thing is buying a pair and then discovering they go see-through when you bend over due to cheap or thin material. That's why it's important to read reviews and to invest in a quality pair of black leggings made from premium materials. The Sundried Ruinette 2.0 black women's leggings are made from luxury Portuguese materials which won't snag or go see through as you bend. They are also designed in a compression-fit style so they will hug your form and flatter your curves.

    The original Sundried Ruinette Tights are made from a more elastic material for more freedom of movement. The comfortable fabric won't restrict your movement but is thick enough to stay opaque no matter how much you move and bend. With a drawstring to the waist you can personalise the fit and there's a discreet pocket at the back for storing your valuables. 

    Sundried leggings black leggings running stylish fashion gym wear

    Capri leggings

    Capri leggings are a typed of cropped legging which are perfect for training in warmer weather. If you don't want to wear heavy, thick gym tights, you'll definitely want to invest in a good pair of capri leggings. Most sportswear brands will have a cropped version of their long leggings, like the Sundried Ruinette Capris which take all the best features of the Ruiniette 2.0 Leggings and put them in a cropped legging. They come in black and blue so they will match most stylish exercise outfits and come with matching sports bras for a perfect gym outfit. Your capri pants could finish mid-shin or just below the knee, so make sure you check that the length is what you are expecting. 

    Sundried capri pants leggings cropped tights

    High waisted leggings

    We all love a good pair of high waisted sports leggings to flatter our figure and skim our curves where it matters. High waisted leggings are also perfect paired with a stylish sports bra or crop top for effortless style which can translate to casual everyday wear as well as gym attire. Make sure the leggings come as high as you want without being too high so as to restrict your movement. 

     Sundried high waisted sports leggings gym wear cute fashion

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