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This year fashion and fitness have fused, silhouette hugging leggings and sweat wicking tops have dominated our shopping carts, both in the highstreet and online, but why?


Social media has made fitness a community, you may follow and talk training with hundreds of people you’ve never actually met, but you connect over a shared passion. Fitness is very much the ‘in thing’ at the moment as we love to watch other people's progress, workouts and of course ‘belfies’. That’s a selfie of your bum to show your #glutegains, incase you didn’t know.

There are tons of ways to connect through fitness, whether it's via social media, liking a person’s fit pics to following along to a live workout. Then there’s the in app based community worlds of Nikeplus, Strava and Myfitnesspal - to name a few, we’re constantly comparing our stats to others, battling for the best time, best burn or best results.

Then there’s the communities who develop into tribes, pledging allegiance to particular fitness trends or classes such as Soulcycle, Barry’s Bootcamp and CrossFit.

It seems whatever we’re doing fitness wise, someone is watching or tracking, if they’re not it’ll be saved for a later post on facebook. With eyes on us at all times, we’ve got to look good when working out and part of that is having fashionable, on trend activewear.

2.Celebrities are endorsing fitness products

Celebrities are turning to fitness and fitness is turning into celebrities. It seems a new workout dvd is released by a celebrity every month, each promising you results in less and less time - we’re down to 3 minutes now! Equally the world of fitness has turned our fitspo faves into celebrities themselves, with a reach of 450 thousand +, the following of fitness, be it fad or lifestyle, is huge.

3. Athleisure

The combining of athletic apparel for leisure and everyday wear has exploded the activewear market. From the gym to the office and from the office to happy hour, millennials more relaxed approach to fashion has transformed fitness clothing into a trend we can adopt and wear for almost anything. It’s led to trendier, more stylish designs and with the catwalk and celebrities following trend, it appears athleisure is here to stay.

Athleisure has made activewear social. Whereas before, the excuse to not workout would simply be “I’m going out” meeting friends, now it’s become the norm to meet your friends for a fitness class or a workout and a coffee.

4. Technology

It’s not just the clothing that’s become huge in the last year, we’ve started concentrating on an overall picture of health and wellbeing. 1 in 6 people own a fitness tracker. We’re constantly tracking our every move, it’s trendy to book into fitness classes with your friends. Fitness has become a cult, whereas before it used to be embarrassing to go to the gym, now it’s something to brag about. Wearing the right clothing, tracking activity and doing the right workout is all very on trend.

5. Health is Wealth

The rise in activewear and focus on fitness wearables has come as part of a shift in culture to focus on health and wellbeing.

Wellness is becoming a widespread epidemic as the movement from healthcare to well being grows. Our clothes, watches, wearables and phones are allowing us to be connected to our own personal wellness ecosystems 24/7 and brands are creating more and more activewear to keep us looking the part.

The quest for wellness has become more popular with people have taking more active roles in seeking to improve their health outside of the gym from wearing a Fitbit to clean eating. It’s also become more popular and more normal to brag. We don’t think anything of people posting pictures in which are borderline pornographic in their undies if it’s accompanied by #progresspic or #legsday. Our health and wellness values have changed and looking good is as important as feeling good, if not more.
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