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Coolmax – What It Is And Why You Should Know About It

by Alexandra Parren
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You may have heard of Coolmax before if you've bought certain sporting products such as the Sundried running socks, but what actually is it? We take a closer look at this smart fabric and why you should be choosing sports products that use it.

What is Coolmax fabric made out of?

Coolmax is a brand name like Sundried or Lycra and is a type of polyester fabric that was developed by American company Invista who make pioneering advancements in fabrics such as nylon, spandex, and polyester. 

Coolmax was designed to have improved breathability over natural fibres like cotton to achieve better performance in athletes. Wearing clothing and underwear made from super breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics like Coolmax means that moisture is drawn away from the skin and can evaporate so that when you sweat you are not left feeling damp and uncomfortable. This is especially effective in running socks like the ones sold by Sundried as it prevents blisters and uncomfortable chafing.

When was moisture wicking fabric invented?

Coolmax was developed in 1986 by Invita (which was then called DuPont Textiles and Interiors) however a patent for moisture wicking was not filed until 1998 by Robert Kasdan and Stanley Kornblum who found that a synthetic knit fabric made up of micro-fibre yarn had wicking properties.

Fabrics like Coolmax are synthetically produced in order to enhance the technical capabilities of the material. Coolmax dries 5 times faster than cotton, however newer more pioneering materials such as the recycled materials on offer by Sundried dry over 200 times faster than cotton, taking this innovation to a new level.

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