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3 Benefits Of Using A Reusable Water Bottle

by Alexandra Parren

If you think that one person can't change the world, think again. By investing in a reusable water bottle, you could not only improve your own health, you could help to improve the health of the environment too. Here are 3 great reasons why you should get a reusable water bottle instead of relying on single use.

why use a reusable water bottle single use plastic BPA free Sundried

1. It's better for the environment

Every 60 seconds, an incredible 1 million single-use plastic bottles are bought around the world. What's even more shocking is that this number is expected to jump 20% by the year 2021. By using a reusable water bottle, you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually, so if you think that one person can't make a difference – you can!

2. It's better for your finances

In the UK, a 1L single-use bottle of water will set you back around £1. In the US, a bottle of water can set you back up to $2. On average, every person in the US will go through 13 water bottles a month which is almost $30 a month spent just on buying water bottles! By investing in a high quality reusable water bottle you could save almost $360 a year, or in the UK about £160. 

3. It's better for your health

Single-use plastic bottles contain a chemical called BPA – bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. BPA is found in rigid, transparent plastics like water bottles and could be harmful to your health. Most if not all reusable water bottles are made from BPA-free plastics and therefore are much better for you.

Additionally, if you're someone who regularly forgets to drink enough water or struggles to stay hydrated, having a water bottle with you at all times could make a huge difference. A reusable water bottle can sit on your desk while you're at work and can go to the gym with you. It'll help remind you to keep drinking and by being able to see how much you've drunk, it'll be a wake-up call if you don't drink enough!

Treat yourself to Sundried's best-selling reusable water bottle now.

Sundried reusable water bottle

Sundried reusable Tritan plastic BPA-free water bottleBuy now from Sundried.
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