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Fuel For Sport Core Nutrition Meal Prep Review

fuel for sport core nutrition sundried meal prep review

Fuel For Sport Core Nutrition is a new meal prep company providing ready-to-eat meals for those who have a busy lifestyle but still want to eat healthily. We were lucky enough to be able to try some of their meals and give our verdict. 


The meals come in vacuum packs which means they don't need to be refrigerated which is a huge convenience, especially for those who travel a lot or need to take food to some sort of event where refrigeration or storage isn't possible.

Each meal has a 12 month shelf life which seems a little long, I prefer knowing that my food is fresh so that it's more nutritionally beneficial. Despite the claim that the meals have a 12 month shelf life, the best before end on mine are August 2018 so it makes me wonder were they made last year!? The only downside to the convenience of these meals is that there's no way of knowing when they were produced and therefore no way of knowing how fresh or otherwise they may be.

The meals can be eaten hot or cold and fit into standard Tupperware containers meaning they are perfect for personal trainers, those in active jobs, or just anyone who wants a proper meal on the go.

Nutrition Information

There is between 28g and 40g of protein per meal which is fairly decent, but they are also very high in carbohydrate (upwards of 50g for every meal). The easy way around this would just be not eating all of the pasta or rice, but this seems a little wasteful. 

The meals are designed to be high calorie so as to be a complete, filling meal which sits well with me. If you're hungry at work or after a tough training session, one of these meals is exactly what you need. If you are trying to lose weight by following a low-calorie diet, these are not for you.


Turkey Meatballs and Wholewheat Pasta

This was the first meal that I tried from Fuel For Sport. I warmed it up in the microwave which was super easy and also very quick. The overall meal was tasty with great seasoning and a lovely texture. The meatballs were well flavoured and were an excellent size. The macros are quite decent although 63g of carbs in one meal is fairly high for me. I had this as a post-workout meal after a long run and even then it was so big I couldn't finish it! Definitely no complaints there though, it means you're getting value for money.

turkey meatballs and wholewheat pasta meal prep

Mexican Tuna Pasta

This was the second meal I tried and had it as lunch at work. As such, I had this one cold from a Tupperware container and it was still very enjoyable even though it wasn't warmed up. I found it so convenient being able to bring it to work and I actually looked forward to my lunch break knowing I had a hearty meal to enjoy! I always get very hungry in the afternoon at work so it was perfect being able to have a proper meal to keep me satisfied.

The pasta was a little dry and had a texture like cardboard; it was a little unsettling the way it came out of the package all in one lump! The perils of vacuum packing I suppose. The beans and sweetcorn add a lovely texture and the flavour is fantastic with a hint of spiciness. This meal was definitely better than anything I could have made myself at home which means it's definitely value for money.

mexican tuna pasta high protein meal

Thai Chicken Curry

I warmed this one up to have for lunch at home after a long weekend run. Sadly this was the first one that I didn't really like. The curry was a lot more watery than I was expecting, but this did mean the meal wasn't too dry at least. The chicken was quite dry, however, and fairly chewy and tasteless. The overall flavour of the curry was okay, but I didn't really enjoy the texture. I think a Thai chicken curry is perhaps something best prepared and served using fresh ingredients and not stored in a vacuum packed container for months.

thai chicken curry healthy meal personal trainer bodybuilding

Chicken and Tomato Curry

This curry was actually much nicer than the Thai chicken curry with its rich tomato flavour and thicker sauce. The rice was still a little undercooked for my liking, I'd say I preferred the meals that feature the wholewheat pasta. Still, it was a tasty meal and definitely filled me up.

chicken and tomato curry high protein meal

Chilli and Rice

This was another that I brought to work in a Tupperware container to eat cold at my desk. The rice looked a little odd, not like the nice fluffy rice I'm used to, and tasted extremely crunchy. I actually like my rice cooked al dente, but this was a little much. Apart from the rice, this meal was very enjoyable. Another hearty meal which filled me up and left me feeling satisfied for the rest of the afternoon. The chilli had a great texture and flavour and tasted very authentic, as if it had been made at home the night before. This meal has a much better ratio of macros, with 40g of protein to 56g of carbs. It's certainly and does taste good, it's just a shame about the rice on this occasion. 

chilli rice healthy meal prep food nutrition


I am so impressed by these meals! I actually had very low expectations because I have tried meals from meal prep companies before and was very disappointed, I found that they were just very basic foods stuffed into a Tupperware container which I could have easily done myself and didn't even provide nutritional information. Fuel For Sport give a great first impression because their branding and packaging is very attractive, user-friendly, and enticing. The nutritional information is stated boldly and readily on the front and you know exactly what to expect thanks to the fantastic photos on the front.

The convenience is also superb as you don't need to refrigerate the meals and they can be eaten hot or cold. They are easy to transport and it's great knowing you've got a high quality, tasty meal to look forward to. They taste great and are interesting meals, not just the standard plain chicken and rice! 

These meals are perfect for anyone who has a busy lifestyle or just doesn't have the means to cook a lavish meal either at work or on the go. They are definitely more suitable for those who are active and need to refuel after burning a lot of calories rather than those on low-calorie diets. My only concern is that the food is not fresh when you eat it, so my score for Fuel For Sport Core Nutrition is a 9 out of 10!

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