• Primal Pantry Paleo Protein Bars Review

    Primal Pantry Product Review Sundried

    Primal Pantry's handmade cold-pressed products are all made in the UK with headquarters in Kent. Primal Pantry was founded by nutritionist Suzie Walker in 2013 when she wanted to find some healthy snacks for her kids that weren't packed with sugar and artificial ingredients. I was thrilled when they sent me a box of their goodies to try!

    There is up to 10g of protein per bar which is great for those who need a protein boost in their afternoon snack or if you struggle to hit your daily protein consumption. Each bar contains no more than 6 ingredients which is fantastic. In this modern world, snacks can be packed with all sorts of nasty additives and extras, but Primal Pantry strip it back to basics and keep it simple which I love. One of the common ingredients in the bars is coconut nectar which is a low GI cane sugar alternative. It is the perfect natural plant-based alternative to artificial sweetener or sugar used in most products these days. The bars contain nothing artificial or chemical and they are vegan, raw, and paleo. They do contain nuts so are not suitable for those with an allergy. The packaging is very attractive and the branding is modern and appealing. 

    Primal Pantry Sundried Product Review

    Cocoa Orange

    This bar is from the protein range that Primal Pantry offers and packs 19% protein in a 55g bar. It has a very deep taste of orange and the fact it comes from real dried orange rather than artificial flavouring really shines through. There are tasty little crunches in each bite to keep the texture interesting and it is very moreish! The chocolate taste from the cocoa will cure a sweet tooth craving but it is much healthier than a classic chocolate bar.

    Apple & Pecan

    This bar is quite soft compared to the others, and the apple flavour is refreshing and tangy. As with the orange bar, you can tell that the fruit flavouring is not artificial and instead comes from organic fair trade apples, which means it's ethical too! Pecan nuts are absolutely packed full of various vitamins and minerals, which means that this bar provides numerous health benefits as well as being super tasty!

    Coconut & Macadamia

    The coconut & macadamia bar is made from dates, macadamia nuts, cashews, coconut and a hint of almond oil. That's it! Just five ingredients, meaning it is completely vegan and paleo. Macadamia nuts are a rich source of Vitamin A and iron meaning they can help contribute to better circulation and support a healthy immune system so there are plenty of health benefits to this bar. The coconut flavour is very strong so if you love coconut you'll love this as a snack, or with your morning cup of coffee. 

    Cocoa Brownie

    The cocoa brownie was definitely my favourite flavour, it's so satisfying! Often, after I eat an energy bar or a protein bar, they're so moreish that I'm left wanting more and more, but somehow Primal Pantry has absolutely cracked it as I felt perfectly satisfied after eating this bar! It's lovely and chocolatey, so it cures that sweet tooth or afternoon chocolate craving. And knowing that it's vegan and paleo means it's guilt-free! I predicted that this flavour would be my favourite and it absolutely was.

    Mixed Berries

    This flavour was also a personal highlight as it was so fresh and delicious. The mixed berries include raspberries, apricots, and goji berries, so there is a good mix of super fruits in there! Goji berries contain high levels of antioxidants which provide fantastic health benefits, and they also promote healthy skin and eyes so you'll end up glowing if you eat enough! I wondered if this flavour would be nut-free but it does include almonds, so not appropriate for those with a nut allergy or intolerance.


    I love how simple these bars are, they really are just made from simple, natural ingredients which could be found in my kitchen, so I know that what I'm eating is healthy and not overly processed. The bars are all true to flavour with interesting textures and combinations of fruits and nuts. They are satisfying enough that you don't find yourself reaching for one and then another and then another, which I can be guilty of! I think Primal Pantry would do well to do a completely nut-free version so that those with an allergy can enjoy them too, so it's a 9 from me!

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  • Kate Percy's Go Bites NEW Fruity Flavours Review

    Kate Percy Go Bites fitness healthy snack

    Kate Percy's Go Bites are a natural snack perfect for taking on-the-go or using as pre- or post-workout fuel. We had the pleasure of trying the exciting new fruity flavours and giving our verdict.

    Read our review of the original Go Bites flavours.

    Boost: Raspberry & Cacao

    I absolutely love the appearance of the new products by Kate Percy. The vibrant colours are very enticing and my mouth was watering before I even popped one in my mouth. The raspberry and cacao was my favourite flavour as it was so indulgent and flavourful – the perfect treat to look forward to during a tough marathon training run. 

    As with the original Go Bites, you get 3 balls in a pack and they are perfectly sized and portioned to have before, during, or after a workout. The texture is dense enough to be satisfying without being too chewy so as to hurt your mouth or be a chore to chew. Not only this, they're very handy and easy to store and so  are my absolute go-to mid-run fuel for these reasons. 

    Raspberry & Cacao Go Bites Kate Percy health snack

    Refuel: Strawberry & Cashew

    All of these Go Bites are made to Kate Percy's original recipe and promote the idea that real food fuels you better, which I am a huge proponent of. I find that a packet of Go Bites is the perfect running fuel and stops me from hitting the wall far better than any gel or other goo. Not only this, as they are made from 100% natural ingredients and free from gluten, wheat, and dairy, they are very easy on the stomach and you are unlikely to suffer any gastric issues when fuelling with them.

    I had my strawberry and cashew Go Bites after a winter warmer duathlon at the Lee Valley VeloPark. It was a tough race and so having these tasty little bites in my bag to eat afterwards and refuel was absolutely perfect. The taste is awesome – the authentic, natural ingredients taste amazing and the texture is perfect. They're very satisfying and they really sorted me out after the race.

    Recover: Blackcurrant & Blueberry

    The blackcurrant and blueberry bites are made with rice protein and so give a well needed protein hit after a workout. They contain no added sugar and so are a super healthy food to snack on – whether you're training or not!

    This flavour is really delicious, just like the others, and is perfect as a grab-and-go snack. The flavours are so authentic and the serving size is perfectly satisfying. 

    Blackcurrant and Blueberry healthy snack fitness running


    I absolutely cannot fault these delicious treats! They are unarguably healthy and are absolutely perfect for working out whether you have them before, during, or after. I really support Kate Percy's mantra that 'real food fuels you better' and these balls prove that point perfectly!

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  • Mindful Bites Nut Butter Crunchy Bites Review

    Mindful Bites Crispy Bites healthy snack mindfulness meditation

    Mindful Bites is a health food brand specialising in the promotion of mindful eating. Their flagship products are delicious organic nut butters in a variety of flavours, but their newest product is even more exciting. We were lucky enough to try their new Crunchy Bites and give our verdict.


    I really love the branding on this product as it's bright and vibrant while staying simple and powerful. Each product is colour coded to co-ordinate with the relevant nut butter flavour, so if you're a loyal Mindful Bites customer you'll quickly and easily be able to identify your favourite flavours.

    Each packet comes with two long sticks which is easy to open and store and perfect for taking on a long run or to throw in your gym bag as a post-workout refuel.  

    Mindful Bites Crispy Bites UK health food snack


    The texture of the Crunchy Bites is really quite exciting. This snack consists of a crunchy gluten-free wafer stick filled with gooey delicious nut butter, meaning it has a crisp outside and a soft, melting middle. I love the contrast of textures between soft and crunchy, it makes the snack really interesting and makes it feel quite indulgent. 

    tasty snack ideas healthy nut butter superfoods


    I absolutely love the taste of these Crunchy Bites. The product is available in four different flavours: cashew & baobab, almond & maca, hazelnut & berries, and brazil nuts & cacao nibs. Having already tried all of Mindful Bites' nut butter flavours for a review which you can read here, I knew that the pocket of nut butter in the centre was going to be delicious. Whether you're craving a savoury or sweet snack, these bites will satisfy that craving and they are just as good as a naughty snack – without any of the guilt! They're perfect for keeping hunger at bay while at work or for between meals on the weekend. 

    Health Benefits

    The nutritional info on these snacks is brilliant – the nut butter boosts the protein content and the exotic ingredients all have their own health benefits. For example, baobab is good for digestive health and and promotes radiant skin while maca is said to relieve symptoms of the menopause and improve mood. 


    I absolutely love the Crispy Bites as they are so moreish and tasty but packed with health benefits and nothing nasty. They're perfect as a grab-and-go snack and would even be great to put in a child's lunchbox for school. It's a 10 from me!

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  • LoveRaw Organic Snack Bars Review

    LoveRaw Organic Snack Bars Review Sundried

    LoveRaw was developed by Rimi Dabhia in 2013 after leaving a passionless job in investment banking. She started the brand by hand-making and packaging snack bars in her kitchen and the rest is history! I was excited to try these organic, vegan snack bars for myself.

    Cacao And Maca Organic Snack Bar LoveRaw

    Cacao & Maca

    This rich, dark, indulgent bar is somewhat like a brownie, so if that's your craving, you can reach for one of these bars guilt-free! It contains only 6 natural ingredients: dates, almonds, cacao, cacao nibs, cashews, and maca. Maca is an ingredient we've seen a few times in previous reviews of healthy snacks and boasts numerous health benefits. The bar is fairly dense but it's refreshingly not too difficult to chew and the crunch from the cacao nibs and cashews adds a great texture. The deep, chocolatey flavour is devilishly moreish but the 45g bar is plenty to leave you satisfied and not reaching for more.

    Almond and coconut organic snack bar raw vegan

    Almond & Coconut

    This flavour contains even fewer ingredients, with just dates, almonds, coconut chips, figs, and cinnamon. Figs are an ingredient I haven't seen before in my healthy snack reviews so it was an interesting addition. Figs are high in fibre and contain many essential minerals which promote increased bone density among other benefits. The cinnamon adds a flavourful kick which I personally really liked, although I know that a lot of other people are often put off if cinnamon is a listed ingredient because of its strong, spicy undertones.

    Rosehip and lemon healthy snacks

    Rosehip & Lemon

    This bar is fresh and zingy thanks to the authentic lemon flavour and can certainly be compared to a tangy lemon drizzle cake. Rosehip is a fruit that is often made into tea thanks to its diuretic and laxative properties. This ingredient aids the immune system and contains lots of antioxidants which is great for fighting free radicals in the body. This bar is bulked out with the addition of sultanas which are not present in any of the other bars and the lemon oil gives a great flavour without being overpowering.

    Cacao and spirulina super foods

    Cacao & Spirulina

    Spirulina is a very popular superfood at the moment thanks to its health benefits and high protein content. It can often overpower a food so I was interested to see how well it would taste in this bar. The cacao again is delicious and dark and makes the bar just as satisfying as a naughty chocolate bar. There is a hint of citrus thanks to orange oil and the cashews again add a wonderful crunchy texture which I loved. The spirulina wasn't overpowering at all and adds a very subtle earthy element to the otherwise very sweet bar.


    I love the humble beginnings of this brand and I think its success speaks for itself. The bars are perfect in their simplicity, with only natural, vegan ingredients which mean you can't go wrong! They are not too chewy like some other healthy snack bars and they are satisfying enough to be perfect after a tough workout or just to satisfy a sweet craving! It's definitely a 10 for LoveRaw!

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  • Zoot Foods Healthy Snack Bars Review

    Zoot Foods was founded a few years ago when a group of friends realised there was no off-the-shelf snack bar with no nasty surprises at a reasonable price. They decided to get to work creating their own range with no added sugar, salt, or fat and thus Zoot Foods was born! I was lucky enough to be able to try their exciting bars and give my verdict.

    Zoot Zero Range

    I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my box from Zoot and found some chocolate bars in there! Usually, health food brands stick to fruit and nut bars as they are naturally healthier, however Zoot specialise in no added sugar chocolate bars and I couldn't wait to try them.

    The chocolate bars are part of the ZOOT ZERO range, a premium-tasting chocolate range featuring four bars: Smooth Dark, Zesty Orange, Creamy Milk, and Hint of Mint.  All bars are twin packs featuring 2 x 20g bars giving you the healthy option of eating one and saving one for later!  

    Zoot utilise the increasingly popular sugar alternatives Stevia and Maltitol meaning the ZOOT ZERO range of chocolate has all the taste of premium chocolate with fewer calories. Stevia, a natural sweetener derived from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant, is grown in Paraguay and Brazil and does not affect blood sugar levels (unlike artificial sweeteners). Maltitol is also a sugar substitute with 75-90% of the sweetness of sugar. Created from hydrogenating maltose, a natural sugar created from corn starch, and with a little over half the calories of sugar, it does not have the same blood sugar impact as refined sugar and both Stevia and Maltitol do not cause tooth decay. 

    The bars are suitable for vegetarians as well as being gluten free for our coeliac friends. With only 0.9g of sugar per bar I was seriously impressed at how healthy this chocolate bar really is. So, how about the taste? Well, upon discovering that the natural mint extract from Black Mitcham peppermint used in ZOOT ZERO Hint of Mint chocolate is from Summerdown Mint in Hampshire and has been developed by Sir Michael Coleman from the Coleman mustard empire I was pretty impressed! I don't usually like dark chocolate, but I absolutely loved this bar. The mint flavour floats in the background while the chocolate melts in your mouth. Knowing that there's less than 1g of sugar in this bar makes it a totally guilt-free treat!

    The milk chocolate bar is actually quite sweet thanks to the sweeteners and the texture is reminscent of advent calendar chocolate. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is for you to decide!

    Zoot Natural Range

    The ZOOT NATURAL range of fruit, nut, and seed bars are made with a blend of dates, sultanas, and currants with the distinctive flavour of each bar provided by the inclusion of a variety of nuts and seeds. All ZOOT NATURAL bars are dairy free, a source of protein, and 3 of the 4 bars have a high fibre content. The ZOOT NATURAL bars are also vegan and gluten free meaning they are suitable for a wide range of people. Each bar also boasts an average of 5g of protein which is very good for a bar that doesn't claim to be 'high protein'. 

    ZOOT ZERO and ZOOT NATURAL are both free from added sugar and are certified ‘free from added sugar’ by Sugarwise (the new kite mark showing that products have been independently assessed and guaranteed to be low in free sugars.


    I'm really impressed by the Zoot brand and their chocolate bars will now be my go-to when I have a chocolate craving! It's a 10/10 from me.

    Posted by Alexandra Parren